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Richard the Third found! How our charts live on even after our death. Also Mars enters Pisces

Richard’s body was discovered beneath a council car park in Leicester – although, it wasn’t a car park when they buried him, obviously.

The actual digging process began in the late summer of 2012, when Saturn was at 22 degrees of Libra – a strong exalted Saturn. Richard was born on 2nd October, 1452 with his Sun in Libra and his Saturn at 21 Libra! He was uncovered from the depths on his Saturn Return 661 years later. There is no birth time for him, although the Tudors gave him a Scorpio Ascendant after his death. In medieval times people held that Scorpio was an evil sign and they wanted to make him into a really bad guy. We must remember that history is always written by the victors who can spread lies about the losers to give themselves good press and claim even greater victory forever more.

The moment of the announcement that the DNA of the body matched Richard’s living ancestors had the Ascendant at 27 Scorpio exactly conjunct his natal Venus, ruler of his Libran planets. He also had a conjunction between Uranus and Pluto – as we had during the mid-sixties – that changed world cultures so dramatically. One wonders what Richard could have made of England had he lived and not been defeated by the Welsh Tudor King Henry 7th. He was the last King of England to lead an army into battle and be killed by it. His death heralded a new age in English politics.

I am going to re-read “The Sunne in Splendour” by Sharon Penman. As a Yorkshire woman by birth, I have always felt very connected to Richard the Third, and loved this version of his life story.

Mars enters Pisces – a story of fish and drugs.

Mars entered Pisces on 2nd February and very quickly moved to schmooze up to Neptune,strong here in Pisces, in his own element, you might say, as he shares rulership of Pisces with Jupiter.

So, we have the ruler of the oceans in Pisces, sign of the high seas, (and also drugs, alcohol and religion) combined with Mars the planet of war, competitions, athletes, to name a few.

The news broke in the UK a couple of days ago that there were changes afoot in the way the various European nations fished the waters of the North Sea – my own neck of the woods. Up to now, we have had a nonsensical EU ruling that to keep to the quotas set down by Brussels, if the fishermen caught more than than allowed, they would be legally obliged to throw the dead fish back into the sea. For those readers who are outside the EU, you will be astonished by such stupidity and yet, I kid you not!

So, with Mars and Neptune together there came the announcement that this ruling was to be abolished – in 2015! Mars/Neptune could also describe angry fishermen, who want to know why not abolish the ruling now?

Then yesterday the news media were full of stories about a culture of drug use by Australian athletes, which seems to go through from the athletes themselves, to their coaches and also to the dealers who sell them the stuff. Planet watchers know that Australia is geared up for some kind of shocking event that would create massive upheavals nationally at the most profound levels. Like the UK (they share a birthday) Australia has Pluto going over their 1st January Solar position on their national chart. This is the kind of story that rocks the heart of a nation to the core – ours is the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal. It makes us question all those deeper ideals that we hold dear and we assume that the powers that be also hold them. When we find they don’t, it makes us lose confidence in those we look up to – and creates disharmony within the populace.

Both nations – the UK and OZ – have Libra Ascendants and a Capricorn Suns, demonstrating the closeness and affection between us all. With strong Pluto transits such as these, we can not know in advance where they will take us – we can only know with absolute certainty that we will all be changed as a result.

We wait with bated breath to read what else will emerge over the next couple of years.




  1. Beyond fascinating Dawne ‘specially Richard III. The thing with the Jimmy Saville scandal – we must always bear in mind that existence. duality and the importance of the ‘shadow’ side of ourselves and our society was equally as important as the ‘light’.
    We needed the shadow to work through karma, no point in being here otherwise. This ‘scandal’ also served to underline the mind-set of that time that powerful men could get away with almost anything, whereas the past few years have shown us that nothing is now hidden. Every day brings more darkness to the surface, no-one is safe.

  2. Hi, Dawne

    This was a good read above, including Norma’s comment.

    Ref. your note about Mars entering Pisces. You mention that both the UK and Oz have Libra ascendants and the Sun in Capricorn and that more upheaval is to come. As I have Capricorn Sun and Libra ascendant, does this mean that I am due for upheaval too?

  3. Hello Bill, you are so funny – loved the red shoes – like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, perhaps? Well indeed, let’s hope that the “terrible judge” is the populace judging the priests for their behaviour on all the innocents over the last 2000 years. We can only wait and see…
    Be well xx

  4. Hello Julia – I think that although you, OZ and the UK have similar signatures, the fact that the collective energy of a country overrides the individual would seem to allow you some freedom from worry over this one. However, you may have a minor upheavals during this time – and isn’t that how life is? Be well x