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March 2, 2016
by Dawne Kovan

Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces 9th March 2016 at 1h54 GMT

Hello Everyone – yes, I’m still here!
This latest article is about the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces – for more information read on ……

This is a Total Eclipse, which is a powerful cosmic event for the whole world to experience. It will occur mainly through the nighttime in the US and Europe and will be visible in Australasia. The full shadow will fall across Indonesia and may touch the Northernmost tip of Australia.

For countries that are shadowed in this way the full effect of the eclipse will be felt. There will likely be some political unrest across the region – particularly as the eclipse is total, thus powerful.

An Eclipse is technically a New Moon, when the Sun and Moon come together on the same day. Obviously a New Moon occurs every month – what makes a New Moon into an eclipse is that the Moon is on the Ecliptic between the Earth and the Sun. The Ecliptic is the apparent path the Sun makes on its journey around the Earth. Usually the Moon is either well below or above the Ecliptic so it doesn’t interfere with the Sun’s light heading our way.

Eclipses are generally in each Zodiac axis – in this case, Pisces/Virgo – for about 18 months and they recur about every 6 months, give or take a few days. They go backwards through the Zodiac, so will then go back into Leo/Aquarius in August 2017 for another 18 months.
Pisces/Virgo is the axis of mysticism, spirituality and service to humanity. The axis of Love in Action, Service through Loving, Giving for Love’s Sake

Your Zodiac Signs – Sun, Moon or Ascendant  

So what does it mean for me? I hear you ask. Good question -please read on! Continue Reading →

August 11, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Jupiter Square Saturn – now and through part of 2016

We are experiencing the first square of Jupiter to Saturn at 90 degrees to each other right now (August 2015) from late Leo to late Scorpio. This is a quarter of the Zodiac. As these signs are both fixed signs it could explain the sensation of being stuck that many of us have been feeling over the last few weeks.

I say the first as they will continue to square each other through the first half of 2016. This would be fairly straightforward were it not for the entry of Neptune into the equation.

I will break this down thus:

a)   Jupiter enters Virgo 11th August, 2015 and moves through most of Virgo at a pretty smart canter to  23 degrees at which point he then turns back (Rx) on 6th January 2016 to 13 degrees of Virgo in April and sits there until the end of May.
b)   Saturn enters Sagittarius on the 18th October 2015 and reprises all the degrees that he first crossed and recrossed over the first 5 degrees of SAG from end of December 2014 through to 17th June 2015. Once in Sagittarius he strolls along to 16 degrees and stations Rx in March 2016.
c)   And it is back and forth on 16 – 13 VI/SAG that they begin a long 3 month square.

Meanwhile, Neptune (NE) has been sitting quietly and slowly moving back and forth, much like the tides of the oceans he rules, in early Pisces. This means that a loose T-square will build up with first of all Jupiter (JU) opposite NE from mid-to end September 2015. Continue Reading →

June 18, 2015
by Dawne Kovan
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Four Months of Venus in Leo

This is me back from my Mindfulness Teacher Training weekend at the Buddhist Centre at Samye Ling here in Scotland. While I was preparing to leave for my trip Mercury went direct – thank heavens, otherwise I would have had to repeat the whole process again! So, having caught up with myself back to “normal” life, I am sending you my latest article.

1) This article will give a brief overview of both Leo and Venus – their meanings as sign and planet then I will look at the two operating together.

2) Then we will look at the whole process of the retrograde period of Venus. Slightly technical, but it can’t be helped if you want to understand how the process works.

3) I will follow this with Venus in Leo through the Signs of the Zodiac.


Venus is the planet of love, right? Well yes, and a whole lot more. Through the ancient cultures she was known as Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte and the Virgin Mary. The symbol for Venus is the universal symbol for the feminine, so she is associated with young women, beauty, peace and harmony, as well as love. She rules both Taurus and Libra; the 2nd house of personal values, earned money, security; and the 7th House of relationships/marriage and open enemies (did the ancients know a thing or two about that one, we have to ask?) She is exalted in Pisces – the painting by Botticelli of Venus rising from the sea describes this.

