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The Eclipse Period of August 2008

Friday’s Solar Eclipse was only total across Northern Canada, Russia and China i.e. completely blocking the light of the Sun from the land – however, it was still visible as a partial eclipse right down to Spain and across those same latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere.

Traditional mystical teaching suggests that the Sun brings consciousness, which is obvious really – we either see the light or are in the dark about something. Those same traditions also suggest that the Moon represents our unconscious function – the past, memories, dreams and our hidden motivations. So, when a Solar eclipse occurs we go unconscious in some way.  

It made interesting reading that many people on BLC (Boundless Living Challenge) wrote on their blogs published around 1st August, that they couldn’t get anything together, felt down, uninspired or emotionally flat. This is exactly what I would expect people to feel when they are deprived of their light and left to the darkness of Lunar mind. The reaction to that event is equal to the effort made by us to deny our connection with the so called feminine energies – so if we feel depressed we have to ask who is the me that is holding down and denying my emotions, my connection with my past, my feeling life and my collective?

An eclipse is not an aberration against the natural order of things, it is part of the order itself. The planets have a rhythm and a meaning – they all actually eclipse one another as they orbit the Sun. From Mars, they will see the Earth eclipse the Sun – when they get there of course. But the only ones that matter to us are when the Sun and Moon line up. The upcoming Lunar Eclipse in 10 days time (16th August)across Leo Aquarius will have the body of the Earth interfering with the Moon’s light. An amazing visible treat if you get to see it. In any case – just observe your own emotional reactions over the couple of days around that time.

The Universe is created out of “Thinking Stuff” to quote Wallace Wattles in “The Science of Getting Rich”, the book that kick started the whole “Secret” phenomenon. The Universe is made up of stars, planets, asteroids, space and consciousness – in fact, the ancients believed that the planets themselves are conscious beings whose movements reveal something of ourselves as they orbit each one of us individually. Remember we are each the centre of our own Universe. They form a context within which content happens as vents and we experience whatever is suggested by our context. And we call it fate or destiny.  Now, I am not getting into the Fate versus Free Will question – however, as Carl Jung said “Fate is simply doing that which I must do, with gladness.”

Enjoy the Lunar Eclipse and I hope you get to experience the magic of it.
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