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Saturn in Sagittarius (Part 2)

Saturn (SA) entered Sagittarius (SAG) on 23rd December and will slowly cover the first 5 degrees of SAG through to mid-June, 2015. Then he will re-enter the last degrees of Scorpio until September and re-enter SAG and complete his 2 year stint there through to December 2017.
In this article I will look at SA in SAG through all the signs, for Sun, Moon and ASC. In my opinion they are all equally valid ways of predicting how this could work out for you – so why not do what some of my readers do and try all three and combine them as you see fit. For Scorpio you will need to refer to my article of 10th October, 2012. See here.

It is important to bear in mind that SA contracts and lends weight to whichever area on your chart he is moving through. The matters of this house will become more and more important throughout the next couple of  years or so. At the end of this process in 2017 you will have a strong sense of having gained something worthwhile. It may have taken hard work and concentration to get there, but it will have changed your attitudes in the area of your chart described below.
Your Zodiac Signs and Saturn in Sagittarius

Aries : 21st March – 20th April: SA in your 9th House of exploration, higher education, foreign affairs, ruling your 10th House of career, ambition and  public profile brings a more serious attitude to learning and exploring ideas. Just playing around with this interest or that doesn’t work any more – it’s time to see how you can advance your career by entering some training program designed to move you further up the pay scale. If you travel it will be for work – you may even learn a foreign language with this in mind also. the 10 House is also your parental axis so you may find that you have to put time in on the home front.
Taurus: 20th April – 20th May: SA in your 8th House of mortgages, shared finances, wills, taxes – all the fun things!! – ruling your 9th House of foreign affairs, higher education and long distance travel will bring you opportunities to further seal your security needs by investing, or taking on a partner – either for business or emotional needs – that will put your mind at rest and protect you from worries. Both the 8th House and Taurus live in the eternal present while the 9th House looks to the future – however, Capricorn on the 9th is pretty sensible when it come to future matters.
Gemini: 21st May – 21st June:  SA in your 7th House of relationships, both emotional and for business ruling your 8th House of Mortgages, taxes, debts and taxes will make you yawn as you read this. You want excitement and stimulation – and the 8th House is not your natural habitat. However, you may find that your partner does get serious about the concrete things in life and makes you come down to earth. The 7th House can also bring clients to therapists and those who are in the helping professions – so you may find that you’re attracting older clients, thanks to Saturn being associated with old age – or even an older partner.
Cancer: 21st June – 23rd July:  SA in your 6th House of working routines, health projects and regimes ruling your 7th House of relationships and business partnerships. You may decide to expand your working life, your niche market, to include a new demographic such as the elderly. Your natural tendency to nurture and protect others could set you on a different way of working. You could also begin to nurture yourself – taking health checks, ensuring that your body is up to the pressure you put it through; maybe even starting a new meditation or exercise program that helps you remain calm and ready for anything.
Leo: 23rd July – 23rd August: SA in your 5th house of creativity, children, love affairs and fun, will bring you down to earth and demand that you DO something with all your wild ideas. Don’t keep them to yourself – let them out – just as you would with your children. Let the world respond to your inspiration. SA ruling your 6th House of routines, material skills, personal health  may bring a course in some new techniques that enable you to expand your creative output. Your children may be flying the nest over the next couple of years – this period could encourage you to ensure your own future when they’ve gone.
Virgo: 23rd August – 23rd September:  SA in your 4th House of your domestic circumstances, parents, working from home, and property matters; and ruling your 5th house of offspring, creativity and general fun, will ensure that you get serious about your home situation. Older family members may demand more of you than before – maybe you will have to put in time with them. Your children will bring you joy and may sometimes cause you worry – well, face it, you are so good at worrying! You may find an older person has a major effect on your life during these next couple of years.
Libra: 23rd September – 23rd October: SA in your 3rd House of neighbours, short journeys, learning, communication and paperwork ruling your 4th House of property, your domestic situation, your roots, the earth, will bring opportunities to get serious about your personal circumstances. You are likely to be taking new courses that will enable you to gain gravitas in your community and also to teach what you learn. Foreigners may move near you,  bringing with them new and stimulating ideas that enable you to move ahead in your chosen direction. A time of deepening your relationship with your environment.
Scorpio: 23rd October – 22nd November: SA in your 2nd House of personal finances, earnings, security and values ruling your 3rd House ensures that communication, writing, teaching and short journeys are all undertaken for personal gain. You will get serious about your own needs and how to get them fulfilled  and if that means you have to be out and about in your community, then that’s how it will be. SA is a slow planet and Scorpio likes to take its time before committing to anything new – so this will ensure satisfaction for the longer term.
Sagittarius: 22nd November – 22nd December: SA in your 1st House of personal drives, desires and “me first” will certainly bring you down to earth and slow life down for you. SA rules your 2nd House of personal gain and security, thus ensuring that you put your heart and soul into getting serious staying put and saying “Yes” to wherever you are right now. Your gifts are those of taking the broader view, optimism and open mindedness and it is these you will be able to profit from over the next couple of years. Take a course that will broaden your life experience and put the knowledge gained to good use  – you won’t regret it.
Capricorn: 22nd December -20th January: SA your ruling planet in your 12th House of the less tangible aspects of life will offer you a double whammy – namely the frustration that life isn’t behaving the way you want it to, in practical terms; and the excitement of gaining insight into the deeper secrets of the Universe, your soul journey and a whole raft of mystical ideas. This is a golden opportunity to step out of the box and see that there is a whole reality beyond the material world that can truly enlighten your path and open you to new and exciting opportunities. People and philosophies from other cultures could gladden your heart during this period.
Aquarius: 20th January – 19th February: SA in your 11th house of ideals, friendships, group matters and political interests ruling your 12th House of mystical ideas and  spirituality, paints a nice picture of you having the opportunity to widen your mindset to include the less than tangible world and its whacky ideas. Aquarius is a mental sign, run of abstract, scientific thinking, that can so easily avoid the emotional and “messier” side of life. SA will likely bring you older friends who will enable you to venture into a new world of feeling values that you will need to include in your world view.

Pisces: 19th February – 20th March: SA in your 10th House of career, public profile and your private ambitions  rules your 11th House of ideals, friendships and group experiences. It is likely that you will be offered an opportunity to work for a group of older people who will teach you a great deal about life and the gaining of wisdom. Your friendships will anchor you in the real world of here and now, so that your natural Piscean imaginative tendencies can be put to concrete use. You will be able to create a new lifestyle for yourself and also to expand your finances. Foreigners could be implicated in this.


  1. Hi Dawne,
    very interesting times with the dreadful events in France however then the amazing solidarity with the gatherings all over the world.
    Your predictions are always illuminating and I thank you for them.
    peace and joy

  2. Thank you very much, once again, dearest Dawne, lovely to know more about the available energies for the coming time.
    With all my love, light and blessings

  3. Thankyou…:) this is a guide that reflects where I am..overview of map. Gratitude and appreciation Dawn. ???

  4. Don’t know why ??? came up…Thankyou Dawne ???

  5. It is my aim to assure my readers that life is a cycle of energy that we either watch going by or participate in. Seeing where we are in our cycles is the true gift of astrology. Blessings…

  6. Thank you for thanking me, Jo – yes, the times are just getting more intense now as the powers ratchet up their influences. And it can only become more so for a while. Peace and joy to you, too