Wherever your Venus is placed on your chart is where you will seek those ideals described
above. Her qualities will be modified by any planet that engages with her for good or for stress – while she will modify that same planet with her qualities.

To the Ancients, Venus was the Goddess of Love and the sensual arts. She is associated with jewellery, clothes, and cosmetics. She oversees the bargains struck between lovers and ensures that harmony is achieved. She represents the function within us that seeks to inter-relate and to develop co-dependency with another.

In her Taurus mode she appreciates the beauty of the natural world. In her Libra mode, Venus seeks to maintain fair play and the balance of opposites. Architects and designers who have an eye for symmetry will often have a prominent Venus. Continue Reading →

May 13, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Visual Astrology & Mercury Retrograde 

Visual Astrology

As I write this article (12th May, 2015) Mars has just entered Gemini and is opposite Saturn in Sagittarius. Sun Aries natives will likely be feeling as if they are swimming in treacle right now – no enthusiasm or get up and go. Thanks to Saturn it all got up and went! Please remember that the planets are NEVER out to get us, so this week of Saturn opposite your Mars serves the purpose of making you take time, pause for breath and consider before leaping in, to good effect, for a better outcome. There is always a reason why the Universe does what it does to us – and it’s always a good one. Just to note that “consider” means “con” = with and “sider” = the stars – so to consider means to act with the stars.

If you are living in the Northern hemisphere and have clear skies (not here in Scotland – grrr!!) you will be able to see Venus, Mars and Jupiter in the sky just after the Sun has set. Venus is the brightest as she’s closest to the Sun, then Mars with a pink tinge and finally Jupiter. 

And if you are living in the Southern Hemisphere then you will see the same planets but just before sunrise. It’s still an amazing thing to behold.

And please note that the difference between a star and a planet is that stars twinkle and planets don’t – they just shine steady like lights in the sky.

These are the raw materials that the Ancients used to develop the astrology that we work with today.

Just so that you know, I am taking the whole of the Mercury Rx period (see dates above) away from my article writing as I intend to spend it putting all my notes together in preparation for the launch of my own online teaching webpage. I will announce it when it’s done – if it’s something that might be of interest to you then please register your interest on my comments page or Facebook.

So back to Mercury:

For new readers – just to say that planets never actually change direction – they all zoom around the Sun in the same direction. However, the orbit of each planet is overtaken by our Earth’s orbit on a regular basis – in Mercury’s case, every 4 months – so it appears to move backwards. If you imagine slow trains and fast trains, when your train overtakes a slower train, the other train appears to go backwards. You really get strength the illusion of the effect if you’re sitting on the slower train. And so it is on earth as we whip ahead and sending Mercury backwards.

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May 6, 2015
by Dawne Kovan
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A new Royal baby – Princess Charlotte Elisabeth Diana 

Princess Charlotte Elisabeth Diana – 4th in line to the UK throne born  2/5/2015 at 8h34 BST London, UK

We have a new a Royal baby- Princess Charlotte Elisabeth Diana Wales, 4th in line to the throne of Great Britain.  Congratulations to her parents and her wee brother.

When I look at the birth chart of a new born I am aware that it is a chart for life. So her chart is like the acorn that contains ALL her life’s development in seed form. I also have to acknowledge the ground from which she springs ie the Royal Family, the wealthiest families in Great Britain; so she is a child of privilege, “blue” blood, who will want for nothing, except perhaps privacy and an intimate relationship with her mother. The children of such families are raised largely by a group of nannies who may or may not suit the needs of each particular child in their care, then sent off to boarding school at a tender age, to relieve their parents who lead busy and important lives of their own.

