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More on the Eclipses from Oz

Solar Eclipse by Edgar Winter – my Australian AstroPal – with thanks

The next new moon Cancer ‘Eclipse’ at 29 degrees in that sign is the 22nd July!

Now the age bracket of those born 1935 through to 1941 are about to feel the effect of that ‘Eclipse’ strongly from now over the next 2-3 months at least!

They were born with Pluto in the sign of Cancer at the tail end of that sign or early Leo in the first couple of degrees.

This was the generation (aged now 67 to 75) born at the end of a fearful depression and the beginning of WW2! With similar world events at hand it would be helpful for that generation to lift up the hearts of those depressed now and tell them that they succeeded and came through against all odds. To keep healthy they need to be in good unpolluted, unspoilt environment and assisting friends or charities that need their services.

The group centred around the year 1941 may have throat or afflictions affecting the Thyroid gland and metabolic system. This in ‘metaphysical’ language was a time of being restricted and unable to speak freely and there was a possibility of chemical or radiation poisoning. Also it was a time of stubborn resistance to change and seeking others help so this reacts strongly around the neck, throat and lung areas of the body.

Anyway that is what the planets are saying now and you may find some with those planetary correspondences.

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