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December 15, 2014
by Dawne Kovan
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The Times Just Keep On A-Changing!

First of all, I would like to wish all my readers a very Happy Festive Season and New Year in 2015. Much of your celebrations are likely to be tempered by the continued relationship between Uranus and Pluto – more of which below.

To me, this is always the true value of Astrology – it gives us a map by which we can chart our progress within the major planetary movements that affect us all. We may not have signed up for all the changes that are going on around us, but my goodness are we feeling them!

We are now deep into the 5th (of 7) Uranus/Pluto squares. A Square is a quarter circle (90degree) relationship which is a challenging astrological aspect. And once again many government leaders are warning us that we can expect more cuts to our incomes. Let me be clear here – we won’t be out of the woods yet for some time to come as we will have yet two more squares to go folks followed by life under their separating shadow for a couple of years beyond. So who knows where we will all find ourselves. Continue Reading →

October 22, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

Astrology – the ‘Word of the Stars’

Astrology – translates literally as: the word of the stars. This would seem to indicate that the stars (planets) speak to us, yet how many of us have learned to hear what they are saying? Now it’s all about Astronomy – the naming of the stars. An entirely different animal altogether.

The ancients sought to listen to the planets as they circled around the heavens. They learned pretty early on to distinguish between stars, which are fixed at a particular part of the sky, and the planets which wander across the sky at regularly timed intervals. In fact, the word ‘planet’ means wandering in Greek. And they began to recognise that planetary events translated down among their tribes as human events. Then they were able to predict the planetary cycles and thus to predict events in the lives of their King or tribal leader. Continue Reading →

October 3, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

October 2014 – Mercury and Two Eclipses

“It’s not your life – it’s life.
Life is bigger than you.
It isn’t something that you possess,
it’s something that you take part in
and you witness.”

Louis C.K. American comedian, writer and actor.

I read this today and it reminded me of how the Sufis describe life as a caravanserai passing along its way through time and space. As with the poem, it diminishes our importance, our ego attachment to life. It suggests that we simply move through from who knows where, beyond to the visible horizon, when we then disappear from view.

These last 6 months have been somewhat of an enforced half-sabbatical for me and I have missed being in touch with my astrological community out there – that means you!! However, life around me now is changing for the better so I am ready to start writing again – maybe just monthly for a while – I’ll have to see how it goes. And thank you to those who contacted me to see how I was doing or even, where I was!

October 2014

The month ahead is a real mixed bag of planetary movement bringing changes in the atmosphere that surrounds us all. Continue Reading →

June 17, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

Mars from Pluto to Uranus thru’ to 27th June ’14. And your Zodiac Signs


If anyone wondered how the Mars/Pluto square would work out this last week – we have had a clear indication these last few days of how they impact on the collective psyches of those intent on mayhem and murder.

There are new players on the block in Iraq with the intriguing name of ISIS and they burst into our sights during the Mars/Pluto square of this last week. Now Mars is taking Pluto’s energy to Uranus and no doubt it will all escalate even further. The poor innocent people suffering at the hands of this powerful energy break our hearts. And yet what can be done?

All we can do is observe and remember – the importance of witnessing is vital in the recovery of those who are victims of violence. To verify their anguish when it’s all over will help them build their lives anew – and as always, some will be broken and some will be strengthened. One hopes that they will be ready to build new lives rather than sink even further into vengeance. Both these options are available to Pluto, that’s why it’s such a tricky planet to predict an outcome.

In client work it’s possible to say that the road with Pluto as your companion – either natally or by transit as now in the skies – can be hard and stony along the way. However, it will take us through the dark times with the hope that we will emerge into some kind of inner resolution and Soul connection. Eventually, that is, as the transit can have a 5 year effect. Always along the way, we get glimpses of the possibilities on offer, then head down into struggles again, until we know that it is well and truly over. Continue Reading →

June 12, 2014
by Dawne Kovan
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Uranus and Pluto meddling again! Your Zodiac Signs and Neptune

I was speaking to my dear friend and colleague Prudence Jones, this morning and she mentioned that when Uranus went over the 4th House (IC) of the UK chart, the bottom fell out of the housing market.

