Dawne Kovan

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As above, so below

People have looked up to the heavens in wonder for many thousands of years. They observed that certain things happened around them when particular celestial events occurred. This enabled them to make predictions that when the same planets came together, the same things would repeat on earth.

The famous saying “As above, so below” was written on the Emerald Tablet around 3,000 BC thus indicating that the priest astronomers of Ancient Egypt understood the relationship between the planetary movements and life on earth.

You are more than your Sun Sign

Each of us is a veritable Solar System living on earth right now. Not only do you have a Sun sign, you also have Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto signs as well. And they all interact within you to create the unique human being that you are as the centre of your own Universe.

The moment you are born creates a resonance between you and the heavens. The birth chart that is drawn up for that moment and place can show how your inner being harmonises with the music of the spheres.

Once you see that our life reflects the heavens, you have a great tool for understanding why your life works as it does. There are no bad planets or signs or planetary relationships on your birth chart – there is only you and your own “star stuff”.

Astrology brings reassurance

Change is inevitable in our lives, even when you try to pretend that everything will remain the same. You will go through joyous and happy times, just as you can also experience challenging and stressful times.

During a time of difficulty and struggle, it is very easy and perfectly understandable to fear that it will go on forever, and that there will be no more good times – ever! You go round and round, and panic, feeling stuck and frustrated by things that you can’t see or understand. And constantly ask “Why is this happening to me?”

This is due to your resistance to the demands the planet in question is making on you. It is important to realise fully that the planets are never out to get you, but they do wish to steer you from a direction or relationship that does not resonate with your original celestial pattern, and this dissonance is where your pain comes from.

When you understand how your birth planets react to the planets in the sky in real time then you can be reassured that every period of difficulty has a beginning and an end. This can be predicted by the movement of the planet in question in relation to your birth chart.

Freedom through self-understanding

In the same way other planets can bring you magical moments of joy and a sense of wonder and a connection with something close to the Divine. The birth chart offers a system of understanding who you are and why you are here during this time in history. You can understand the roots of the choices you make that work for you and those that don’t. Then you can do something about it if you choose. This offers you freedom and a level of self-knowledge that is unique.

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