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Saturn in Scorpio – Part Two

I was crossing the Firth of Forth road bridge at the exact moment that Saturn entered Scorpio – Friday evening, 5th October at around 21h40, BST. As we crossed the river the Moon was rising in the East with an exact conjunction to Jupiter – and I mean to the minute of exact. This bodes well, I thought, for the entry of Saturn in Scorpio under the auspices of two positive energies holding the doorway open with big smiles on their faces.

I know they were in Gemini – and Scorpio is in another part of the sky – but the Ancients would look at the skies that were visible to them and make their judgements of the auspices as they saw them.

So, now to the twelve Sun Signs and the effects of Saturn from their vantage points. I am also taking Pluto into account as well, because these two major energies are doing a nice number together across Scorpio and Capricorn, which makes a sextile aspect (60 degrees apart) which is a positive relationship of both opportunity and communication.

Saturn in Scorpio for the 12 signs of the Zodiac

NB – The readings below can either be read from your Sun Sign – ie your birthday – or your Ascendant sign, which is calculated form your time of birth. Or even, from both!

I have woven the two energies of Saturn and Pluto in sextile in the houses they fall in from your Sun Sign.

Scorpio: 23rd October – 22nd November

Happy birthday Scorpio! Saturn is in your Solar 1st House sextile Pluto in your Solar 3rd House – two houses that resonate to the elements of Fire and Air – creative ideas and communication. This transit is all about you and those close to you in your world. It is very honest and open – a reality check on the whole structure and rhythm of your life. The transformative element of Pluto will come through many different circumstances involving siblings, cousins and neighbours. You can expect to be drawn into taking an active part in their lives. The 3rd House is also about how you communicate, so you may be drawn to some kind of course that will enable you to open up new skills in teaching and writing. Saturn, planet of duty and structure is engaging positively with Pluto, planet of profound shifts and in depth encounters, offering you an opportunity to develop spiritual and mental self-discipline with positive outcome over the next couple of years.

Sagittarius: 22nd November – 22nd December

Saturn is in your Solar 12th House sextile Pluto in your Solar 2nd House – two houses that resonate to the elements of Water and Earth – emotional and practical issues. When Saturn is going through the 12th, this can be a time of seriously looking at the things that haven’t worked for you over the last few years. Time to start de-cluttering your attic or even your mind. It’s also time to get tough with all those projects that need finishing off – if you don’t then Saturn will ensure you do. This is the ending of a 30 year cycle so it’s not the time to begin new things, as they are not likely to work out and you’d be just wasting your time. You will have plenty opportunities to innovate later when Saturn moves on. The transformative element of Pluto will bring a positive profound shift through many different circumstances involving personal finances, your inner security and your sense of self-value.

Capricorn: 22nd December -20th January –

Saturn is in your Solar 11th House sextile Pluto in your Solar 1st House – two houses that resonate to the elements of Air and Fire – mental and creative processes. Saturn here will bring new friends and ideologies who will have you actively participating to create the kind of world you would really like to live in, instead of just shouting at the TV. You may be bogged down with your work load, feeling under appreciated, and begin to wonder how you can do it all differently. This is a time of profound change that will take years to come to resolution – Pluto’s influence here will bring up many issues in your closest relationships and will ensure that you ask the deeper questions of meaning, spirituality and who you really are. The inner world becomes more important to you – and the friendships that you develop during this Saturn phase will be instrumental in you gaining real and lasting insight about Life itself.

Aquarius: 20th January – 19th February –

Saturn is in your Solar 10th House sextile Pluto in your Solar 12th House – two houses that resonate to the elements of Earth and Water – career and hidden emotional processes. During the next couple of years you will go through some situations at work that have you wondering if you are doing the right thing. You may be feel as if you are the company work-horse with more and more responsibilities heaped on your desk, with little apparent appreciation from anyone. However, Saturn will expect you to do your duty and get it all cleared up secure in the knowledge that come the end of the transit you will have gained so much ahead of your colleagues. Pluto in the 12th House will bring you face to face with all your unfinished business, especially in your emotional life, which will enable you to clear the way for new experiences. Together these two energies will give you a sense of inner strength and well-being.

Pisces: 19th February – 20th March –

Saturn is in your Solar 9th House sextile Pluto in your Solar 11th House – two houses that resonate to the elements of Fire and Air – higher mind, beliefs and idealism. This sounds like a huge deal for Water sign Pisces, however, this is the time for you to firm up your ideas, maybe by taking some kind of training program that will bring you firmly into the New Age that is happening around us now. You may have to travel to do this or even learn a new language, but only if it will benefit your working life as well – Saturn doesn’t like frivolous travelling around for its own sake. Pluto in your house of friendships and ideals will open you to many new ideas and value systems – a whole new group movement could be on offer here. Friendships will deepen for you and could completely change the direction of your life, both inner and outer.

Aries : 21st March – 20th April –

Saturn is in your Solar 8th House sextile Pluto in your Solar 10th House – two houses that resonate to the elements of Water and Earth – career and the practical elements of shared resources, like mortgages and bank loans, for example. Saturn in the 8th House demands sharing both your goods and chattels,and also sharing at a most intimate level with another human being. Saturn will want you to really examine your own values and how they resonate with the values of someone you may hold dear. This is the smoothing off of all those rough edges that leads to an acceptance of each other at a deeper and most meaningful level. Pluto helps by making huge changes to your public profile so that everyone around you will notice the effects of this profound inner process. The demands of your career are as strong as the demands of your emotional life and it is through the sextile of both Saturn and Pluto that you will have ample opportunities to find your way to real harmony and happiness.

