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I first met Dawne in Autumn 1997. At the time I was having difficulty in recovering from a separation, and doing a lot of soul searching into my relationships with men. Our hairdresser had suggested that she was someone I would like to meet as she thought that we had things in common. I had studied astrology and was still very interested in it, so made an appointment for a general reading.

Dawne lived in a large, light and airy house in south London, and her ‘consulting room’ was very comfortable. She went into a great deal of detail and seemed to get to the heart of me very quickly. Once I found out that she was also a psychotherapist, I asked her to take me on, and I went to her once a week for a year.

As we were very much on the same wavelength and spoke the same language, astrology formed a large and important part of my psychotherapy. We looked at my parents’ and grandparents’ charts, and my brother’s and his family’s to detect patterns of behaviour and character tendencies. I believe that we made great progress more quickly due to this common understanding.

Yesterday, I listened to the astrological chart that Dawne recorded for me in February 2005, four months before I left England to start a completely different life in all senses – change of job, country, language; I had never lived outside a large city before, and was moving to a mountainous area with suspicious villagers. It has not been easy! But without knowing what I was going to do, Dawne proceeded to tell me what in fact was going to happen in the next year very accurately.

Dawne is sympathetic, perceptive, and uncannily accurate. She works very hard at her chart reading, and gives a great deal of information and explanation. I also believe that she loves language, like I do, and is eloquent and succinct.

As she would say, need I say more?





Each reading I have had from Dawne has been created with care and integrity. Her compassion and ability to relate and describe your circumstance in relation to the universe are first class. Her depth of knowledge is obvious, but is easy to understand and punctuated with timely humour. She draws on her other life skills to help you to understand the issues you are approaching and a good way to approach them. The readings are on CD and so you can listen to them more than once to absorb everything totally. I would recommend her without reserve.




Four years ago someone mentioned Dawne’s name and I intuited that I would benefit from having my astrological birth chart drawn up. I was going through a very distressing time in my life and had made a huge decision while on holiday. When I came home my reading was waiting for me and it confirmed exactly what was happening and that I had indeed made the right decision. The whole experience was highly beneficial. Having the chart showed me that all the major events in my life had a purpose and were not ‘mistakes’. The tape was really helpful and the talk-through on the phone was almost like having therapy. Having an astrological reading as opposed to a psychic reading shows you times in your life when you will have shifts in energy and direction but it does not specify exactly what these are, because we have free will and can choose which path to take, and the possibilities are infinite. Dawne talks you through the reading with tremendous skill, and it is almost like being given a map and a compass, and permission to make your own journey unhindered by doubt and guilt. I have come to know Dawne as a friend and still value her skill and integrity. I have had many psychic readings but without doubt Dawne gave me the most valuable experience and I have recommended her to many other people who have been equally impressed and grateful.




Dear Dawne,

It was a joy to receive and listen to your latest wonderful astrological reading. They have always been a great help over the years that you have done them for me, but they seem to increase in depth each time you do one for me.

Your great knowledge, wisdom and insight always helps me to understand better what energies are available to work with in my life. It helps to spiritualise my perspective and to look forward with joy to my coming year(s) ahead. The clarity and enthusiasm with which you do your readings are unique and very helpful! I will be back for more readings in the future!

Your blog is wonderfully inspiring and is looking fantastic! It should inspire many people! Thank you!

With love and blessings to you,

T. J.-H, England


Dawne, your work informs and inspires me. Your astrological expertise combined with your psychic ability and deep interest in humanity, offers an unparalleled consultation with a broad spectrum. You give me the biggest picture there is!

Thank you for your wisdom and insight, not only into my life or the lives of others, but also in conversation, looking into the development of consciousness and the patternings and potential of the human race.

I feel very fortunate to have you as a companion in life.

Eleanor, Edinburgh


I am writing to let you know how much I enjoy reading the texts in your blog. I keep looking forward to new posts since every bit of what you write has become a present, a blessing in my life.