In natal astrology the IC is associated with the family we spring from; the place where we belong and feel familiar. In political astrology it shows the land, housing developments, farming and mining. Here in the UK the aim of every young couple is to get on the “Housing Ladder” in order to move up the ladder by buying bigger and better homes over the years for themselves and their family. This comes from the idea that owning one’s own home is the most important goal of any sane human being. “An Englishman’s home is his castle” goes the mantra. This means that most people in the UK see living in rented accommodation as some kind of failure, even if the greatest portion of their earnings goes on their mortgage payments, leaving little to have fun with. No wonder they’re stressed out!

When Uranus crossed the IC in 1990/91 the bottom fell out of the UK housing market – many bargains were to be made as many people had bought their properties in the 1980s with mortgages that created negative equity for them; thus rendering them effectively bankrupt as they couldn’t sell their properties and realise a profit from them.

Transit Uranus is now making a challenging square to that position and at present our news is full of “housing issues” i.e. too expensive, not enough houses, homelessness, etc. This will run and run as Transit Pluto is now in on the act. Continue Reading →

June 10, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

God’s Knitting Part Three


I believe that the web of God’s Knitting connects to us through our energy centres or Chakras and is a dynamic of vibrating colours and sparkles. My friend Sir Jens Jerndal commented last week on my first article that mystics have reported seeing this netting all around them, as have some people on hallucinogenic drugs.

I believe that the planets find their homes in our bodies through our energy centres, because we and the planets are all made of the same star stuff. Therefore Saturn will settle in the 1st Chakra, Jupiter the 2nd and so on through the planets to the Sun at the crown chakra. For further information on the planets and chakras, please see last week’s audio recording where I discuss this in some depth. You will find it at the bottom of the page of God’s Knitting Part Two.

We are each a unique reflection of this energy net, so much so that even a child born at the same time and place as you will tend to favour certain planetary energies differently to you, because of you will each have your own reasons for being here on Earth. We each find the family, the value systems and education that will give us just the upbringing that we need for our spiritual development this time around. There are no accidents in the Universe. Continue Reading →

June 5, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

Mercury retrograde again and some World News

Mercury retrograde again from 7th June to 1st July 2014

Many people have commented that it seems as if Mercury were retrograde already. This is because of the “shadow” effect of Mercury crossing 24 degrees of Gemini on 21st May, which is the point where he will station before finally going direct on 1st July. The “shadow” period seems  to resonate to the change energy of Mercury’s motion even as he is still  actually going ahead to 3 degrees of Cancer before he changes direction on Saturday.

This causes a lot of changeable activity. I always groan when I hear deals being stuck during the intense time of the actual retrograde period, as I know that things will not go according to plan, minds will be changed and things will seem to revert to the way they were before. Especially in the health and telecoms businesses, plus upheaval in the world of finances, business agreements, reneging of deals etc.

Builders in your house, especially in the work and communication areas, will tend to forget to come or have 3 jobs on at the same time, which may already be par for the course with them anyway. However it goes, expect disruption and the necessity for them to return a few times to tweak their work to your satisfaction. Phone messages can go astray, diary dates overlooked or confused – and things as simple as being in two minds about what you want to achieve during this time. Continue Reading →

June 3, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

God’s knitting Part 2 and a Podcast

Who knew that there would be another episode of this article? I am as surprised as you are.

My dear friend, the Reverend Bill Darlison, Unitarian Minister, sent me this comment on the last article He said “It reminded me of these inspiring and consoling words from Psalm 39:

For you created my inmost being;

you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

 your works are wonderful,

 I know that full well.”

He finished by saying: “It’s all a far cry from the ‘life is pointless’ philosophy which seems to dominate our culture these days.”

I confess that I had not heard the  psalm before and it touched me deeply.


Part Two of God’s Knitting

As we are born we take a breath and with that we ingest the net of God’s Knitting. For everyone else it is simply a moment, with a moment that went before it and another that would follow it. It is only the infant that knows the importance of this first breath moment.

