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The Pope Resigns and the Horse Meat Scandal

Well, well, well, what an interesting week we have had – with horsemeat being sold as beef in Europe and the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Last week I suggested to a colleague that the two other institutions and major corporations likely to be targeted by Pluto’s passage through Capricorn, the sign of corporate matters and big finance, were the pharmaceutical industries and the Church. I was certain that there would be major events to bring much that is hidden from us into the light in either or both of these soon, with Uranus coming to square off once more with Pluto.

Within hours of the Pope’s speech a lightening bolt directly hit the Vatican – the pictures are amazing – is his boss displeased with him? The timing of this is very strange because a movie is being released on Friday (tomorrow) about the child sex abuse scandals and the Catholic Church, in the US. Equally strange is that it was announced just a couple of days before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent in the Christian calendar. This means that “because of the way that the conclave works, it means no pope will probably reside over Easter Sunday Mass. You wonder if there is another shoe to drop.” Quote from Alex Gibney, director of Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God from The Guardian newspaper 13th February, 2013. (This link will open in a new window)

We wait and watch with interest, especially as Mars will go to conjoin Uranus and also square Pluto while so doing. Any meeting of these three ‘heavies’ will intensify any of the events that are likely to occur around the weekend of 22nd March through the following week. And it could just be a lot of sabre rattling without too much activity. I think the major events will be next Christmas time, when Mars crosses into Libra and glares at both Uranus (UR) by 180 degrees or opposition and Pluto (PL) by 90 degrees or square. Then in March 2014, it’s almost as if Mars is about to go into Scorpio (his own sign) when he remembers something else he wants to communicate with UR/PL, so he grinds to a halt and goes right back through Libra to do the same thing to pick them off again twice more. As Mars (MA) is the action planet what on earth can this mean for the first 7 months of 2014? I will keep you posted with my thoughts….

I know it’s far ahead, but this is astrology and this is what astrologers do worldwide – we read the energies and attempt to give them form.

Pope Benedict’s chart* has Pluto in his 5th House of children and love affairs squaring his Moon in Libra – so a man with intense emotions that are held below the surface – not for much longer, I suspect. Due to the speed of Pluto over the last 40 years (it has an elongated elliptical orbit with short ends and long sides) it has been moving quickly through the signs on the short end. This means that people of certain generations will receive aspects of transit (real time) PL to their natal PL at a younger age than previously. Pope Benedict’s natal PL will get an opposition and his Moon from transit PL through 2014/15/16 – again, I make no comment about this, other than point it out to you.

The weekend before the announcement, Mercury and Mars were together in Pisces in Benedict’s 12th House of secrets – so some strong communications and hot-headed words being exchanged.

Also of interest, is that while the choices of new Pope are being examined in secret, Mercury changes direction to go retrograde on 23rd February to pick up Mars again before Mars heads off into Aries. Mercury remains retro until direct motion on 17th March. As many of you will know, it’s not a good idea to make decisions of huge importance during this period of Mercury’s orbit, as people seem to change their minds once he turns direct. So, it’s all up in the air for now until possibly after Easter at the end of March. The Catholic Church will be without a Pope for some time to come.

*Birth data: 16th April, 1927, 4h15 CET, Marktl, Germany.

Then there’s the horse meat shenanigans, which one imagines has been going on for quite some time, years maybe, until now. It came to light on 15th January in Ireland. Venus was conjunct Pluto on that day; and the Moon was in Pisces, as it was exactly 28 days later when the Pope announced his retirement. Venus rules Taurus, sign of bulls – beef – and food in general and Pisces is the sign most associated with large animals like horses. Pisces also is associated with all kinds of sleight of hand, religion, lies, etc. PL brings to light what needs to be seen – trust me, he’s a good guy.
Although many European countries do eat horse meat, here in the UK just the thought of it horrifies us – and indeed as a horse owner and lover myself I would choose not to eat horse meat, even when I lived in France. So, it’s not necessarily the fact of the meat, it’s much more the hoodwinking of the general public that what they imagine they are buying may in reality be a different product altogether.
I have been exercising my astrologer’s brain over this one, as I would automatically expect Pisces, and its rulers Jupiter and Neptune to be involved here, and indeed some of the British horses do seem to have drugs in their carcasses. Neptune also rules drugs. However, I’m still working on it. Maybe next week I’ll have some answers for you.

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  1. Very interesting Dawne. I wondered whether there might be some significance in him stepping down at precisely 8 pm on 28th February, but I didn’t see anything in the transits. I discovered this morning that 8pm was chosen because that’s when his working day normally ends!

    His natal chart seems to describe him very well. Jupiter rising in Pisces, the sun trine Neptune, are good indicators of spiritual interests; and moon on Libra may just account for his ruby slippers! But Venus opposition Saturn shows the kind of emotional loneliness that often comes with celibacy. His Aries Sun probably accounts for him being called ‘God’s Rottweiler!’

    The prophecy of St Malachy says that the next pope – described with the Latin motto ‘Petrus Romanus’, Peter the Roman – will be the last one. After him ‘the terrible judge will come to judge mankind’. Let’s hope he’s a young chap!