Princess Charlotte really is a chip off the family block. She has Cancer Rising which is her father’s Sun and Moon Sign (he was born on a Total Solar Eclipse at the first degrees of Cancer) and her mother’s Moon sign (she was born on a Lunar Eclipse) – it was also the Sun sign of Princess Diana, her grandmother. The Princess’ older brother, Prince George also has his Sun in Cancer (just – one minute later and it would have been in Leo) and his Moon in Capricorn, another Full Moon  reversing his mother’s Full Moon position – although, thankfully perhaps, not an Eclipse. In fact, the chart for the UK has a Full Moon across Cancer/Capricorn as well.

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April 22, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Fixed Stars and the Planets this week

Fixed Stars are the bright lights that show the patterns of the constellations. They move slowly – 78 degrees per 100 years. and they are extremely poserful when they are picked up by a planet or angle of a natal chart. Just a note to explain the difference between the Zodiac and the constellations before moving on: the Zodiac is also called the Ecliptic and is created by the Sun’s apparent path around the Earth, divided into 12 signs; the Constellations are the clusters of Fixed stars out beyond the Zodiac.  

I have been thinking long and hard about the latest Total Solar Eclipse a month ago with its accompanying Lunar Eclipse across Aries/Libra. As it happened the Solar Eclipse was a “rogue”as it had had no predecessor for many generations, so no repeat effects.  The Lunar one did have the 19 year repeat – so repeating back through the ages: 1996/1977/58 etc. And I noticed how many of my readers responded to that 19 year repeat – indicating that the Lunar Eclipse has a similar powerful effect on human life as a Solar Eclipse, maybe even more so. 

When I was researching the meaning of this one off Solar Eclipse at 29 Pisces, I discovered that it was sitting in front of a Fixed Star named Scheat, way out in the constellation of Pegasus. In other words, the eclipsed Sun was channelling the energy of  Scheat through its shadow down onto earth. Scheat is traditionally described as being associated with mass deaths by drowning – and what are we witnessing right now in the Mediterranean Sea? Exactly that.

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April 15, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Aries New Moon and Mercury Meets Up With Mars


First of all there is a New Moon Saturday evening which will clear the air from the last Lunar and Solar Eclipses of the past month. The atmosphere should be lighter and more buoyant than of late, so we can breathe again! We always have to wait for the first New Moon after any Eclipse events to be able to see clearly exactly what was going on – and to be honest, that can take a few months to really sift through some of the impact in our lives.

Then we have the conjunction of Mercury and Mars coming up  next week which will add spice to the whole growth process that we are here on Earth to experience. These two faster moving planets are definitely “content” energies that bring events that work socially rather than the slow moving “Intent” energies of the heavier planetary bodies such as the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square. The content represents our everyday lives with all its comings and going. The “Intent” level of experience represents the Intention of the Universe that works through our lives collectively, so is more impactful and profound.

Mercury is a delightful little planet that packs a punch – it is known as the “most” planet, as it is the smallest, the fastest and the closest to the Sun. It has a cycle of about a year and a week. During this time it will change direction every 4 months for 3 weeks each time, causing havoc worldwide in all the areas of human life that he is associated with – such as communication, the market place, health and young children. He rules both Gemini and Virgo. Continue Reading →

April 1, 2015
by Dawne Kovan
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The present period of Eclipses, and finally…. Astrocartography

Almost two weeks ago, here in the UK ,we were able to witness the magical, and a bit eerie, event as the body of the Moon moved across the sky to obscure the face of the Sun, creating a Solar Eclipse. At the weekend, 4th April, the Earth will repay the compliment and cause darkness to fall on the face of the Full Moon. This is the same process as the Solar Eclipse, except it is our shadow that obscures the Moon which will turn red as it does. It is not visible from Europe as it falls at midday – however, those countries that are 6-12 hours ahead of us should be able to see it i.e. Thailand, Australia, etc.
A Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon as both the Sun and Moon are together in the same degree of the Zodiac; a Lunar Eclipse is always a Full Moon which means that both the Sun and the Moon are exactly opposite each other across the Zodiac. Usually there are 2 eclipses that occur at any given time – a Solar and a Lunar. A Lunar eclipse can occur either 15 days before the Solar eclipse or 15 days after, as this time. They occur 5 months apart and move backwards around the Zodiac, repeating their pattern every 19 years, in an identical sequence, for 57 and a half years. 
Most years there are just two sets of Solar Eclipses, each with their attendant Lunar Eclipse and sometimes we can have as many as 5 or 6 occurring during the same year.  These can comprise either 2 partial Solars with a total  Lunar, or 2 partial Lunars with a Total Solar. Exciting study, if you’re so minded.