Taurus: 20th April – 20th May –

Saturn is in your Solar 7th House sextile Pluto in your Solar 9th House – two houses that resonate to the elements of Air and Fire – relationships and higher mind and learning. It would be easy to put both these meanings together and come up with a new relationship for you with someone from a different culture, nationality, etc to your own. And it may just work out like that. And it may also bring opportunities to broaden your scope of your self belief; Belief itself, maybe in God/dess; foreign experiences and long distance journeys that will impact on your emotional life. Saturn in the 7th is traditionally the transit of marriage, or divorce if you are already married – although I have found Transit Jupiter much more likely in a divorce. The 7th House is all about the agreements and structures that we put in place when deciding that this person is THE ONE – and marriage is just one way of doing that, of course, there are many other ways.

Gemini: 21st May – 21st June –

Saturn is in your Solar 6th House sextile Pluto in your Solar 8th House – two houses that resonate to the elements of Earth and Water – career and hidden emotional processes. The everyday comings and goings around the office can become somewhat of a chore for you with Saturn here. You may have to make a superhuman effort to keep your boss happy – if you do however, it will really work well for you. Just keep your head down and get on with whatever is in front of you. Pluto will assist you here as you will begin to realise that you are in for some profound transformation that could lead to you even going self-employed in some niche-market way. Not huge at first, but wait until Saturn goes into your 7th House and then you’ll reap the benefit of all the hard work done over these couple of years. You may decide to study personal development or even astrology.

Cancer: 21st June – 23rd July –

Saturn is in your Solar 5th House sextile Pluto in your Solar 7th House – two houses that resonate to the elements of Fire and Air – creativity, children and relationships. This is a time of taking responsibility for your creative processes by perhaps taking a course of some kind to help you hone the necessary techniques that such work demands. However, it works out you will learn how to express yourself clearly and profitably. Children may become an issue – either the ones you have or the ones you would like to have. With Pluto engaging nicely with Saturn from the house of marriage and partnerships this could be the time to develop a business idea together that is rewarding; or even marriage itself with the view to creating the kind of family life that you have always wanted. A relationship with someone older may be the outcome of Saturn being placed here. A child who had previously left home may return and demand more from you than just your patience.

Leo: 23rd July – 23rd August –

Saturn is in your Solar 4th House sextile Pluto in your Solar 6th House – two houses that resonate to the elements of Water and Earth – home, the past, family and routines, life skills and rhythms. Saturn in the house of family can bring extra responsibilities for various family members. It can also indicate that this is the time to examine past personal issues and find a way of rectifying them in some way – as this house is crucial for personal strength and well-being. This is not the time to take everything on your shoulders and becoming SuperPerson – it is really about engaging with finding an efficient lifestyle that means that the chores get shared around and your personal health doesn’t suffer. Pluto will help you here and bring new ideas for regeneration, through diet and exercise for your body and new ideas and stimulation for your mind. Meditation and Yoga, Tai Chi could be very helpful for restoring your inner balance and harmony.

Virgo: 23rd August – 23rd September –

Saturn is in your Solar 3rd House sextile Pluto in your Solar 5th House – two houses that resonate to the elements of Air and Fire – siblings, short journeys, communication and creativity, children and fun! With Saturn in your 3rd House your neighbourhood could be going through many changes some that you may not like or you may change your residence altogether. A sibling or cousin may cause concern and have you wanting to do more, but circumstances can get in the way and prevent you from being much help. Pluto will bring real transformation to your children or your creative output (astrology lumps them together) – whichever way it works this is likely to be a lightbulb period for you with lots of changes and new ideas. You could also decide to study a course that you have already done something with before: a re-awakening, if you like to new possibilities within the old form.

Libra: 23rd September – 23rd October –

Saturn is in your Solar 2nd House sextile Pluto in your Solar 4th House – two houses that resonate to the elements of Earth and Water – personal finances and possessions with home, property and family. Saturn going into your house of personal resources, finances and values will have you looking hard at how you can develop your income to support you in a realistic and practical way for you. Pluto in the 4th linked with the 2nd may indicate that your property may be either costing you too much to run, or be a real means of income for you. You may decide to downsize and make a major shift in where you decide to put down your roots – it will have to be a transformational and profoundly meaningful move for you otherwise you wouldn’t contemplate it at all. Your family dynamics are also going to go through major developments that will leave you feeling freer and lighter than you may do at present.


  1. What a lovely piece of visual astrology, Dawne, reading the visible auspices for Saturn’s entry into Scorpio.

    These also show Jupiter blessing the last decanate of the lunar month, which is just beginning (Moon trine Sun) at the Saturn ingress. Time to work hard and master details to bring long-standing projects to completion!

  2. What a wonderful piece of visual astrology. That was a great reading as I found the impact of Saturn on my Zodiac sign “ ARIES” . The article may be highly interesting for all those whop want to get predictions for their future with astrological signs and its implications.

  3. Thank you DWiltshire for your comments – I do love hearing from my readers from all over the world – New York, eh – one of my favourite cities….

  4. Thank you Prudence – it was so wonderful to see the Moon and Jupiter right on top of each other that I knew it was good news for us all…