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Mercury retrograde again and some World News

Mercury retrograde again from 7th June to 1st July 2014

Many people have commented that it seems as if Mercury were retrograde already. This is because of the “shadow” effect of Mercury crossing 24 degrees of Gemini on 21st May, which is the point where he will station before finally going direct on 1st July. The “shadow” period seems  to resonate to the change energy of Mercury’s motion even as he is still  actually going ahead to 3 degrees of Cancer before he changes direction on Saturday.

This causes a lot of changeable activity. I always groan when I hear deals being stuck during the intense time of the actual retrograde period, as I know that things will not go according to plan, minds will be changed and things will seem to revert to the way they were before. Especially in the health and telecoms businesses, plus upheaval in the world of finances, business agreements, reneging of deals etc.

Builders in your house, especially in the work and communication areas, will tend to forget to come or have 3 jobs on at the same time, which may already be par for the course with them anyway. However it goes, expect disruption and the necessity for them to return a few times to tweak their work to your satisfaction. Phone messages can go astray, diary dates overlooked or confused – and things as simple as being in two minds about what you want to achieve during this time.

What you put out into your world comes back for you to both enjoy and rework so that when Mercury changes direction you will have a clearer idea of where you wish to focus your mental energies. Mercury isn’t about love – he’s about thinking and communicating your ideas, so this is a period of great learnings. Remember, there are no mistakes, just lessons in this life, from which you can either profit or take umbrage – up to you!!

However, if you are doing research or need time to finish a writing project, then this could have a positive outcome for you. The most likely signs to feel the shift will be Mercury’s own: Gemini and Virgo – either Sun, Moon or Ascendant.

On the 9th June, Neptune turns retrograde as well, which may have little impact on things in general. However, it was on the bottom (IC) of the takeoff chart for the Malaysian Airlines plane that disappeared from view, believed to have crashed, on 8th March 2014. Any planet on the bottom of an event chart such as this will always describe the end of the matter. In this case, Neptune’s position brings mystery, obfuscation and a watery grave. Please see my article on that chart in my archives. My guess is that when Neptune goes back to 5 .5 degrees of Pisces in mid-September, there may be some information coming to light around that time of the plane’s whereabouts. Neptune will retrograde until mid-November to reach 4 degrees of Pisces before moving on. A transit of 5 months, in fact

Below are the Zodiac signs from 7th June – a more regular column for your enjoyment.

NB – The readings below can either be read from your Sun Sign – ie your birthday – or your Ascendant sign, which is calculated form your time of birth. Try also reading it from your Moon Sign, as Hindu astrologers suggest. You may even read them all together for an even broader picture of your life.

Aries : 21st March – 20th April: Mercury retrograde rules both your communications and daily  routines. This will impact on your work and  locality, even changing your route to  your workplace. You may find that you are having the same old boring conversations with people and are now looking for more mental stimulation elsewhere. Health regimes could be rejigged for the better. Neptune can bring an interest in the mystical elements of life.

Taurus: 20th April – 20th May: Mercury retrograde rules both money and creative drives. This will impact on your finances and  enjoyment. You may find that a course you would like to pursue is more expensive than you had thought. Decisions! However, it may bring you new people and ideas – even the possibility of a love affair, if that’s what you want. Your heart will beat faster anyway. Neptune’s influence is on friendships  and spirituality.

Gemini: 21st May – 21st June: Mercury retrograde rules both your personal and domestic life. This brings a drive to remake your home into how you really want it to be – a touch of minimalism, perhaps. So it’s all about you and your vision of your life. Just watch that when Mercury changes direction, so may your taste, which could cause a wobble. Neptune’s influence is on your career/vocation from which you may seek more meaning.

Cancer: 21st June – 23rd July: Mercury retrograde rules both your need to retreat and communicate. Your need for peace and quiet is challenged by siblings, cousins and even children who demand your attention. This can create worries that take your focus away from your own needs. Neptune’s influence can stir up desires to escape from routine – or reveals a need to study something meaningful that fulfils your soul’s calling.

Leo: 23rd July – 23rd August: Mercury retrograde rules both your friendships and communications.  Your social life takes off. You may meet someone from your past who could be important in your future. Writing, speaking, teaching are all on the cards for this period. Neptune brings concerns over joint finances, savings and mortgages – you may even inherit from an unexpected source. This may be ideas as much as money.