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March 25, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Uranus waves goodbye without a backward glance – or is this true?

The UranusPluto (UR/PL) square is now separating as UR leaps ahead and will leave PL behind. We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Or can we? I think not – even though other astrological writers suggest that we may do so. In January/February 2016 they come within 1 degree of orb (leeway) of their final brush and that’s close enough for me to suggest that it ain’t all over yet, folks, until this time (March) next year – 2016.
Here’s my take on what it signifies:
The Arab Spring, as described in chronological order, can be said to have started on December 17, 2010, with Mohamed Bouazizi’s self-immolation in Tunisia. Bouazizi had his Sun in early Aries which was  being squared by Transit Mars (his Sun Aries ruler) in Capricorn.  Mars was also conjunct Pluto in Capricorn during the week of this terrible event. This could be seen to prefigure the start of something big, involving Fire (Mars) and death on a grand scale (Pluto).
This Mars transit in early Capricorn was the planetary equivalent of the pre-wave that can be seen by discerning Shamans warning of a coming tsunami. Now, I have no idea how that week worked out for the rest of the world’s Aries population – however, the young man in Tunisia did it for all of us and kick-started a human wave of tsunami-like proportions.
Pluto had entered Capricorn January 2008. Uranus had entered Aries from May to July/August of the same year, then retreated to the final degrees of  Pisces before fully entering Aries in March 2011. Added to all this the Solar Eclipse patterns were across Cancer/Capricorn from July 2009 through to July 2011. All prefiguring the UR/PL square that would follow through the following 5 or 6 years. If the planets are conscious energies then they “knew” that they were heading towards their first big meeting since the Mid-60s, and that major social changes would occur as a result of this – even if we didn’t.
Under the influence of the tidal wave the Arab spring went from Tunisia through to Egypt and most of the Arab nations along the North African coast. Uprising after uprising occurred as young people, connected through their mobile phones and Facebook pages took to the streets and sat in peaceful groups protesting against the tyranny of their respective governments. 
Meanwhile as Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign of organisations, government, institutions and the like, in early 2008,  we in the West watched as our finances went into meltdown – banks, mortgage companies, financial institutions all went into severe crisis. And young people began to sit down in London, New York in 2011 in the  anti-capitalist Occupy Movement. This also happened in Hong Kong last year in 2014 and, according to the news I’ve just read, seems to be starting up again just now (in 2015).
I think that this all echoes the mid-60s, where the power of young people meeting in peaceful protest groups had a huge effect on how teenagers were regarded by the authorities of the time. Class, race, and age barriers began to break down, all we needed was Love, Chairman Mao in China had his Cultural Revolution, the Viet Nam War was raging and life was never the same again.
The earlier UR/PL square in the early 30s saw the rise to power of Adolf Hitler – and for many people, nothing was the same again, then, either.
The shadowy, and yet all too real,  presence the new Islamic State (IS) is the certain carrier of Hitler’s piece of the UR/PL square of the 30s. I have heard it suggested by other astrologers that IS will be dead by 2017, although their message will prevail. 
For me, what seems to be the theme this time around is People Power – with ordinary people either becoming very socially aware or becoming so fed up of those in authority over them, that they are just withdrawing into a mutinous silence. Here in the UK we have a General Election on 7th May that could bring a change of government if everyone went out and voted. Last September here in Scotland we were voting to leave or stay in the UK and the turnout was 85%. Passions were running high and people took to the polls. However, now people-power is being exercised by staying at home and NOT voting – particularly the young who are saying that they believe nothing will change, whether they vote or not.
As we begin to reflect on how our lives have changed – or has not yet even got going for some – under this hard UR/PL influence, we can see that for all Aries/Libra and Cancer/Capricorn people’s lives are undergoing massive changes. Some of these changes are for the good – offering them profound and sudden liberation and transformation; while for others it has been tough. There have been losses and gains – births and deaths – maybe more than in previous 5 year periods of time. 
I think for many of us, it has been a strong period of growth, finding out what our real strengths are, standing up for what we believe and re-evaluating all our core values. We may be looking at a future that seems to be different to what we imagined a decade ago – but maybe that’s no bad thing.  
And we will be able to take a longer view in March, 2016. Can’t wait!
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March 18, 2015
by Dawne Kovan
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Facebook and Ceres – what a combination!