This multicoloured interweaving of light energy forms a template from which all the possibilities of the infant’s life can be read – like a map of sparkling rainbows. Once it is formed it can be understood by an astrologer. Not in a deterministic way, for how can we learn anything from a pre-determined set of instructions? But more as infinite  possibilities within a particular framework that is created by the sex of the infant, birthplace and the parents’ backgrounds and their ‘plans’ for their child.

We can use the analogy of a train travelling from London to Edinburgh, for example. If we know the time the train leaves the station – i.e. the birth time – then we can plot each station it will pass through with some accuracy, and also know what time it will arrive at its destination. Happily we are not trains, but the birth chart can offer us a picture of our life’s journey with the various stops along the way that we will pass through. The journey is, however, uniquely our own, lived and experienced not along railway lines but on the net of God’s Knitting.

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May 27, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

God’s knitting

If only we could acquire the correct spectacles (eye-glasses) we would be able to see the wonder that is the so-called invisible world. The world of the quantum material that makes up our entire Universe. The thinking and loving “stuff” from which we and everything else is created.

We would be able to see the vast net of criss-crossing lines that are the result of our planetary system weaving the planets in and out and fabricating the most spectacular vision of our reality that exists beyond our eyes.

I call it “God’s Knitting”. And it is this “net” that we are all respond to from the moment we are born. Up until that point, we are subject to our mother’s “net”, so her reality is ours just as her breath is ours. As soon as we emerge into the world as an individual in our own right, something within us responds to the position of the planets, their interrelationships, their placement along the ecliptic as they are filtered through the Zodiac Sign that the Eastern shoulder of our planet is turning. This is our Ascendant, our Rising Sign, that represents our coming into life.

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May 22, 2014
by Dawne Kovan
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Mars moves on & Dr Wayne Dyer’s Autobiography

On Tuesday last, 20th May, Mars went stationary at 9 degrees of Libra to begin his forward motion out of Libra. Many people have told me that for them, Tuesday was a contentious day for some and downright argumentative for others. That’s Mars for you!

This forward motion once again feeds into the now Cardinal T-Square between Mars opposite Uranus and both squaring Pluto. The good news here is that the CardinalGrand Cross has now dissipated as the 4th leg Jupiter is moving swiftly on to finish his sojourn in Cancer, thus leaving us with just three planets making a T bar – a bit like a T junction on the road.

Mars will complete this process of opposing UR and squaring PL in mid-June to the end of the month. It will not catch up with Jupiter by aspect until they are both in their new signs: Jupiter enters Leo on 15th July and Mars enters Scorpio on 26th July. They briefly aspect each other at the end of July beginning of August. More on that at the relevant time.

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April 30, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

We need to talk about Neptune

Just to get us all away from the Grand Cross and Eclipses I decided to write about Neptune today. I mentioned to a friend today what I was planning and he commented “If you can get hold of him.” And in a way, that’s exactly how it is with Neptune – just like grabbing hold of a fistful of water.

However, Neptune is powerful at the moment because he is placed in his natural home, Pisces. He entered Pisces in 2012 and will stay there until 2026, which sounds kind of exact. However, knowing Neptune’s propensity for blurring edges, he was in and out throughout 2011 and will be doing the same through 2025. Backwards and forwards like the two fishes that symbolise Pisces.

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April 24, 2014
by Dawne Kovan
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More on the Grand Cross & 29th April’s Eclipse

The Cardinal Grand Cross

As anyone interested in Astrology probably knows by now, we are in the middle of the latest eclipse pattern; and slap bang in the depths of the Cardinal Grand Cross that is showing itself in all its power. There is a lot of sabre-rattling going on out in the world at large: Eastern Europe, Russia and Syria all experiencing the most dense level of the energy in terms of aggression and violence.

