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Aries New Moon and Mercury Meets Up With Mars


First of all there is a New Moon Saturday evening which will clear the air from the last Lunar and Solar Eclipses of the past month. The atmosphere should be lighter and more buoyant than of late, so we can breathe again! We always have to wait for the first New Moon after any Eclipse events to be able to see clearly exactly what was going on – and to be honest, that can take a few months to really sift through some of the impact in our lives.

Then we have the conjunction of Mercury and Mars coming up  next week which will add spice to the whole growth process that we are here on Earth to experience. These two faster moving planets are definitely “content” energies that bring events that work socially rather than the slow moving “Intent” energies of the heavier planetary bodies such as the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square. The content represents our everyday lives with all its comings and going. The “Intent” level of experience represents the Intention of the Universe that works through our lives collectively, so is more impactful and profound.

Mercury is a delightful little planet that packs a punch – it is known as the “most” planet, as it is the smallest, the fastest and the closest to the Sun. It has a cycle of about a year and a week. During this time it will change direction every 4 months for 3 weeks each time, causing havoc worldwide in all the areas of human life that he is associated with – such as communication, the market place, health and young children. He rules both Gemini and Virgo.

Mars is more of a challenging energy for us to deal with as peace loving human beings – did you catch my wry smile there? Mars traditionally rules Aries and Scorpio, but modern thinking has put Scorpio under the mantle of Pluto, which I agree with – Mars is too upfront for Scorpio’s quiet consideration and emotional depth. Right now Mars is in Taurus, the sign associated with resistance and stubborn behaviour, which is definitely how Mars does not usually prefer to behave.

Change is afoot for both Mercury and Mars, as Mercury entered Taurus yesterday – 14th April around midnight. Mercury finds Taurus a steadying influence, but is already aware that Mars is getting ready for some kind of confrontation in 10 days time, when they catch up in mid-Taurus for 3 or 4 days – so let’s see the sparks fly. This conjunction will be at 15/16 degrees of Taurus. The middle degrees of all the Fixed signs – Taurus/Scorpio/Leo/Aquarius – are known critical degrees, so have a global influence., thus rendering this conjunction to a more frontline position in world matters.

Here in the UK we have a General Election on 7th May between many small parties, as well as the two main parties i.e. the Left and the Right wings. It could mean that my country will be run by a political broth, watery and with little substance. In the US Mrs Clinton has set her stall out for the nomination to the Presidency. She’s a very clever cookie and made her announcement at the exact moment that the Moon was at 0 degrees Aquarius, (that’s a 5 minute window of influence) which is where the Sun is placed on 20th January, the day of the Inauguration. Neat!

So back to the Mercury Mars conjunction (meaning they occupy the same degree in Taurus for a few days). This will bring heat, anger, rage, the knives, stabbing, jibes, fighting talk (all Mars)   together with clever Mercury, the verbal athlete, the trickster, making sure that nobody will emerge well from this exchange of energy. Mercury and Mars can also be described as a black belt in tongue karate – so we wait with bated breath.

While these guys are only together for a few days, their impact will live on as some things will be sad, and lied about, with longer than usual lasting effects. Just as now, we are celebrating the separation of Uranus and Pluto from their deathly hold that they have had on each other for the last 5 years, the consequences will echo down through the generations. And life will never be the same again. That’s how these things work unfortunately.

The Aries New Moon in Your Zodiac Signs – Sun, Moon or Ascendant

NB – The readings below can either be read from your Sun Sign – ie your birthday – or your Ascendant sign, which is calculated form your time of birth. Try also reading it from your Moon Sign, as Hindu astrologers suggest. You may even read them all together for an even broader picture of your life.

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Aries : 21st March – 20th April: With ME/MA (Mercury/Mars) in your 2nd House of personal security and finances, you could find yourself in dispute over your taxes or earnings. This is not the time to slug it out with anyone in authority over your money. Best to get on with enjoying the New Moon that will bring lots of new projects that excite you – just don’t expect that everyone will approve.

Taurus: 20th April – 20th May: With ME/MA in your 1st House of personal interests, you will be using this combination to write or speak about what really fires you up and stokes your passions. You could have to fight your corner as Mars rules your 7th House of relationships. Don’t put it in writing though – Mercury would love to meddle with his sticky little fingers in that one and mix it up for you. New Moon in your 12th House could bring an opportunity to take a meditation class or plan a trip to explore some ancient heritage sites.

