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Free Sun & Moon Sign Reading

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Your Sun and Moon Signs

You may already know your Sun Sign – most people do, as the Sun changes sign monthly in a predictable fashion.

HOWEVER, do you know your Moon sign? Knowing your Moon sign is much more tricky as it changes sign every couple of days.

For that information you need an Astrologer!

The Sun and Moon form a crucial relationship within every individual and are known as “The Lights”. To find out how these two most important energies relate to each other within your psyche and how you express them in your life. , All you have to do is email me at dk@dawnekovan.com with your place of birth, date and time of birth and I’ll send you a short interpretation report back.

Absolutely FREE!!


  1. Thank you Dawne for “the lights” report. I loved it.
    I shall ” go to it NOW”


  2. I like your blog.May I please have the lights reading. My moon is in cancer and Sun sign Scorpio.
    date of birth 16.11.1943. Albury NSW Australia. 6.35 am.
    with respect


  3. March 17, 1959 not sure of time born in Detroit Michigan USA please give me my free sun and moon reading


  4. april 8 1965 brisbane australia 6pm


  5. jan 3 1971 6:00pm est
    wheeling wv

    thank you so much!!!


  6. would like a sun & moon reading please.

    born Opelika, Alabama, USA
    10/23/58 at 4:11 p.m.

    thank you so much


  7. success in life and love life


  8. I read your book “Secrets of Numerology” published by DK Publishers. Its Awsome!!!…


  9. D.O.B. 25 September, 1995


  10. Gud morin Ms. Kovan I would like the chance to read about my sun & moon sign.. I must say this info has got me going wish had it 10 yrs ago! Lol but cuz I was stuck on the late bus. Omaha NE 044\1982. 1:17am. I can’t waits thanks for sharing ur knowledge n wisdom. «HappyNappyRoots5»


  11. Hello dawn got your web sight from Edger Winters, I have known him for a very short time, receive e-mail from Edger, well my birthday is 8th July 1946 not sure the time?

    Thank you
    regards JO


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