My New Facebook business page:

Yes, it has taken me a while to cotton on to the joys of connecting with people via a dedicated Astrology and Soul Work Facebook page but I have finally done it.  I aim to write more or less daily on matters astrological, books I’m reading, things I’ve heard, courses I’m running and teaching, both astrological and spiritual.  The page can be found here: facebook.com/skywatchingwisdom

I will be launching my Astrology Online Course soon in tandem with the same course here in Scotland with local students. It’s all very exciting. You can sign up to learn astrology with me via the FB page or this website.

I am already getting “likes” and invite you to find me on Dawne Kovan Astrology/Soul Work – then you can tick the “like “button.

Ceres – Earth Mother and Goddess of the Harvest.

Right now, as I write this article,  NASA’s Dawn mission is orbiting Ceres in order to characterise the early solar system and the processes that dominated its formation. And maybe assess if it is possible for humans to live there.

It seems apposite that I write about Ceres at this point in time, as the Dawn probe feels like a personal connection for me somehow. My name was originally Dawn – I added the ‘e’ because it made it easier for French friends to pronounce when I was living in Paris in the 1980s.

Ceres has been promoted to the status of a Small Planet from that of an Asteroid. This puts her on the same footing as Pluto who has been demoted to the status of a Small Planet too.   Continue Reading →

March 11, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Total Solar Eclipse – 20th March 2015 at 9h37 GMT

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The next Solar Eclipse falls on 29.5 degrees of Pisces and will impact those birthdays at the end of Pisces and very beginning of Aries around the date above. It will also have a strong effect on charts with Moon and Ascendant around the same degrees.
For new readers and those of you who have forgotten what creates an Eclipse – it is a function of the position of the Sun and the Moon and their latitudinal relationship on the Zodiac. The apparent path of the Sun around the earth is called the Ecliptic and is divided into 12 Zodiac signs – from Aries to Pisces. The Moon also has a path around the Earth as well and creates its own circle as it does. 
When these two cycles dissect each other any New Moon will be occupying the same degree, minute and second of the Zodiac and the Moon being closer to us will cover the face of the Sun and “eclipse” it, i.e. cutting its light from us. There will always be a corresponding Lunar Eclipse either two weeks prior to the Solar event or two weeks following it. These events occur every 5 months or so. The Eclipse of next week will fall on the final half degree of Pisces, then those following through from now until 2017 will occur through both Pisces and Virgo going backwards. The final Solar Eclipse will be at 8 degrees of Pisces in February 2017. Making it a  2 year event across Virgo/Pisces.
An Eclipse will create a shadow across part of the face of the Earth. This shadow will differ depending on the latitude of the Eclipse. This latest Eclipse will fall across the Arctic Circle and down through Ukraine and adjoining countries. Wherever the shadow falls will be highlighted during the year and also for a couple of months prior to the actual cosmic event. We may be concerned by this particular Eclipse shadow as it  touches on an area of the globe that is already under pressure. The effect of an Eclipse can last for a couple of years – so we’ll have to see, won’t we?

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March 4, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Children’s and babies’ charts -Little acorns into large oaks, grow, following their destiny.

Something a little different this week.

I am doing a lot of Natal Chart work with parents of young children at the moment – funny how things come around all of a bunch.

