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The Comet ISON/Venus Visible/Doris Lessing

The Comet will be seen by everyone over the next few weeks end November- beginning December 2013. It appears just before the rising Sun in the East. The signs it will occupy are end Scorpio and early Sagittarius, whereupon it whips round and goes back (retrogrades) to be visible around the Big Dipper in the Northern part of the skies.

It all sounds very exciting, I’m sure, and I shall be up early enough to see it in the morning – however, there s a chance that it can also be seen in the Western sky close to sunset, apparently and will be close to Mercury. Comets shed X-Rays – offering the opportunity to see right through people, things, ideas, etc.

Comets are said by the ancients to represent drastic changes worldwide. An early comet is depicted on the Bayeux Tapestries of 1066, suggesting a huge shift in the politics of early Britain and France. This particular comet does not have a regular period of appearance, like Halley’s comet, for example. It has emerged suddenly and brightly from the Oort region of our Solar System far, far away. This region of space is the domain of Sedna, a small planet, that caused a great deal of interest a few years ago when it was first seen. It was given the name Sedna after the Innuit Sea Goddess, who seemingly created fish, seals and whales from her severed fingers when they were thrown into the sea. There is a suggestion that the Comet may bring some echo of her energy into our world. Maybe through Greenpeace and their oil drilling protest in the Arctic, Sedna’s natural home.

Whatever form it takes, we can expect some major changes going on out there. Also the ancients associated comets and their sightings with the death of Kings (Queens?) and Princes. We can only wait and see how it all pans out. However, its appearance is timely as it feeds in energetically to the story of Venus below.

Venus is now visible as our Evening Star – and how spectacular she is! She lights up our evening sky as the Sun sets – no, she’s not a plane! – and moves slowly across Capricorn to stand still at 28 degrees on 21st December. This is her preparation for her journey backwards (retrograde) to stop at 13 degrees Capricorn on 31st January 2014.

The sharp eyed among you will notice that Venus will also pick up both Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries as well as Jupiter in Cancer. Earlier in the month Venus was sitting with Pluto – and don’t they have a history? It’s a story of captivity, slavery and rape. A few days after Venus got away from his clutches on 21st November, 3 women emerged from a house where they had been held captive for 30 years – the Saturn return of their original captivity. This is quite a story which the news media are whipping up as a story of a Maoist cult. How they love to report cults!

The other elements in this story are: Uranus, which provides the Maoist link, being the planet of radical politics; while Jupiter in Cancer represents the charity workers who assisted the women to make their bid for freedom.

Who knows what else will emerge along these lines across the globe over this next 3 months because while Venus has left Pluto behind for the moment; however, she’ll be back to schmooze with him again in January.

Over the next few weeks, there will be more activity out there in our skies – I shall bring you news of it as it unfolds.


Doris Lessing, (22/10/1919) winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006, died last week on 17th November. Her son, Peter, who was her carer in her later years, died 3 weeks before his mother.

Lessing was a classic Libran – her writing focused on the relationships of her subjects, for example in her life-changing work “The Golden Notebook”. It set women alight with fervour to demand in their own right, to be seen as important in the world, beyond simply being a support for their men. She opened our eyes to how society functioned to maintain the status quo, that had existed for hundreds of years. She taught us to question assumptions about our roles which caused grave concern among the more conservative among us.

However, for many of us, men and women, she was a trailblazer, who gave us permission in the mid-sixties to go out into the world and forge our own futures.

Her science fiction series Canopus in Argos will remain my particular favourite. The first book in the series “Shikasta” begins with an account of the 100 Years War that dominated the 20th Century on our planet. She charts the costs of these wars on our ability to think independently, to reason with heart and to love unconditionally – wonderful stuff – she will be missed.

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  1. Thank you dearest Dawne,
    All very interesting and enlightening. Thank you for sharing your light of insight with us all. It will be interesting to watch the developments on our earth as they continue to herald great changes. I shall keep my eye out for the comet and yes, I had wondered if Venus was a plane, to then sigh, o no, it is definitely wonderful Venus! She shines right in front of our glass balcony doors, what delight!
    With love and gratitude and light,