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3 Eclipses between 25th April and 25th May 2013

3 Eclipses – Lunar /Full Moon Eclipse 25th April 20h10, GMT; Solar/ New Moon Eclipse 10th May, 0h30 GMT; Lunar Eclipse 25th May, 4h26 GMT.

It is unusual to have 3 eclipses occurring over the month. Usually we have one Solar Eclipse either preceded or followed by a single Lunar Eclipse. So this is a lot of eclipse energy blocking the natural functions of both Sun and Moon through end April and most of May.

There are always considerations to be taken into account as well. Such as the first Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio involves a conjunction to Saturn; the Solar Eclipse conjoins both Mercury and Mars; the following Lunar Eclipse makes a square to Neptune. Only the Solar and the second Lunar Eclipses are repeats – i.e. the same as May 1994 and May 1975. You could look at what was going on for you during those months to get an idea of how they will play out this time. The first Lunar Eclipse is a maverick event that may have little impact in your life unless your birthday is in early Scorpio i.e. the last days of October, then it would likely highlight the effect of Saturn going backwards over your Sun, thus bringing you more responsibility for wherever you have Scorpio on your chart. See below.

The other consideration to be taken into account is where on the planet Earth the shadow of the Solar Eclipse falls. This time it seems to be a fairly short shadow that impacts on Western Australia close to Perth. Weather permitting, all of you in OZ should be able to see the Eclipse as it happens at around midnight (check your own news agencies for the exact time). As it is winter where you are, you should get a nice view.

I think it is important that we debunk the myth that Eclipses create havoc – yes, they are so powerful that they extinguish the light of both our light giving bodies, namely the Sun and the Moon. And they can work very powerfully with collective energies, like football crowds, political protesters and the like as they seem to inflame people’s emotions. However, for the rest of us they can work in a positive way as well. simply by acting like a “click” that makes us focus on the things that are most important to us.

Cosmic Influences for Grown-ups – April/May 2013 

Aries : 21st March – 20th April: The Solar Eclipse falls in your 2nd House of personal finances, earnings, your comfort zone and your ingrained value system. This would seem to be saying that you will be pushed into dealing with all of these issues and be prepared for many changes in your finances during the coming year. As a result of this you have to examine your values around family and the place you are living right now. It could be time to making yourself less available to certain people who may be milking your good nature. You will eventually see this as a positive move.


Taurus: 19th April – 20th May: The Solar Eclipse falls in your 1st House of your personal interests, desires and needs. This can bring a complete change on your ambitions and your relationships. Some people may marry or take on a new partner during the following 6 months. Others may change residence or completely change their lives and even their career, although being a slow steady Taurus, it could take a while but you will feel the benefit once the decisions are made.


Gemini: 20th May – 20th June: The Solar Eclipse falls in your 12th House of hidden matters, that you have been sitting on for a while – such as ideas for a book or topic for research. In fact, this is ideal for doing any kind of creative activity that makes your heart sing and your blood flow a little more easily. It’s a good time to focus on your health and put in some kind of regime to blow the cobwebs away.


Cancer: 21st June – 22nd July: The Solar Eclipse falls in your 11th House of your objectives, plans for the future, friendships. This eclipse could bring a cherished goal and spur you on to further successes. Some friends may leave and make room for new friends who fit your new ideas more closely. And some friendships may end more sadly, due to complete misunderstanding on both your parts.


Leo: 22nd July – 22nd August: The Solar Eclipse falls in your 10th House of your career, ambitions, bringing complete changes in your professional life. If things have been slow for a while, they may pick up, and if going smoothly there is likely to be some kind of hitch, that can only work in your favour ultimately. A parent’s health may cause concern and demand some input on your part.


Virgo: 22nd August – 22nd September: The Solar Eclipse falls in your 9th House of higher education, long distance travel and your belief systems about the nature of God, the Universe and all that. You may have to take a sudden long journey to be with in-laws and the affairs of a partner’s relatives. You may find that life intervenes with unforeseen circumstances which interrupt a number of your nicely laid out plans.


Libra: 22nd September – 23rd October: The Solar Eclipse falls in your 8th House of mortgages, taxes, and joint finances. It is wise to make no huge outlays that need financing over the next year. You may find that during the next few months your domestic circumstances alter leaving you somewhat short changed, such as a lodger suddenly going away and taking their useful rent payments with them.


Scorpio 23rd October – 21st November: The Solar Eclipse falls in your 7th House of relationships, partnerships, both personal and business, as in clients for example. The eclipse will bring about many changes in this area of your life and you will be asked to really be patient and understanding with everyone around you. This will clear the air and make dealing with others much easier – addressing the issues head on, instead of brooding about them, will pay dividends in the long run.


Sagittarius 21st November – 21st December: The Solar Eclipse falls in your 6th House of health, every day life in the office and all those routines that you would rather forget about. You would be advised to thoroughly check the credentials of someone you are employing to do maintenance work, as they may not do a good enough job. Also the eclipse is asking you to give up on bad dietary habits and get yourself in trim for your next great adventure.


Capricorn 21st December -19th January: The Solar Eclipse falls in your 5th House of your children and creative ventures. Children may finally leave home during the next few months to step out into their own lives – and another may return for a while. This house is also associated with love affairs and having fun – serious fun, for Capricorn – with someone who has been around the block a few times and suits your mature attitudes to life.


Aquarius 20th January – 19th February: The Solar Eclipse falls in your 4th House of your domestic situation. An eclipse can have you relocating at the behest of someone else – like being sent to another country for work. This will inevitably impact on your relationships, but could be a blessing in disguise, no matter how uncomfortable it feels at the outset. However it works out, you are making plans for a new future and old matters will resole themselves.


Pisces 19th February – 20th March: The Solar Eclipse falls in your 3rd House of siblings, paperwork, short journeys and your neighbourhood. You may find that your neighbours leave and the new ones coming in are not as quiet and easy going as they were. You could go through a complete change of mental attitude towards your locale, even thinking of doing something meaningful, like doing local voluntary work, for example. You must keep your paperwork up to date and please back up your computer files.

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