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The Quality of Leadership

When I started writing this blog today, I was mindful of the fact that I hadn’t written one last week, so was determined to do so now. However, I was uncertain how to proceed, because if I didn’t have anything good to say, then surely it’s best to say nothing?

Then I thought I would throw you a question to ponder at your leisure. And it’s the question of leadership – what does it mean? And what makes a good leader anyway?

The people at whom I am looking right now are the three players in this conflict – three leaders with very different charts and very different personalities and objectives as a result. They are: Barak Obama, David Cameron and Bashir al-Assad.

Barak Obama has his Sun in Leo, the sign of rulership, with Ascendant Aquarius, the sign of democracy. He could never be a republican even if he tried. David Cameron has his Sun and Ascendant in Libra, the sign of relationships with others and peace making. Cameron’s Moon is in Leo conjunct Obama’s Sun, which makes, according to the Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung, a “marriage made in heaven”.

I did not include Francois Hollande, because he has come out clearly on the side of war or Vladimir Putin, because he also has Sun in Libra – yes, I kid you not.

Obama’s Sun has set and is in his 6th House of service as he was born in the evening. David Cameron’s Sun in Libra is in his 1st House of self interest, so is technically stronger than Obama’s.

Assad’s Sun is in Virgo – sadly I don’t have a birth time for him, so I set the chart for Sunrise. His chart is extremely belligerent: Sun very close to Uranus and Pluto in Virgo opposite Saturn and the Moon in Pisces. This is a Full Moon position. The ruler of his Virgo planets is Mercury, also in Virgo, thus exalted. It is being opposed by Neptune right now and for the next 3 or 4 years – Neptune is associated with chemical weapons, spills, accidents – the chart for the Bhopal gassing in India demonstrates this.

Cameron’s chart ruler is Venus, rising in Libra, and right now being fired off by both Uranus and Pluto. So, he’s up for a fight – or is he? An astrologer friend of mine said that she thought his chart was perfect for a social worker – someone who helps others to find some kind of balance in their lives. Actually, his chart fits the UK chart of 1801 perfectly – both the UK and the US solar positions are heading for a crisis point sometime soon. Whether or not these two men act upon that remains to be seen.

Obama’s chart ruler is Uranus in Leo just about to set, but extremely strong in his 7th House – the democratic planet in the house of marriage and open enemies. If the Ascendant and the other three “Cardinal Points” indicate where and how we put our planetary energies, then no matter how Leonine Obama is, he will always defer to the rights of others. That’s what democracy is. He is being strong in his inner purpose.

So, here’s the question: what makes a leader? And what does that mean?

The ancients decided that Aries, the sign of the first growth of Spring, was the best place to have the Sun on a birth chart. It is said to be exalted there. Sun in Aries is gung-ho, focused, belligerent, feisty, leaps before looking, etc – you get the picture.

The opposite sign Libra, the sign of the drawing in of Autumn, was seen to be the worst place to have the Sun on a birth chart. Leo’s OK because the Sun rules Leo anyway – but Libra? Hmmm. Saturn is said to be exalted in Libra and in Fall in Aries.

On an aside – David Frost and Seamus Heaney were born 6 days apart and died 24 hours apart last week. They both had Sun in Aries (exalted) conjunct Saturn (fall) and how successful were they? And why did that weak Saturn not hamper them? Because Saturn’s position was modified by Mars, ruler of Aries, being exalted in Capricorn – thus rescuing Saturn from ignominy. Good, eh?

So, leaders – do we want our leaders to be gung ho, warriors out for a fight, any fight? Certainly, this leaping before looking kind of energy is what we associate with the US.

Or do we want them to be reasonable people, able to argue calmly and help others to find answers for themselves? In earlier times, when the rules of astrology were being laid down, there was a need for leaders who were generals ready to risk their lives in order to save the lives of their people. Is that what we want today – especially when we ourselves are not under threat?

Winston Churchill, a great war leader (and Libra Ascendant, by the way) famously said “we need more jaw jaw and less war war.” That was after the dust had settled from WWII.

In Herman Hesse’s book “Journey to the East” the leader of the group on an extremely weird journey, was in fact the servant Leo – the servant who led from behind. This is a the perfect description of Leo in 6th House – exactly like Obama’s chart.

The question of leadership – energetically Aries, a fire sign, slash and burn and hang the consequences? Or Libra, an air sign, discussion and weighing up everyone’s point of view, giving voice to everyone around the table.



  1. Another fascinating blog, it is always interesting to see how astrology shapes peoples lives whether they want it to or not. Amazing to see the connections and links with the planets drawing everyday events together.

  2. Hi Dawne, another food for thought article, which I enjoyed. I personally will go with the Libran, Leo’s are far too brash; self serving; and short-term win focused, for my personal liking (I have great personal experience of this).

    Is it ironic that you post this blog on the eve of the federal election to be held here this coming Saturday. The topic of Leadership, and whomis best to rule. The main players are:
    Kevin Rudd (incumbent PM) – Labor Party
    Tony Abbott – Liberal Party
    Clive Palmer – Palmer United Party
    Bob Katter – Katter’s Australia Party
    I would LOVE your analysis on these people as Leaders. I don’t speak for all Australians but by far the majority are finding it extremely difficult to chose – base on what we are ‘shown’ by the media.
    I wait with anticipation ????