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Uranus waves goodbye without a backward glance – or is this true?

The UranusPluto (UR/PL) square is now separating as UR leaps ahead and will leave PL behind. We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Or can we? I think not – even though other astrological writers suggest that we may do so. In January/February 2016 they come within 1 degree of orb (leeway) of their final brush and that’s close enough for me to suggest that it ain’t all over yet, folks, until this time (March) next year – 2016.
Here’s my take on what it signifies:
The Arab Spring, as described in chronological order, can be said to have started on December 17, 2010, with Mohamed Bouazizi’s self-immolation in Tunisia. Bouazizi had his Sun in early Aries which was  being squared by Transit Mars (his Sun Aries ruler) in Capricorn.  Mars was also conjunct Pluto in Capricorn during the week of this terrible event. This could be seen to prefigure the start of something big, involving Fire (Mars) and death on a grand scale (Pluto).
This Mars transit in early Capricorn was the planetary equivalent of the pre-wave that can be seen by discerning Shamans warning of a coming tsunami. Now, I have no idea how that week worked out for the rest of the world’s Aries population – however, the young man in Tunisia did it for all of us and kick-started a human wave of tsunami-like proportions.
Pluto had entered Capricorn January 2008. Uranus had entered Aries from May to July/August of the same year, then retreated to the final degrees of  Pisces before fully entering Aries in March 2011. Added to all this the Solar Eclipse patterns were across Cancer/Capricorn from July 2009 through to July 2011. All prefiguring the UR/PL square that would follow through the following 5 or 6 years. If the planets are conscious energies then they “knew” that they were heading towards their first big meeting since the Mid-60s, and that major social changes would occur as a result of this – even if we didn’t.
Under the influence of the tidal wave the Arab spring went from Tunisia through to Egypt and most of the Arab nations along the North African coast. Uprising after uprising occurred as young people, connected through their mobile phones and Facebook pages took to the streets and sat in peaceful groups protesting against the tyranny of their respective governments. 
Meanwhile as Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign of organisations, government, institutions and the like, in early 2008,  we in the West watched as our finances went into meltdown – banks, mortgage companies, financial institutions all went into severe crisis. And young people began to sit down in London, New York in 2011 in the  anti-capitalist Occupy Movement. This also happened in Hong Kong last year in 2014 and, according to the news I’ve just read, seems to be starting up again just now (in 2015).
I think that this all echoes the mid-60s, where the power of young people meeting in peaceful protest groups had a huge effect on how teenagers were regarded by the authorities of the time. Class, race, and age barriers began to break down, all we needed was Love, Chairman Mao in China had his Cultural Revolution, the Viet Nam War was raging and life was never the same again.
The earlier UR/PL square in the early 30s saw the rise to power of Adolf Hitler – and for many people, nothing was the same again, then, either.
The shadowy, and yet all too real,  presence the new Islamic State (IS) is the certain carrier of Hitler’s piece of the UR/PL square of the 30s. I have heard it suggested by other astrologers that IS will be dead by 2017, although their message will prevail. 
For me, what seems to be the theme this time around is People Power – with ordinary people either becoming very socially aware or becoming so fed up of those in authority over them, that they are just withdrawing into a mutinous silence. Here in the UK we have a General Election on 7th May that could bring a change of government if everyone went out and voted. Last September here in Scotland we were voting to leave or stay in the UK and the turnout was 85%. Passions were running high and people took to the polls. However, now people-power is being exercised by staying at home and NOT voting – particularly the young who are saying that they believe nothing will change, whether they vote or not.
As we begin to reflect on how our lives have changed – or has not yet even got going for some – under this hard UR/PL influence, we can see that for all Aries/Libra and Cancer/Capricorn people’s lives are undergoing massive changes. Some of these changes are for the good – offering them profound and sudden liberation and transformation; while for others it has been tough. There have been losses and gains – births and deaths – maybe more than in previous 5 year periods of time. 
I think for many of us, it has been a strong period of growth, finding out what our real strengths are, standing up for what we believe and re-evaluating all our core values. We may be looking at a future that seems to be different to what we imagined a decade ago – but maybe that’s no bad thing.  
And we will be able to take a longer view in March, 2016. Can’t wait!
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  1. Thank you for this perspective. As, Aries sun Cancer rising from my perspective at this point in time I resonate with these changes and so many twists of this last while. Tho, I desire to move to find a more sustainable life, livelihood, happier living environment; I sensed that I needed to take one more year here to get organized (after so many losses and endings and mices) rented a place getting lifes work out of storage and re envision my healing practice/and explore new opportunities and ways of being. As I am now 60 and I must begin a new pattern of living and working. The economy took my savings to survive and I am clear that I am to redesign my ways of living…essentially need to make a living from now until…I sensed that this squaring issues will still function until next year. It has been difficult. I seek a better life in all ways. Thank you ??? Babs

  2. What about us bloody Scorpio’s will we be as mystic as our past?

  3. In your erudite exposition of present stellar events in a historic perspective, you mention echoes of the mid 60s. Since I did not remember a Pluto-Uranus aspect at that time, like the one in the 30s, I went back and had missed the obvious: The conjunction between Uranus and Pluto, and in 1965 in opposition to Saturn to boot. But it happened in Virgo, with Saturn in Pisces. So how did that play out. Of course we had Vietnam and the big New Age upheaval at home, but how do we account for the Virgo-Pisces axis in that context?

  4. Why would we not be? It’s the planets that are moving not the signs.

  5. Hi Jens, the UR/PL conjunction coloured most of the mid-60s – from Virgo to Pisces due to the influence of both Saturn opposite for a couple of years and the slower Chiron both placed in mystical Pisces. The opposition from UR/PL as far as I have been able to observe is that the technology that was about to transform the world – and remember, these planets move slowly – began in an almost gentle way in the 90s through the conjunction of SA/UR/NE in Capricorn sextile PL in SC becoming a major life change energy through their square over the last 5 years or so. I think that the techno stuff was the Virgo end of UR/PL conjunct – the Pisces end, especially with SA there – I think is now working through the divide between atheism and technology with Chiron, the Shaman, emerging through an interest in Green issues and spirituality rather than religion. And it is the 60s generation who are in power in many Western countries. I think the rise of fundamentalism came with PL in Sagittarius. I wrote an article about it at the time but it got lost somewhere along the line.

  6. Hi Babs – I think you are on song with your understanding of how your life is moving right now. You have an ability to “read” where life is taking you and are able to trust that intuition – many people don’t. I would say that you will need to give it another 12 months before you feel you can move on in a constructive way. I wish you well.