There are four Cardinal signs: Aries/Libra and Cancer/Capricorn. These signs are called Cardinal because they mark the four seasons – Aries/Spring, Cancer/Summer, Libra/Autumn, Capricorn/Winter. (Please reverse the order for Southern Hemisphere countries.) Therefore these signs demand action: Aries the action of leaping into life; Cancer the action of conservation and keeping things safe; Libra the action of relating, contrasting and comparing; Capricorn the action of building. And it is these actions that are being put under stress by the four heavy planets that are occupying them right now. All four planets are falling at around 13 degrees of each sign this week. They are: Uranus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra and Jupiter opposite Pluto in Capricorn – all square each other, thus making a Cross in the sky – in other words, dividing the sky into four sections.

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April 15, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

The “Blood Red Moon” – or rather the Full Moon Eclipse

All Lunar Eclipses that are total i.e. the Moon completely covered by the shadow of the Earth are blood red. This is due to the Earth’s atmosphere obscuring the Moon and nothing to worry about. It is actually quite impressive and not a little eerie to experience.

There are no fewer than 4 such Lunar Eclipses over the next 20 months – this is apparently quite a rarity. Called a Tetrad apparently. The first (although I don’t believe that – there must have been sightings in ancient times) was in 1493/4, during which time Columbus “discovered” the Americas, which were divided between Portugal and Spain.

The next Tetrad occurred during 1949/50 which saw the birth of Israel, NATO and also the beginning of the Korean War 1950-3.

The third instance of a Tetrad was through 1967/8 which saw the 6-Day Arab/Israeli War and the build up to the first US manned space flight the following year. It was also the time of the Detroit Riots and the growth of the Peace Movements and Feminist Movements, also. Yes, there was the war in Vietnam going on but there was huge resistance to it during this time. This resistance seemed to empower young people world wide and life has never been the same since.

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April 6, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

Great People (1) and Where we are now (2)

I heard on the radio yesterday that in Senegal they say that when an old person dies, a library is lost, because their knowledge and wisdom dies too.

So, this part of my article is about two huge libraries of wisdom and courage.

1) A friend recently wrote to me and asked me if I realised that both Jane Goodall and Gloria Steinem were born within 9 days of each other and were both celebrating their 80th birthdays last week.

I quote from her email: “Both have “changed” the world. One on behalf of women and one on behalf of our world’s wildlife, especially Chimpanzees. Each of the women have been enormously successful with their causes and have mounted world attention.

What do you see in their charts that speaks to that? The more I think of it, each had chosen a segment of the population which had been overlooked and each has moved fearlessly for some 40 years to bring their views and studies to the world’s attention AND with great success. What is there in their charts that these two women have in common?”

I love a challenge like this – in fact, I imagine that all astrologers worth their salt would enjoy a nose around these two women’s charts to find THE thing that singles them out as special. However, to be honest, it isn’t as simple as looking at their charts and saying “Eureka! I’ve got it!”

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March 27, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

200th Article – a celebration!

This article is something of a celebration, as it is the 200th that I have written and published out into the world. And very gratifying the whole process has been for me and, I hope, for you, my readers.

The Aries New Moon is on the evening of Sunday, 30th March. It is at 10 degrees Aries and so fits in with the “stuff” of the Grand Cross for all of us. Just because it’s in Aries, it falls wherever we have Aries on our charts and so joins up with Uranus, the Bringer of Change along with it. In fact, they are very close – so those of you who have birthdays around this time are really in for some fun.

The New Moon also makes a 90 degree aspect to Jupiter, the Joy Bringer. Together by aspect Jupiter and Uranus bring relief from long held worries, positive and sudden advancement and expansion. A nice mixture for the New Moon to come across in its journey. The Solar Return (birthday) chart will indicate how and where in your life this is likely to happen.

And yes, there is also the 90 degree aspect of the New Moon to Pluto to contend with, but this is a slower, more measured, denser energy than the JU/PL combination which will tend to work out on the more week by week level.


Your Zodiac Signs – Sun, Moon or Ascendant

NB – The readings below can either be read from your Sun Sign – ie your birthday – or your Ascendant sign, which is calculated form your time of birth. Try also reading it from your Moon Sign, as Hindu astrologers suggest. You may even read them all together for an even broader picture of your life.

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