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God’s Knitting Part Three


I believe that the web of God’s Knitting connects to us through our energy centres or Chakras and is a dynamic of vibrating colours and sparkles. My friend Sir Jens Jerndal commented last week on my first article that mystics have reported seeing this netting all around them, as have some people on hallucinogenic drugs.

I believe that the planets find their homes in our bodies through our energy centres, because we and the planets are all made of the same star stuff. Therefore Saturn will settle in the 1st Chakra, Jupiter the 2nd and so on through the planets to the Sun at the crown chakra. For further information on the planets and chakras, please see last week’s audio recording where I discuss this in some depth. You will find it at the bottom of the page of God’s Knitting Part Two.

We are each a unique reflection of this energy net, so much so that even a child born at the same time and place as you will tend to favour certain planetary energies differently to you, because of you will each have your own reasons for being here on Earth. We each find the family, the value systems and education that will give us just the upbringing that we need for our spiritual development this time around. There are no accidents in the Universe.

After the infant is born the planets continue to orbit the Earth. These are called “Transits” as they are constantly on the move in real time according to their orbits. As they transit, they will begin to stimulate the infant’s original net, thus keeping her alive to the Universal energies – particularly the Moon, which moves so quickly around the zodiac.  Around the first birthday, the child will begin to walk and talk and interact with those around him – because the Sun, Mercury and Venus return by transit to their natal place and tweak the net massively. Mercury rules the Throat Chakra, so the child begins to talk, for example

We are all aware of the “Terrible Twos” which is when children begin to test out their will and their ability to control their world by throwing their weight around. This is the time when Transit Mars returns to his original place on the child’s chart and stimulates and awakens all the things we associate with Mars – action, will, dominance, determination to win, competition (between child and parents). And Mars will transit every two years thereafter, each time raising the energy to a new level of expression – though not always. Some adults still behave like two year olds when their will is thwarted.

Transit Saturn has a 30 year orbit so he first makes his presence felt at around seven/eight years old by squaring (90 degrees) his natal position, which can result in a difficult period for the child. Responsibilities, having to grow up, or even recognising that she is separate from her parents in a real way can often be part of this year. Beginning to feel the power of the tribe, the script, can dominate this time and may even set beliefs about self-worth, independence, or even being able to speak about life as he sees it, for ever.

At twelve or thirteen, Jupiter returns to his natal position and reinforces the expansive and exploratory nature of the growing child. This is often a time when school work begins in earnest and new subjects open up the child’s mind to a whole new world. Life is exciting! And for those who have a strong Jupiter, life will always be like that.

At fourteen/fifteen Transit Saturn makes a 180 aspect to his original, natal, place. This is when reality really bites for the young teenager, as they have to make huge choices that can affect the whole of their life. They have to choose subjects to specialise in for their future and give up subjects that they may enjoy. At this time they can really feel the tug of Saturn to their First Chakra as they are often being expected to serve their family by fulfilling parental dreams, or not, which may not be their own dreams. Relationships can also start to become important to the young person which can cause disturbances within the family.

Then at nineteen/twenty right in the middle of feeling their way as a young adult, transit Uranus make a 90 degree aspect to his natal place and the drive for independence strikes. This is a time of establishing a whole new identity based on what the young adult is not, rather than who they really are. It can be a disorienting time as the tribe won’t like it and may cast the young person out, which is very Uranian, anyway.

We are all subject to the pulls and tugs of the planetary net on our own individual net all the time. The explanations above are generic and do not take into account the transits of planets on the personal planets of the growing individual. Until the day we die we will be in the dynamic of the swirling net of orbits as they aspect each other in the skies and at the same time aspect us. Sometimes they don’t even need to aspect our personal charts; they can have a strong effect on us by aspecting the charts of the people we share our lives with. The result can be the same.

And we must remember that we chose this lifetime to be alive, for the love, lessons, experiences, relationships, spiritual development – or not. We always have the choice to choose nothing and stay put in our development. It is always a choice even when it doesn’t feel like it.


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