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The Predictable Face of Astrology

The title of this article is self-explanatory because we can see the movements of the planets, orbiting our charts, as predictable as the hands of an alarm clock. When a planet transits into our lives, usually accompanied by some outer event, such as a birth, death, falling in love, falling out of love, job change, etc, the energy throws us back on ourselves and makes us ask “Why me? Why now? Why here?”

There is no such thing as an “accidental birth” – we are all born on purpose. Put another way, we are all here at the right date and time, in the right place, living the right life, which gives us the right birth chart for our personal life’s journey.

It is worth remembering that there is no such thing as a “bad” chart, “bad planet”, “bad” sign or house – what we have on our Birth Chart is absolutely perfect for you. Your chart is as perfect for you as mine is for me. This would suggest that each of us is perfect just as we are – in the potential shown on your Chart. Sometimes, however, we may fall from grace when we become less than we may be, by ignoring our best bits in favour of our worst bits.

However, moment by moment the Universe prods us with reminders, some subtle and some not so subtle. A reminder from Venus, Moon and Mercury may be shrugged off as imagination or wishful thinking. But once the Universe is on your case, heavier hints will come along when the slower moving planets homes in on your individual chart – almost as if they only have you in mind.

So how do they do that? I hear you ask. Well, the planets move according to their own rhythms and orbits and when they pick up a certain piece of your particular cosmic pattern, they will begin to churn you up, each in their own individual manner. Each planet has a specific energy that prods you awake in the now, in real time. Please remember, as I never tire of saying: the planets are NEVER out to get any of us. If you feel distress, then it’s your stuff not the planet’s – planets don’t do “stuff”. That comes from living, from the past, usually childhood, and is desperate to be let go of. The transit planet’s jobs is to help you let go by nudging you rhythmically and repeatedly.

The transits of the various planets below are generic, i.e. specific to your age due to the orbit of the planet in question. When this also combines with a personal planet on your chart, such as your Sun/Moon/Venus or your Ascendant, then they are “in your face”. We ALL go through these transits, no one is exempt, yet we all have the choice to stay put or make the changes that further our own individual development.


Saturn, for example, has a 29 year cycle. Those who are 29 and 58 now, will be experiencing their “Saturn Return”, either their first or their second. The action of Saturn holds you in place (have you noticed how hard it is right now to move forward?) in order that you manifest, bring into reality, who you are and what you came here to do. And if you’re still alive, then there’s always more to do. It’s always a useful exercise for us all to look at what happened through the yearlong period when we were 29 years old and for those who can – 58/59 years old. It’s the transit that makes us different at 30, from those in their 20s; and at 60, different from those in their 50s.


Uranus is almost the polar opposite from Saturn, as his energy is fast, nervy, earth shaking, eye-opening to the truth, filled with lots of stops and starts. A Uranus transit lasts for 15 months. Those who are 19-20 years old, 40-41 and 60-61 years old, will be experiencing Uranus in their lives now. Uranus is about independence, freedom to be an individual, creative and experimental. I have noticed clients who are 40-41 particularly, are the people who suddenly realise that they are not living their dream (who they really are) and take off to run an organic farm or save animals in Africa, for example. As if they are attempting to express their ideal self as best they can. Once it passes life may never be the same again, you will be determined to honour the impulse to be different within and may remove yourself from the common herd. This can be uncomfortable to go through, especially if friends seek to prevent you. However, it’s your genius that is at stake with Uranus, not theirs – so the choice is yours.


Neptune has another and very different approach to moving you along your rightful path – that of creating within you a sense of yearning, a longing for perfection (not possible in life), a strong spiritual or mystical urge to express your divinity in real life. This tends to happen very slowly at around 42-45 years of age. The action of Neptune washes over us, lapping at our foundations, at what we believed, until now, life was all about. There can be a change of personal image, religion, culture, country in an attempt to find something “better” and more meaningful. It can be an illusion, of course, and can foster confusion and a sense of being ungrounded. However, the aim is to awaken the mystical, imaginative search for the sublime; for broadening boundaries that include rather than exclude; to kick start a new creative process which has you at its centre. This is a 2 to 3 year transit, so take it easy and enjoy the awakening process.


Pluto is the planet that pulls the ground from beneath us. We can witness the action of Pluto in the sinkholes that are suddenly appearing in ground that we thought was safe, for example. Then imagine that happening to you in your personal life – sudden shifts of ground; things you firmly believed in; people you trusted; organisations that seemed untouchable; all up for scrutiny as to their ethical standing, their worthiness in your life. The aim of Pluto is to have you standing in your own truth, not the truth of someone else; to begin to listen to your inner voice, your intuition; to learn to trust yourself for a change. You will begin to notice how much you took for granted about what you were told as a child – and realise that maybe you are not really that person after all. I’m not saying they lied, but you might well think that. Then the work is to find out who you really are – it’s such a wonderful 3/4 years of personal discovery when Pluto is sniffing around- though not necessarily easy. There will be losses and gains in your personal life which as time passes will become your strengths and powers.

I am always in awe of how particular clients experience the exact events and changes in their lives in perfect timing to the Universe. It never ceases to amaze me how it reflects itself in the mirror of a birth chart and thus an individual life. The planets will align in such a way as to best serve the person born on that particular moment in time and will unfold through the years in exactly the appropriate ways to best serve that individual life’s ongoing process.


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  1. Dear Dawne

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this article, completely relating to those particular planets operating in my life during the years you mention. And Uranus now encouraging me to stand up for what I believe in rather than stay in the cocoon of the familiar.

    I’d really love Dawne if you could put all your wisdom (sky-watching and other) and vast scholarship into a book which would show us how to biodynamically garden our human lives. Any thoughts?

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    I don’t know, Dot – what to say? I am pleased that the article enabled you to have more insight into the inner workings of your ongoing process of living. A book – hmmmm – what a minx you are to suggest that 🙂

  2. Dearest Dawne, I agree with Dot, but you already know that! I always enjoy your star and soul wisdom. Having had a Saturn transit for the last few years, over Sun, Moon, Ascendent-Mars-Mercury at present I have great experience of the Saturniun influence and I ca only agree fully with your observations. In fact your observations have helped me through the changes this has brought to my life.
    Thank you for everything!!
    With love and blessings, Theresiuxxx