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New Moon in Pisces with Neptune in Pisces

This is the first New Moon in Pisces with Neptune since 1848. Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, the sign of mysticism, compassion, altruism, spirituality, imagination, the oceans, fish, gas, escapism from reality through drugs, alcohol and flights of fantasy. Neptune also rules fashions, those things that grab the collective and become markers of certain decades.

Looking back on the last time Neptune was in Pisces – 1848-1861 – I discovered how it worked through many of the above links with Pisces and the most extraordinary mirroring of our own age. This stuff really excites me as it describes how we really are living in an energy field that has its own memories and determination that we get the message of how reality works and that maybe offers us solutions.

At the very beginning of 1848 there occurred what was called “The Spring of Nations” or “The Springtime of the Peoples”. This was a Europe wide uprising from France across to Poland, of the poor against oppression and basically slavery. Sadly, it failed – but not before it spread across the Mediterranean and across to Russia. However, the mirroring of our own Arab Spring is demonstrated in the present uprisings.

There are many other interesting events that occurred throughout the 14 years in the 19th Century – the major ones being the Anti-Slavery Movement in the USA, which resulted in the Civil War starting as Neptune left Pisces (job done!) and entered bellicose Aries 1861. The women’s movements in various countries were also springing up during this period.

I wonder how the memory of all that will reflect in an upsurge of women’s rights issues across the Arab world over the next decade or so. During the period above, Queen Victoria used chloroform for the birth of her 9th child. She was the first high profile woman to do so. This caused outrage from the Church leaders of the time as they believed and taught that pain in childbirth improved the mother’s bond with her child – as if!!

For the next 14 years, we will have Pisces’ New Moons occurring throughout with Neptune, which will emphasise the qualities of Pisces, as the Moon itself is of a similar watery nature to Pisces. A whole generation of babies will be born every February/March who will embody a different take on compassion and imagination.

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Pisces: 19th February – 20th March – 12th House New Moon with Neptune. Happy Birthday Pisces – this is going to be a 14 year period of feeling that finally you’re in the right place in your life. All the yearnings and imaginings that have been gently floating in and out of your consciousness all your life will begin to emerge and offer you a more authentic way of being in the world.

The New Moon will enable you to go for what you want, to do what you dream of and to follow your own star – at last! You will have lots of ideas for writing projects, drawing and painting and will attract others who will help you with them. Siblings will begin to see a new you emerge and will be happy for you, as they always perceived you in this way and could never understand why you couldn’t.

Your social circle is now expanding and you will meet people of like mind who reflect back to you a strong sense of your personal value.

You will make lots of short journeys, particularly this month, and will be making plans for a new future.

Aries : 21st March – 20th April – 12th House New Moon with Neptune. This is a time of asking yourself if any of the offers that you seem to be attracting have any basis in reality. You will need to examine your expectations of your career and if you seem in any doubt about your prospects going forward, you could just wait and see what else comes to you. You could be running around like a mad thing with all the Uranus activity going on in your sign – the 12th House is all about meditation and retreating from the fray – so give it a whirl – your body will thank you.

Taurus: 20th April – 20th May – 11th House New Moon with Neptune. This month the emphasis is on friendships and what you value about others and what value you give them. You are a good and loyal friend – however, if you’re doing all the running around, then you could take a good hard look at what’s happening between you. With Jupiter in your sign, this is a fruitful time for you. The 11th House is also about your projects and how prepared you are for your next step – maybe a training course would be useful.

Gemini: 21st May – 21st June – 10th House New Moon with Neptune. This month the emphasis is on your career – and with the New Moon there in Pisces, this is a time to sit quietly, mind your words and just let all the hustle and bustle fly over your head. There are some powerful energies working through your life right now and you need to realise that another month on things will look very different for you. A mixed month, to be honest.

Cancer: 21st June – 23rd July – 9th House New Moon with Neptune. This is a good month to take a look at the direction you’re heading in right now. You may need to learn a new skill set or brush up on an old one. There may be some losses from the older generation with Pluto in your opposite sign – however, this also brings births as well. These can be babies or your very own personal creative spurt bringing exciting ideas and attracting relationships that transform your life into something very new.

Leo: 23rd July – 23rd August- 8th House New Moon with Neptune. The time to go through all your taxes, mortgage requirements, savings and bank accounts with a fine tooth comb. You may need to share this chore with a partner who may be sharper eyed than you as Neptune can sometimes cloud your eyes. You may be offered a career opportunity working with others that requires you to play second fiddle – the benefits will be worthwhile and more than you could achieve on your own. This is a month of co-operation and team work.

Virgo: 23rd August – 23rd September -7th House New Moon with Neptune. This is the month that highlights all your relationships and business partnerships in order that you can improve your activities with them. The planets are really lining up to make you lie easier over this month and enjoyment is paramount. You may be thinking of making a trip abroad or could hear good news from your in-laws. Whatever you decide to do this month the planets are on your side – so enjoy.

Libra: 23rd September – 23rd October 6th House New Moon with Neptune. The emphasis this month is on your health and routines – spring is on the way, so a good dose of de-cluttering could be on the cards, both for your house and your body. You may have a surprise inheritance that eases your financial situation and enables you to make new choices for your future. Your opportunities come from family members and from maybe sharing your home with another to your mutual benefit.

Scorpio: 23rd October – 22nd November – 5th House New Moon with Neptune. the emphasis is on enjoyment and social events. Your creative energy is high this month and this could be a good time to put some kind of shape around some of your ideas. You could spend time with young people and be stimulated by their energy. An artistic event in your neighbourhood will bring you pleasure. If you have children, one of them may begin a successful period in their life. Your relationships work well for you and are a source of abundance now.

Sagittarius: 22nd November – 22nd December – 4th House New Moon with Neptune. This may be a period of shoring up your water courses in your home as you may have leaking pipes – or you may be thinking of readying your home to sell it – whichever, the emphasis is on domestic issues. You may buy a small pet this month that will bring the whole family endless joy. In yourself, you feel more settled and secure than you may have felt for quite some time. this feeling in turn attracts more opportunities for expanding your life.

Capricorn: 22nd December -20th January – 3rd House New Moon with Neptune. You will be spending time with siblings and neighbours this month. Time could be spent writing personal correspondence and dealing with paperwork. You will make lots of short trips and paying visits to friends and family. Be alert for new opportunities that may be on offer or important news that may be advantageous to you. This is a highly creative time for you filled with love and great enjoyment. A love affair will go well.

Aquarius: 20th January – 19th February – 2nd House New Moon with Neptune. The emphasis is on personal finances and belongings. You will be taking a long hard look at the things you think are precious – and may be changing your mind about them – garage sale? If there is something you really want, then you could do some wheeling and dealing to get it without too much trouble. This is a good time to redecorate or spending money on beautifying your home. There could be help from a parent that would ease your budget here.



  1. Hello Dawne – posted info for my moon sign but have not had a reply – well here goes again!
    1100 hours approx
    Grimsby Lincolnshire UK

    Many thanks and Sai Ram

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    Have emailed you, Heather – easier as it’s a long one.

  2. This is a particularly fascinating blog, so much going on, and I agree about repeat patterns.

    Could you do my moon sign for me please Dawne – 13.07.44, 2.00 a.m

  3. In the shorter term, did you see the spectacular conjunction of the New Moon with first Venus then Jupiter on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th? The next New Moon, on March 22nd, will be with Mercury and not so spectacular, although the separating Venus-Jupiter conjunction will still be visible higher up in the western sky after sunset. We are certainly seeing the benefics smiling on us.