I am Brazilian and live in a big city in the state of Sao Paulo, Campinas, where I have been studying astrology for many years now. You are one of the wonderful masters that the ONE has put on my way and I am very thankful to the Universe and to you in particular – the depth and at the same time the clarity you get the message have really taught me a great deal. Whenever I have time I translate to my friends and urge them to subscribe to your blog.

Feel free to use my comments about your work because they come from the bottom of my heart. Your writings have had a great impact on my life and helped me enhance my appreciation for astrology.

Abraços/Sonia Regina Pequeno


Ever since 1984, I have been impressed by your highly refined, intuitive chart reading and state-of-the-art psychotherapy sessions.

I want to thank you for your generous and compassionate help: for guiding and inspiring me in my inner work; it has transformed my daily life and has helped me to achieve my dream.

My friends and aquaintances too are impressed by the quality level of your amazingly sensitive Emotional Freedom Therapy work.

I look forward to my next reading!

All good wishes.

C. (UK)

P.S. Your blog – il est vraiment magnifique!


Just a short note to say thank you for my annual reading 8 months down the road I have just been relistening to it. I find it really useful to do this 2 – 3 times per year so that I can see where I am in my astrological life, I am planning a few changes and relistening to my reading gives me an insight into what I should do now and what may be better to wait a little while. As always the reading is incredibly accurate and always helps me to be guided towards what is best for me..

Wendy UK


I have known Dawne now for very many years, so long in fact that I cannot be precise, but it must be about 15 years I guess.

In these years she has been my astrologer, become a very dear spiritual friend and in a recent time of a great difficult transition in my life, which she also astrologically explained, she has supported me too as an astrological and spiritual counsellor on a regular base.

Dawne is a very warmhearted and generous person and she has this amazing combination of knowledge and wisdom, based on a foundation of love, compassion and humanity, with which she helps to bring understanding and clarity to you and the situations of your life. I never feel judged by her, always understood and through the depth of Dawne’s phenomenal astrological insights and her many other tools, you can step back from a problem and see it in the greater perspective of your life and life as it has been given to us to live here on this planet and in this time.

We have developed, as spiritual travellers, over the years a close bond and friendship, based on a deep trust. I always feel that I can totally trust Dawne, as a person and also her insights.

I have had my chart done a number of times by other astrologers before I knew Dawne, and even did an astrological course myself, but never have I come across such depth of accuracy and helpful understanding of the energies which we have to work with and through, given the influences of our birth charts and the specific transits that are going on at certain times in our lives. Both my husband and I and some friends I have recommended to her too, have all found Dawne’s astrological readings very helpful and my husband and I have an update every now and then to catch up on the latest energies available – or not available – to us to grow through.

This past year I have had a very intense and difficult Saturn transit over Moon and Sun and other planets, which is still ongoing, which totally shook the foundations of my life and myself, knowing this was going on and interpreting my experiences in the light of these energies, helped enormously and Dawne has really seen me through the hard times that have come to me with this transit.

So, all I can say, is thank you, thank you, thank you God for my dear friend Dawne through which you work so beautifully and with so much loving generous care and wisdom.

Thank you dearest Dawne for all you have brought to my life, you are a great inspiration and I love you deeply.

Blessings to you! T-J-H England


I’ve worked with Dawne over the last 15 years enjoying her skills in astrology, and also personal growth and development through coaching The range and depth of her insight is unusual and reflects her years of study across a number of disciplines and her work with clients and, best of all, she shares her gifts with warmth, common sense and humour. I don’t think I have had many contacts with Dawne when we haven’t had a good chuckle as well as discussing serious issues around the ups and downs of life. Her wisdom and reliability are wonderful tools to help through the tricky times but it is also a pleasure to share the fun and good times.

Jane, UK


We have been consulting Dawne for approximately 10 years for various matters, including work on our baby’s chart. She is a very good, experienced and insightful astrologer and we can highly recommend her.
A.P. West Midlands


My first contact with Dawne was in 2008 when I had asked her for an astrology reading. She saw in my chart at that time a life-changing event. In subsequent conversations, we discovered that the event occurred just as she was thinking about how to go ahead with the reading. I think we were both blown away by this timing.

