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I have worked as an Astrologer and in  Personal Development  mainly through psychotherapy training in a spiritual therapy for almost 4 decades. During which time I have added many skills to my tool box. And to be honest, I am still adding new tools almost on a daily basis!  We are living in exciting times now, with the shifts in global consciousness and the development of personal opportunities within that shift. My life task as I see and experience it is to enable clients to engage with joy and enthusiasm in these changes for the betterment of their own lives and those of their friends, families and associates – in other words – in their worlds and ultimately, the World at large.

My own life path has brought me to many inspiring teachers in very diverse schools of thought and belief and I’m grateful to each and every one of them. Through them I have gained many insights into how the planetary energies and the Law of Attraction underpin all of the major forms of philosophy and spirituality. My intention is to live, love and prosper and enable my clients to do the same.

The latest tool that I have added to my almost overflowing box of skills is EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy). It is also known as Energy Therapy or Tapping and it acknowledges the fact that we are all energy at our purest form. This therapy involves using the acupuncture points, happily without the needles. It is very effective, particularly with trauma reactions, body pains that seem locked in and negative personal beliefs that keep us unable to move forward into leading fulfilling and creative lives.

For further information on any of the above, you can contact me by email dk@dawnekovan.com I would love to hear from you or by Skype just look out for Dawne Kovan.

About this blog

It is my aim to enhance the lives of everyone who reads the articles on my Blog on Astrology, Spirituality, Psychology and strategies for your personal success. I will also keep you up to date with the latest books, films, etc that catch my eye. I will post whenever I write an article or have an idea about something pertaining to the general theme of the blog, and I hope to send something out at least once per week.

You are invited to make comments – you will notice that at the bottom of each article is the word “comments”, which you click and it opens a form where you can write your thoughts, ideas and impressions of that particular article.

When I discovered “Blogs” I saw that they are  open and dynamic -inviting your comments (see above), so I can know who you are and what you think. I can then tailor my words and ideas to suit your needs more clearly, and hopefully develop new relationships with all my readers. You in turn can begin new relationships with each other. Now what can be better than that?

And finally, if you do leave a comment would you please say where in the world you are writing from, so that we can gauge how many countries we reach out to. My first comments have come from as far afield as New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, France, USA, England and Scotland – please feel free to participate in this global conversation.

Thank you.



  1. Marvelous, what a blog it is! This website provides useful information to us, keep it


    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    Thank you so much for your kind comment – it is very heartening and encouraging to get such good feedback on my work.


  2. I like your astrological comments and enjoy it especially when you put spirituality to the forfront. I study and try to practice Buddhism, more to the Tibetan bent and live in Thailand with my lovely wife who is Thai and I am a American who is 56 going on 57 this Nov.12th. I, as you know am a Scorpio,Virgo Rising and a Pisces moon,born in Evanston,IL,U.S.A, at 12:34 a.m.. She is a Pisces born March 5th,at 6:45 a.m., in Nakhon Sawan,Thailand making her a Pisces Sun and Rising with a Taurus moon. We get along great and flow together well. My son from a previous marriage in the U.S. who is 28, was born in Boulder,CO and it was at around 5:34 in the afternoon at home by a mid-wife on March 10th and he is also a Pisces with a Virgo rising and a Cancer moon and lives by himself , I think, in Florida, U.S.. Good guy in my opinion. Take care Dawne and wrote mostly to tell you you have someone who lives in Thaiand writing you and telling you a little about himself. Plus I hope we don’t have future wars we don’t need anymore negative energy on this planet then there already is and there is alot with psychopaths running rampant as CEOS,Politicians and the evil old murderers. I wish that would stop but have to stop any wars in myself and pray for loving-kindness and compassion for all the sentient beings to infinity! PEACE, David


  3. Dawne, this evening, my husband and I were making the dinner and conversation turned to all the strange changes in the world…and to where our own thinking was, and suddenly I said, do you remember back in the nineties when we both went to see that astrologer? You won’t remember us as we were entirely separate then – just friends. you saw him first (danny) and said he’d end up with someone he knew (he was confused as he was engaged to be married at the time) and then a few weeks later you saw me ( a muddled 9 years lonely thirty something who hadn’t a clue where her life was going). You taped my recording and you said, you will part of a new wave of thinking…your friend Danny will be too. Well strange as strange, true as true, your words bore fruit…some years later we ended up together, married, and now have three grown children. At the time I thought the new thinking was to do with psyycholgoy/therapy as we were individually into all that then, but in fact it turned out to be something entirely different – to do with education and my own work, in childbirth. I’m not writing a book and head up a national network for pregnant women. I thought i’d write to you as Danny remembered your name while we were cooking the dinner and I was filled with a warm feeling for your kindness and amazing gift…it was honestly incredible. I’d been to various readers over the years, but never one like you…


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