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A New Pope – Francis the First, named after St Francis of Assissi, lover of birds and animals


Carl Jung “Each Moment in time contains all the qualities of that moment in time.”

As yet we do not have a birth time for Pope Francis, only his birth date: 17th December, 1936, which I will speak about in a moment. As you may know I wrote the “Secrets of Numerology” published by Penguin. So I always look at the numerology of the day that something big happens, and I guess for the billions of Catholics worldwide, this is Big. Yesterday was 13/3/2013 which adds up to a 4, the number of structure and conservatism, ruled by Saturn. Mercury is still retrograde – until 17th March – and the Moon was Void, meaning that “nothing will come of the matter” according to William Lilly, the 17th Century astrologer.

It’s an interesting choice of name for a Pope as St Francis was a man who loved, period. Love is a quality much bandied about by the Catholic religion yet it seems to me that it is a religion of the Will archetype rather than the Love archetype. So far I haven’t seen much evidence of love being shown to the victims of abusing priests or money laundering cardinals. However, as this new Pope is a Sagittarian, let’s wait and see.

Sagittarius is the sign of expansion, good humour, warmth and optimism. Always seeing the best in everyone, it gives others the benefit of the doubt, and seeks to find the best way out of difficulties for all concerned. The sign of tolerance and religion, long distance travel and scholarship. It is ruled by expansive Jupiter, which in Francis’ case is in Capricorn, which rather indicates that he will do all of the foregoing for his career – in other words, his actions will be work bound, his wings clipped.

His natal Moon sits close to his Venus in humanitarian Aquarius – both his relationship and feeling planets are in this cool and dispassionate sign that can eschew intimacy easily. His chart is low in Water the element of connectedness and empathy; but high in Fire and Earth, creating a strong personality, which once encountered would never be forgotten. A strong combination of Fire/Earth is referred to as the “Steam Roller” personality type.

I am assuming that while the Cardinals had made their choice before 8pm (Rome Time) the famous White Smoke went up at around that time – see video of smoke and clock showing time as 8:05 pm on The Guardian website. Therefore that is the time I am taking for the choice of Francis the First as Pope.

It is an interesting moment (aren’t all moments interesting to an astrologer?) as 15 degrees Pisces was rising over Rome. This is also the new Pope’s natal Saturn – conservatism, caution and ambition – as well as humour – on the moment’s Ascendant. He was born during the period in the mid-thirties when Saturn in Pisces opposed Neptune in Virgo, which deepened the Depression and led to the rise of fascism. This opposition is across the horizons – East and West – over Rome, and thus the Catholic world. It is a strong opposition as it indicates a real struggle between Saturn’s reality and hard facts opposite Neptune’s direct communion with the Divine, and distaste for material matters. Indeed the original Francis gave up his wealth in order to live in poverty with his beloved birds. Did anyone notice the sea gull that landed on the chimney of the Chapel around the time of the smoke?

Saturn in the sign of mysticism and spirituality can show a career in religion and caring for others – although the court cases that are ongoing in Argentina right now, could seem to suggest the Church “may have been looking the other way” over the murder of two political (left wing?) priests by the government of the time (1976-1983). This may overshadow his papacy; especially as now is the Saturn Return of 1983, bringing the issues of that time into high relief now. And yet, when did those kinds of rumours ever stop anything? As a priest said on the BBC last week “These child abuse cases will change nothing – the Church is 2000 years old and will remain for a further 2000 years.”

Yesterday’s Void Moon was opposite Francis’ Mars in Libra, which may indicate a man who can back down easily in the face of the determination of others. However, it shows a reasonable and affable personality, who may find it hard to make decisions. According to the classic book ‘Combination of Stellar Influences’ Moon opposite Mars can indicate “Angry Women”. Hmmm!

And you knew I would home in on Pluto, transiting directly within minutes of arc on his Mercury – how’s that for news and communication (Mercury) of Power and Status (Pluto in Capricorn). Great stuff.




  1. Yes, fascinating stuff indeed. As Cardinal Bergoglio, the new Pope was known to be personally humble and travel on the “Subte” (Underground, Metro, Subway). He did not refrain from intervening in national politics, though, and expressed opinions that were politically controversial to some. One woman interviewed on TV said with conviction that he is a saint and lives as he preaches.

    I am reminded of the ancient prophecy describing all the Popes with a symbol (and numbers?), and, if I am not mistaken, the one just elected was predicted to be the last Pope, presumably meaning that the Cahtolic Church would fold or disappear with his reign. Do you know anything about this? I do not remember from where this prophecy came – wasn´t it somewhere in the Bible?

  2. Hi Jens, great to see you on here!

    I think you are referring to the Prophecy of the Popes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prophecy_of_the_Popes

    Interesting how so many of the prophecies seem to fit past popes, but odd that the last one seems such a bad fit, comparatively speaking.

    Typical of these old prophecies that they would be so accurate, only to fall at the last!

    Hope you are well 🙂