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The skies above us. Uranus and Pluto and some books and ideas.

Jupiter is now the closest to the earth than he will be until 2021 – I have noticed his brightness in the night sky, especially when bang next to the last Full Moon in Gemini. Also Venus, Mercury and Saturn with (I think ) Spica, the beneficent Fixed Star at 23 Libra all visible these very early mornings in our very clear winter’s sky. Such richness to feast our eyes upon and wonder, as human beings have done for thousands (millions?) of years.

Next week, Uranus changes direction to go direct to once again square Pluto in a 90 degree aspect – this continues the events that I have been writing about over the last few years, predicting hard financial times for at least another 5 years ahead – certainly here in the UK, and no doubt elsewhere in the world. And on Wednesday last, our Chanchellor of the Exchequer finally agreed with me – hmmm!

We continue with our beloved institutions being brought into question, due for Pluto’s work as he trails through Capricorn, first it was the press, then the Health Service and now the BBC; all being challenged and broken down ready for a rebuild in a more sensible shape that takes us all into account, not just the wealthy. Our Prime Minister, who seems to be a double Libran, with both Sun, Ascendant and Venus all in Libra, is being pushed to the limit by Pluto facing off his Venus, ruler of Libra and therefore ruler of his chart. He is going to meet with more power struggles – and heaven knows how that will impact on the rest of us.

His chart resonates with both the UK 1801 Union with Ireland chart and the original England chart of 1066, the crowning of King William. The first chart also includes Scotland, as it was part of Great Britain at that time, so lots of schisms to be had between the various siblings in what someone once called the “Untied Kingdom”. The chart of the Reorganisation of the UK and Ireland (1922) has its Pluto at 10 Capricorn, so there could be serious repercussions filtering up through Northern Ireland as well. We await the outcome of it all and pray for peace.

The big piece here in the UK, started with the Jimmy Savile paedophilia scandal. This has opened a huge can of worms, which seems to involve the BBC, MPs of 34/40 years ago and many men of the same generation (ie. in their 70s and 80s now) from the media who are being hauled in for questioning. I pray it brings some peace to the poor victims of the whole mess. The 1801 UK chart has its Pluto placed in the 5th House of children, as has the present Pope, so this stuff has been waiting for someone to bring it out at some point and rejig the whole national attitude to sensuality, sexuality, and with Pluto in the 5th celibacy, also. It also brings into high relief the attitude of those in power toward those more vulnerable than themselves, i.e. women, children and even babies – there was certainly before the mid-1960s an inherent philosophy, that this demographic was fair game and thus available for them to harm.

The Uranus/Pluto square echoes those times, this is one of the things that is being put under the microscope of sudden (UR) revelation (PL) involving sex, high finance and the misuse of power – all very Plutonic issues. And it will continue until it is purged from our national psyche – or swept under the carpet by those powerful enough to challenge the government – however, as these two planets keep hitting up against each other until 2018, there is plenty time for a good clear out.

And throughout 2013, dear old Saturn, ruler of duty and teacher of wisdom, will be making an easy aspect to Pluto; compounded by their Mutual Reception as they each rule the other’s sign – SA in Scorpio and PL in Capricorn. This makes for a good outcome to what’s going on right now. Also Saturn is in the money house of the UK chart, which will be influencing the next couple of years. Belt tightening and realism about our resources are the name of the game for us.

New books and ideas:

Carl Johan Calleman’s book “The Purposeful Universe – How Quantum Theory and the Mayan Cosmology Explain the Origin and Evolution of Life”. It is an extremely dense and rewarding book to get through and it can change your entire outlook towards meaning and reasons for being human. Calleman is a Swedish biologist, who until recently worked in the US at Washington State University – and his ideas are indeed challenging. I studied biology at post-graduate level and still found that I had to read the first chapter, page by page three times over – then it was smooth sailing. The final chapter is entitled A Biology with Soul and it made we weep to realise how we have all been short changed by both science and religion. He also suggests that the Mayan Calendar ended in October, 2011, so we are in a whole new time frame. Worth the effort. Published by Bear and Co.

Janine Benyus’ book “Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature”, is along a similar, yet completely different theme – i.e. the Earth, nature and all that I have been looking at recently, through Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, to name a few. The author admits that she had no idea that the book would galvanise an entire movement.

Quote from the website below: “The respect at the heart of this field is what differentiates Biomimicry from past efforts to dominate, domesticate, or steal nature’s secrets. Biomimicry ushers in an era based not on what we can extract from nature, but on what we can learn from her. This shift from learning about nature to learning from nature requires a new method of inquiry, a new set of lenses, and above all, a new humility.”  The link will open in a new window…………


So lots to get your teeth into there to while away those long Christmas evenings.

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  1. Thank you, Dawne, I have been thinking about asking you for your comments on some of your earlier observations and here they are…

    The BBC and Savile, Belt tightening and financial reality are all very serious issues.

    Would it be fair to ask that the same influences were at play at Twickenham last Saturday when the dominance of New Zealand was called into question?