Gemini: 21st May – 21st June: With ME/MA in your 12th House of mystical, spiritual matters, you could find that you meet someone who fires off an interest in such things for you. You may have to keep it to yourself, however, as those around you may not approve. A parent may object or expect you to stick to the known and traditional pathways.The New Moon can bring new friends or groups who certainly open up your mind and challenge all your beliefs. An exciting time for you.

Cancer: 21st June – 23rd July: With ME/MA in your 11th House of social values and political ideals, you could be out canvassing for your candidate in your locale. A new friend may bring you a stimulating set of ideas that can change your life – even if just for a short time. The New Moon, to which you are most sensitive, falling in your 10th House of career could offer you some interesting work even if it doesn’t mean you’ll change your job.

Leo: 23rd July – 23rd August: With ME/MA coming into your 10th House of career and outer standing, you will need to take care when speaking in public – just don’t rise to the bait as someone could challenge you whereupon you could lose the argument and lose face. The New Moon in your 9th House of long distance travel or learning could bring a welcome break from the ordinary things in your life. You could learn a new language, for example, that would improve your career rating.

Virgo: 23rd August – 23rd September: With ME/MA together in your 9th House of all things exploratory may encourage you to take a risk and do the course you’ve always wanted to study. If it’s to do with art, beauty, food, then you could be on a winner here. However, the New Moon falls in your 8th House of shared resources, taxes, mortgages, you will have to be very creative in how you pay for the Dream of a whole new career path that will come from your studies.

Libra: 23rd September – 23rd October: With ME/MA falling in your 8th House of shared resources, then you need to take care not to get too uppity about what the taxman or the mortgage wants to take out of your finances – it’s an argument you won’t win. The New Moon in your 7th House of relationships, partners, both for business and personal could bring an opportunity to finally have some fun. This is your favourite house on your chart as it echoes your love of love. Just don’t lavish all your resources on someone new.

Scorpio: 23rd October – 22nd November: With ME/MA in your 7th House of relationships and partnerships, both for business and pleasure, you could find that you are inundated with new people in your life – both for work and pleasure. There’s a sense that your social life is on the up, so enjoy. The New Moon falling in your 6th House of work and health ensures that you take care of yourself well in order that you can be up for whatever life brings you.

Sagittarius: 22nd November – 22nd December: With ME/MA in your 6th House of the mundane everyday side of life that SAG finds a chore , will ensure that you stay put long enough to finish all the tasks that you started a while ago. Your relationships can be fiery at this time, and they may line their tanks up on your lawn so don’t get too argumentative with them. The New Moon falling in your 5th House can bring real fun and games. Your creativity runs high and you are full of new ideas.

Capricorn: 22nd December -20th January: With ME/MA in your 5th House of children, love affairs and creativity can bring a mentally and physically rewarding time for you – so please enjoy. do restrain from taking any financial risks though as this combination of planets could make you think you can put all your resources on a tip, that may not come through for you. The New Moon falling in your 4th House of domestic matters and parents can signal a new living arrangement for you and your family that can expand your way of life.

Aquarius: 20th January – 19th February: With ME/MA in your 4th House of domestic circumstances can bring a family issue to a head and create the mother of all feuds that can tae a while to disentangle. It is a time to let everyone have their own say about what matters to them without anyone getting hot under the collar about it. The New Moon falls in your d House of siblings, neighbours and short journeys – you could have a very busy month getting out and about.

Pisces: 19th February – 20th March: With ME/MA in your 3rd House you may find that a cousin or sibling challenges you to speak up for what is important to you, even though you’d prefer to keep you head down. This could clear the air for you with something that has bugged you for a while. The New Moon falling in your 2nd House of personal values and security will bring some creative ideas for you to explore and develop during the month.You may get a raise in pay.


  1. Hi Dawne,

    Very interesting reading, as always. I await what may unfold for me personally and on the bigger picture level, as we progress.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us, to help us all on our journey.

    Warm smiles

  2. Dearest Dawne,
    Thank you for a lovely offering! Good to know that the new Moon is clearing the energies for new prospects to come in, not only in our personal lives but on the Earth- level too!
    Thank you for sharing your wise thoughts, as always.
    With love and blessings,