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October 2014 – Mercury and Two Eclipses

“It’s not your life – it’s life.
Life is bigger than you.
It isn’t something that you possess,
it’s something that you take part in
and you witness.”

Louis C.K. American comedian, writer and actor.

I read this today and it reminded me of how the Sufis describe life as a caravanserai passing along its way through time and space. As with the poem, it diminishes our importance, our ego attachment to life. It suggests that we simply move through from who knows where, beyond to the visible horizon, when we then disappear from view.

These last 6 months have been somewhat of an enforced half-sabbatical for me and I have missed being in touch with my astrological community out there – that means you!! However, life around me now is changing for the better so I am ready to start writing again – maybe just monthly for a while – I’ll have to see how it goes. And thank you to those who contacted me to see how I was doing or even, where I was!

October 2014

The month ahead is a real mixed bag of planetary movement bringing changes in the atmosphere that surrounds us all.

On 4th October Mercury stops moving forward at 2 degrees Scorpio, and then goes back into Libra, although he has been going through Libra somewhat slowly getting ready to stand still before moving backwards. This period lasts until 25th October – a mfull 21 days of both inner and outer reflection; asking ourselves if we’ve done, said, thought, the right thing. If the answer’s ‘no’ then you can change your mind after 25th October.

It’s an interesting combination of signs Libra and Scorpio. Many people shudder at the thought of Scorpio, as it has been portrayed as a “bad” sign in the media and historically, too. Did I not mention that there are no bad signs or planets? Mars/Pluto ruled Scorpio is a private sign of deep resistance to the changes that may swirl around, carefully measuring their responses before acting on them. They get their heads down and deal silently and courageously with whatever the world throws at them. They are intense and passionate about whatever floats their boat and will risk life and limb to keep the boat afloat. They are the surgeons, psychologists, detectives of the world – and we need them. What’s not to like?

Venus ruled Libra is seen as a ”good” sign. Librans are sociable, interested in the lives of those around them, reaching out to others. They are seeking to find a balance in their lives – to find a middle way between this and that. One old teacher of mine said that if we found a balanced Libran, we should have them stuffed and placed on the mantlepiece for the world to wonder at. It’s the search for balance that defines them, he said. They will always swing between two poles, sitting on the fence, with great charm and beauty. They are the diplomats, social workers, beauticians of this world.

Yet both the above signs compliment each other – passionate Scorpio and cool minded Libra – head and heart. So Mercury going from one to the other is going to show us how to make decisions with courage and kindness; to enable us to communicate our deepest feelings with great compassion and empathy; and to experience the joys of both modalities – Air and Water – without drowning or drying out.

Then on 8th October there is a Lunar Eclipse – the second of the “Blood Red Tetra Moons” – where the Eclipsed Moon turns dark red, as the earth’s shadow crosses over its face. I wrote about this last Spring, describing how rare these 4 (Tetra) dark red Lunar Eclipses are and how the ancients associated them with major events on earth. The following 2 are due next year – I shall keep you posted.

This Lunar Eclipse falls across the Aries/Libra axis, i.e. Moon in Aries, Sun in Libra. As if that’s not enough, there is a Solar Eclipse (partial) on 23rd October at 0 degrees Scorpio. These two eclipses have strong links with events that occurred last April, both nationally and personally, when there was the first of the dark red Lunar Eclipse across the Libra/Aries axis and the Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Take a look back at April 2014 and see what transpired for you – are there decisions you could be making after Mercury changes direction on 25th October? These two months are strongly linked in terms of events and circumstances, as an unfolding narrative that has kept you involved with it since April.

Eclipses move backwards through the Zodiac and tend to stay in each axis for about 18 months – this is the last Solar Eclipse in Scorpio for about 8 years or so. So all you Taureans and Scorpios can breathe sigh of relief for a while.

Just to mention that Mars (the warrior) moves into Capricorn (the state, government) at the end of October to meet up with Pluto mid-November, which could be very interesting for us all around the world. More on that next month.


  1. Delighted to have your wise observations and happy, smiling face back in my inbox to greet me when I woke up this morning.

    I love the image of the caravanserai connecting, feeding, sheltering people and their animals in their flow as travellers and traders. They understood their terrain and knew that they would be accommodated along the way.

    Taking part in life and witnessing sounds perfect.

  2. Dawne how great to hear from you. I am so glad you are moving from what ever has been holding you up.


    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    Good to hear from you, too, Barbara. Hope you’re well? And thanks for the kind message.

  3. Dear Dawne: I am so glad to hear from you. Maybe the two of us have been
    hit by similar astrological movements…With me it is Elizabeth, who is suddenly faced with having to give up her NYC apartment (which she inherited from her grandmother). Landlord has noticed that she is not in her apt. the minimum days
    a month (she’s in Vermont)! Of course, this has been going on for several years, but now “the goose is cooked,” and for Elizabeth, giving up her NYC apt. is serious.
    Yes, she and Mike are friends, but she is not in love with him. etc. and he has said many times that he wants more of a commitment… Hannelore

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    Hello Hannelore – birthday twin – yes, I think you’re right about that one! However, we’re made of tough stuff, aren’t we? And we’ll rise like the phoenix once more. Much love to you both

  4. You’re back!

    Have been missing your online presence and understand that it was beyond your control, but so good to have you around again.

    Great quote, will try and absorb it into the way I view life. (Almost put ‘my’ before life there, heehee!)

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    Thanks Eleanor, for this nice message. I’m back and will gradually pick up speed with the regularity of my SWW pages. Be well

  5. Happy to hear you are fine Dawne – of course you are! We are survivors, the planet needs us.

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    How good it is to hear from you, Norma – I am grateful for your cheery support. Yes, we keep going don’t we 🙂

  6. Dearest Dawne,
    Great to see the phoenix arising and spreading her powerful wings once more to carry us all forward to a little more light and understanding of what is going on, putting it all in an astrological and spiritual perspective. Welcome back. I have missed your insights here, be it that in other ways our loving communications keep flowing. I will be in touch soon!
    Thank you for all! Blessings and love to you and your life and ever onwards and upwards!

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    Thank you Theresiu – these last 6 months have been somewhat stressful but I’m now up and running again. Bless you dear friend