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Solar Returns

I want to talk about Solar Returns. What on earth are they? I hear you ask. Well they are charts that are drawn up at the moment that the Sun replicates it’s natal (birth) position by degree, minute and second  on your birthday.  In other words it is on the same Zodiacal point as it was at the moment of your birth. However, as it returns at a different time of day to your original birth it will have a different Ascendant. This enables me to draw up a completely new chart that is only valid for the year ahead showing the events and qualities of that year and where your energies will most likely be focused.

The reason that the Ascendant is different from the Ascendant on your original birth chart is due to the discrepancy between 365 days of the year and 360 degrees of the Zodiac. This means that the Sun can return at any time during the day of your birthday or even up to a few hours on either the day before or the day after. As I was born just after midnight, my Solar Return charts have very rarely been on my birthday, more often, in fact, on the day before year on year.

While the planets of the Solar Return chart are in fact transits to your natal chart, it is the addition of the Ascendant of the Return chart that makes the difference, because it creates a brand new chart to be read just for the year in question. The Ascendant of the return chart will fall in a particular area of your birth chart giving a whole new feel to your year. This is what makes the Solar Return chart so exciting as it opens up both charts for me to read with a weather eye on your future.

As the Sun returns in real time, I always relocate the chart for the actual place where your birthday occurs. So, for example, your birth place may have been New York, but on the day that the Sun returns to its natal place you may be living elsewhere on the planet. Some people wish to leave nothing to fate, so they travel around the world celebrating their birthdays in places that put the return Sun on  the Ascendant or directly overhead (the MC).

At the age of 29 years, the Solar Return chart will reflect the natal relationship between the Sun and Saturn, as this is also the year of the Saturn Return. At the age of 33 years, provided the chart has not been relocated, the Ascendant is almost the same as the natal Ascendant. This occurs again at the age of 66 years.

I have been a keen user of Solar Returns for my clients (and myself) for over 35 years, because I find that they can really focus us in to what is most important during the year.

Why not have your Solar Returna chart done? It can give a very detailed insight into the year or years ahead. Please let me know if you wish to pursue this – I will need your birth details and the place you are living now in order to proceed.

You can email me on dk@dawnekovan.com and book your reading now. I work on a first come – first served basis, so who pays me first gets their reading first. I operate a waiting list no longer than a couple of weeks, as I don’t like to keep you waiting.



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