Annual astrology readings from Dawne, who at this stage can call herself the great-grandmother of astrologers, have not only helped me to prepare the soil for the growth that she could see the potential for, but also have helped me to plant the seeds of my life experiences with courage and deeper understanding of the co-creative nature of the dynamic and elegantly-constructed Universe.

Astrology offers a unique personal map for engaging purposefully and creatively with life on every level and just when you might be thinking ‘this is all beyond me’ Dawne reaches into her heart and produces another one of her many skills, such as psychosynthesis or EFT, and you find yourself being guided firmly and lovingly toward a more authentic and coherent expression of your Self.

Dawne continues to update herself with new healing methods and is keen to learn and pass on the information to her clients, family and friends. Personally, I wouldn’t know one quarter of what I do in this respect were it not for Dawne’s weekly updates.

Thank you Dawne for enriching me with your great scholarship, and for offering stability, wisdom, kindness, good humour and friendship during these last very challenging four years.

DF Dublin

had my birth chart done by Dawne in 2004 and have been following her blogs and website ever since. I was on holiday and had made a life-changing and rather scary decision while away. When I returned home the chart and reading was waiting for me and I was blown away to see that she had pin-pointed that momentous change in my life at that very time. That gave me courage to take the step which turned out to be totally positive for me.
NG. Cumbria, UK


  1. I had my chart done by Dawne about four months ago. It was a pleasure to listen to- Dawne is very articulate and clear and her enthusiasm for astrology was obvious as I listened. I greatly appreciated her checking in with me as to what areas of life I would like her focus more on and was totally satisfied with what I got.
    The things she covered really accurately reflected my general approach to life as mapped out by my astrological placings, as well as what had come before and was happening currently. And now after listening to the reading again four months later- she was spot on with predictions for what is ahead for me. Great to have this tool available to get some glimpses of what is ahead as well as to know myself better in order to live a life that fits for me.


  2. Thank you so much Veronica for your kind words about my work. I hope you are flourishing in your chosen path – and I wish you well in all your endeavours.


  3. I remembered Dawne recently. I was making my children’s packed lunches, and boom, from nowhere a memory of her came to mind, here in 2016 although I hadn’t seen her since 1997 I think it was. At that time, I was a journalist, living in London, and had been through several years of disastrous relationships – one in particular that I was pursuing in vain. I remember her looking at me firmly and saying, ‘no, this is over now…you must leave it behind’ and being frustrated and even kind of angry, as I’d been hoping to hear the opposite.

    Instead she told me new things, and right then and there, locked into my intense present, they didn’t really register. ‘You will end up in a relationship with a close friend. You will be part of some kind of key movement?”. It seemed far-fetched at the time. And I think I kind of shrugged it off. But in 1999, this is exactly what happened. I ended up realising that love was right on my doorstep, in the form of my best friend. We had a baby, got married, had another baby, and then another…and find ourselves now in 2016 still very happy and strong together. It wasn’t just amazing that Dawne’s reading predicted this – at the time I was so mistrustful, cynical, defensive…I couldn’t for a second imagine how I’d ever in a million years be able to settle down. But maybe, who knows, my unconscious registered her message and I was able to let in the good thing or something. The other amazing aspect is I couldn’t have been in a more frivolous, meaningless job at the time – working for magazines. And yet after the birth of my first child, I was so blown away by the experience and by the mostly traumatic and disappointing birth experiences of so many around me, that I kind of applied my journalistic skills to that, and set out to try and work out where women’s birthing confidence has disappeared to…I trained as an active birth teacher, a doula, and five years ago founded a national support network called tellmeagoodbirthstory, which hooks up pregnant women with women who’ve had positive experiences of birth. I’ve also written two books. So that was the movement bit..So thankyou Dawne. As you say, isn’t astrology amazing – but more importantly, your great skill for interpreting it.


  4. Natalie, thank you for your kind words about my work. As you know Astrology is my passion and forms my take on reality. When I hear from a client many years on from our original meeting, I am always amazed how their experiences have mirrored the movement of the Universe in almost graphic terms. Thank you for this update and may you go well into your fruitful and important work.


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