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Neptune in Pisces – 2011/12 – 2025/26

The dates above reflect the inexact nature of Neptune itself. This huge ice giant entered Pisces for 5 months only in 2011, then return to the last degrees of Aquarius for a further 4 months, and then will complete the changeover to Pisces on 3rd February, 2012.

Before I speak about the transit through Pisces, I want to reflect on the last 14 years since Neptune entered Aquarius, and then take a look at what happened the last time it was there from 1847 – 1861. Incidentally, it had only been ‘discovered’ the previous September, in 1846. So was in the same position as I now write this article right at the end of Aquarius. By looking back at the history of the major moving planets as they change sign, as my regular readers know by now, is how I extrapolate future events – so here goes…..

Neptune is a difficult planet to describe – it’s a little like taking hold of a fistful of water – there seems to be no water there, but your hand’s wet. And that’s how Neptune functions, in an inexact, foggy, mysterious kind of way, leaving an impression rather than a solid reality. I always explain to my students and clients alike that the best way to ‘nail’ Neptune is to use vague nuanced language that evokes emotions and speaks of yearning, ‘Divine Homesickness’, now you see it, now you don’t but you remember how you felt in that dreamy way it worked on you.

Those among us who have Neptune writ large on our natal charts will lean towards the arts, particularly music; will be sensitive to colour, other people’s emotional behaviour; will tend towards mysticism and imagination, feminine spirituality rather than masculine religion – The appearance of the Virgin Mary to two children in La Salette, France, just a couple of days before the actual sighting of Neptune, would seem to bear this out. It seems to produce sympathy, empathy, kindness, idealism and a desire to save the world. That’s the upside – the downside is that many Neptunians can be addicted to escapism through drink and drugs and any kind of dependency – guilt and anxiety, of the free floating kind, can also be attributed to Neptune’s influence.

In the ‘real’ world of matter, Neptune can also take us sailing, encourage a desire to live by the sea, photography (capturing an image, rather than the real thing), film and famously spiritualism and mediumship, which flourished around the time of Neptune’s sighting.

The real achievement of Neptune’s previous time in Pisces would seem to be the abolition of slavery in the US, although, to be honest, I would think that it was all being set up when Neptune was going through Aquarius, the sign of human equality. Although unseen, planets still seem to exert their influences on the collective. The sign Aquarius is the sign of group idealism – it is a “fixed” sign so can lead to courageous holding of the truth yet equally to a mental intractability and hanging on to outdated ideologies. I have long thought that given Neptune’s ability to fogs and obfuscation, the perfect example of Neptune in Aquarius this time round has been groups whose ideals are hard to pin down and define, yet to devastating effect.

Although Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter, there is growing opinion that it could also be ruled by Neptune. As Neptune is therefore entering its “own” sign now, this could be an interesting ride for all early Pisces (20-23 February) and Virgos (23 – 26th August) over the next couple of years. You will likely feel more dreamy and idealistic, spiritual and creative (Pisces) or will attract those who embody this type of energy through your relationships (Virgo) – the result will for both signs be somewhat confusing at times and at others love and beauty filled. The warning is always that you avoid escapism – alcohol and drugs, as your Will is likely to be eroded by Neptune – and you may not be able to say ‘No’ when you need to.


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