Virgo: 23rd August – 23rd September: Your ruler Mercury rules both your career and your personal desires. You need to keep your head down and just get on with your everyday routines. If you want change, then wait until Mercury has moved on. Inspiration will come  when you are ready. Neptune features in your relationships for quite some time – you could be looking for an ideal that doesn’t exist or feel confused about those around you.  .

Libra: 23rd September – 23rd October: Mercury retrograde rules both travel and your spiritual yearnings. Some ideas or mystical ideas may come back to you from the long distant past – however, you are different now and so are they. You may decide to take off and explore a part of the world never visited before for your spiritual unfolding. Neptune’s influence is on your daily routines and spiritual practices, bringing great peace.

Scorpio: 23rd October – 22nd November: Mercury retrograde rules both your deepest feelings and friendships. This can bring people into your life who have already had an impact on you – they can be real or in your mind. Their importance is not to be undervalued. They can knock on your door or appear in dreams.  You will know why later. Neptune is seen in relationship with your children – mending difficulties peacefully.

Sagittarius: 22nd November – 22nd December: Mercury retrograde rules both your career and relationships. You may have unfinished business with someone in your past that gets in the way of your future. Only you can change that. There may be uncertainty in your career that can create worries that then impede your forward motion. Start meditating instead. Neptune has you yearning for a far distant shore where life was simpler then.

Capricorn: 22nd December -20th January: Mercury retrograde rules both higher learning and your workplace. You may find that a training that you had previously dismissed may offer you the next step to achieving your ambitions. This will look good to your bosses. Someone retired from the office and then returns in another capacity, much to your irritation. Neptune causes uncertainty about a sibling or cousin – their health or marriage.

Aquarius: 20th January – 19th February: Mercury retrograde rules both your creative ventures and joint finances You may find that your gifts and skills are not reimbursing you as you would wish. An offer once turned down could be available to you again with a very different look to it, that takes the burden of worries away for you. Neptune can bring a deepening of your spiritual values and a whole new attitude to life.

Pisces: 19th February – 20th March: Mercury retrograde rules both your relationships and your domestic life. You may be yearning to move house right now in order to free up your finances or you could decide to take a lodger. If you are in a relationship then you might decide to pool your resources living together – you may change your mind many times yet! Neptune is focusing your desires on the perfect dream of life – which may not be real.


World News

Thanks to my friend and colleague, Prudence Jones,  for pointing me in the direction of this next piece

Barak Obama stated on 3rd June that the US would be committing troops to the old Cold War border. His statement was reflected by the Sun at 13 degrees Gemini, which is the Descendant (7th House) of the US national chart. The 7th House is famously described as the House of partnerships and open enemies.

This Sun also picks up the chart for the 9/11 bombings – 13 degrees Gemini being the Saturn/Pluto opposition on that chart – and the natal US Ascendant/Descendant. In case you’re wondering why I would mention that chart – the 9/11 Twin Towers event is real in the psyches of many people. Like WW1 as long as there are people alive who were there  when it happened, it will live on until the last person dies and takes the memories to be buried with them.

The US chart has had  Uranus already sitting on the 7th House for the last few months – bringing sudden open enemies perhaps? With Pluto now opposite the US Sun – we can expect some profound “stuff” to go on over the next couple of years and this could be the marker for it.

Right now there isn’t much more to say – but this one will run and run. I will keep you posted.

And in answer to the question: Is it inevitable? Well it may not be as long as everyone keeps their cool – but can politicians do that? Who knows?


  1. Being born with Mercury retrograde, I always find its retrograde transits, like tomorrow’s, begin a period of blessed peace and quiet. The world stops jabbering and begins to move at my pace.

    I find Mercury retrograde is also useful for completing pieces of research and written work.

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    Thanks for that P – I have used in the following article.

  2. Having just completed the sale of my house and signed the lease this morning for a short-term rental, I am relieved that it was all signed and sealed before Mercury went retrograde and I can use the next month to do the necessary groundwork to readjust myself and look for my next home.

    It is always reassuring to know how the planes are interacting in my chart, against the backdrop of world events, and I can watch the perfect pattern for my own life unfold as I participate in God’s Knitting rather than constantly being unravelled by the desires of the ego.

    Thank you so much Dawne for your very supportive and stimulating work and above all for the constancy of your friendship and love.


  3. Sorry for above slip …. I meant planets, not planes, but hey, with travel highlighted …… who knows what’s in store.

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    And how exciting is that? good luck – I’d take planes as well Dot – have it all, I say 🙂