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Today’s Total Solar Eclipse 26th January 2009

Cosmic Influences for Grown-ups – February 2009

Happy New Year to all my Chinese readers! It is the Year of the Ox, representing prosperity, positive growth  and well-being – it equates with the Zodiac sign Taurus, so all you Taureans out there can expect an energy this year that suits your natural inner approach to life and beliefs about your natural right to wealth, health and happiness.

Today’s Total Solar Eclipse  26th January 2009 

This is an eclipse that looks to the future – however, all eclipses are associated with some letting go and endings, particularly of the things that Aquarius prizes such as friendships and idealistic visions, so this eclipse is no exception. You can expect to lose something and inevitably gain much more to fill the space that’s been created.

If you’re old enough to remember look back at this day in 1990 and see what changes were brought into your life at that time – however, Jupiter the great joy-bringer wasn’t included in the equation in 1990 as now,  2009.

As I go through the signs for this month, below, I will interpret the meaning of the eclipse for you.

Jupiter is sitting very nicely beside this eclipse and represents a major optimistic feeling to the energies around us right now. Yes, some things will end – after all, it ended for George W Bush, and made space for Barack Obama (my spellchecker didn’t like the word Obama and substituted ‘abeam’ – clever, eh?). So, it’s not all doom and gloom. When you look back over this period you will soon see that those friendships, ideals, etc, that have ended were going nowhere and needed to change. Problem isn’t with the eclipse it’s with our own fear of change – however, if we didn’t change we’d still be sitting in our prams – so change is part of life.

The present major financial and corporate upheavals are due largely to the face-off across the Zodiac between Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler – and Uranus, Aquarius’ modern ruler. These two giants represent a clash between the old, tried and tested, and the new innovative, creative outlooks. Many organisations that are based on old ideas, products and world views – like making as much money as possible and hang the planet! – will undergo ground breaking changes. Those organisations that are based on looking forward towards a cleaner, more ethical behaviour filled future will survive, but not without the birth pangs that will be an inevitable part of the action.

More of this to follow through the week – including your year ahead for both Capricorn and Aquarius and the month’s Star Signs for everyone else.


  1. Good to see you back online Dawne!


  2. Lovely to have you back Dawne. The astrological events in my last reading are unfolding as predicted, and you are so right about the changes. They appear negative but I have no doubts at all that they will all have a positive influence on my life. CHANGE, bring it on, scarey or otherwise. Thank you for the ‘inside information’, allowing me to be prepared. Abeam, how wonderful. What an amazing start to this exciting year. He is a beam,a Bright Being, a ray of hope. Great play is made of his being the first black president, but being colour blind I don’t see a black man I see a good and dignified man who has the task of Collossus on his shoulders. Positive thinking from everyone please to help him move the world forward.

  3. Dawne

    It’s so good to have you back and I am looking forward to more wise observations on developments at both a personal and a global level It is a very exciting time in our evolution and I welcome your astrological perspective to help us go forward knowing that each of us has our own unique contribution to make. Ali

  4. Hi Dawne, Great to see your blog up and running again. Have been missing it! J