Children’s and babies’ chart are a special love of mine – my sole aim being to ensure that parents keep their hands off their Little Stars and let them be themselves, rather than attempting to mould them into something they were not born to be. It is so important that we allow our children to express their wonder, excitement and joy at being alive that liberates them to become magical human beings.

Each of us comes into this life to fulfil our own personal Destiny without being hampered by those around us to fulfil their Destinies for them. I think it was Astrologer Dennis Elwell who commented that if we ignore our Destiny then Fate is what will happen to us instead.

Plato said: “Being born, coming into this particular body, these particular parents, and in such a place, and what we call external circumstances … form a unity as if they were spun together.” Plato believed that each of our souls is guided by a personal Daiman, or companion, whose purpose is to keep us on track by reminding us of why we are here and what we came to do. Some of those reminders can come as hard nudges and even illnesses, so that we get the message. Continue Reading →

February 19, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Venus and Mars in Aries

First of all – a very Happy New Chinese Year of the Goat!!

This symbol seems to me to reflect the energies of Capricorn, so we can look forward to a year of slow and steady growth winning the race. However, it is important to realise that Pluto is placed in Capricorn, so this could influence the development of the period for China itself. Maybe the unrest that both Uranus and Pluto are creating for the rest of the world will destabilise China’s structures in an unexpected way. We will, as always, have to wait and see.

It is a strange phenomenon that we are experiencing with the New Moons right now, as they are occurring on the final minutes of the sign. Yesterday’s all important New Moon for China fell at 29AQ60, which means the final minutes of Aquarius, a bat squeak away from entering Pisces and causing  the Chinese a long wait for their New Year to start.  We have to ask ourselves if this New Moon casts its influence back into AQ or  forward into PI? The next New Moon is at 29PI, an Eclipse, on 20th March. The Moon’s motion then begins to speed up and meets earlier with the Sun on each subsequent New Moon, by a degree or two – moving from 28 degrees in April to 26 degrees in June.

Just to note that despite the ceasefire in Ukraine it seems to have broken down already. Here in the UK we have had a 2nd visit from two Russian warplanes off our South West coast. Hmmmm – one does wonder what is going on. All willreally hot up with the Eclipse on 20th March. See last week’s article expanding this idea.

Your Zodiac Signs  – Sun, Moon or Ascendant

NB – The readings below can either be read from your Sun Sign – ie your birthday – or your Ascendant sign, which is calculated form your time of birth. Try also reading it from your Moon Sign, as Hindu astrologers suggest. You may even read them all together for an even broader picture of your life.

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February 12, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Uranus/Pluto Square plus……see post

a) We are once again entering the next Uranus/Pluto square – this time on 17th March, 2015. This will be the 8th such meeting since 2011 – and it seems to be working out through the worldwide financial problems, the rise of IS and the events in Ukraine. These two planets each with their powerful life changing energies came together on the same degrees in Virgo, in the mid 60s.

Many of my readers will have been born during the mid-60s and will have these two heavyweights sitting side by side on their birth charts, carrying the seeds of change within them. This energy has waited until now to be enacted during  2011 -2017, creating leaders, healers, therapists and public commentators, to mention just a few options. For you there is something familiar about the UR/PL square – it’s almost as if you were born to awaken at this time and change their world. Continue Reading →

January 28, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Venus in Pisces with Mars, Neptune and Chiron

Venus will be in Pisces from today – 27th January – for three weeks. She joins, in order, Neptune, Mars and Chiron before she goes into Aries. A fast little planet whipping her way through gentle, idealistic Pisces. Traditionally this is her finest sign placement – she is said to be “Exalted” here. The myths tell us that she arose from the sea at our very beginnings, lost in the mists of time. She is placed 2nd from the Sun, between us and Mercury.

The event that marked her entrance in Pisces this time – because she does it annually – was the consecration of the first female Bishop in the Church of England the day before in York Minster, Yorkshire. It is for another article to explore the fact that I have noticed events closely preceding their planetary significators – as they have here. Continue Reading →