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Astrology and The Law of Attraction

Astrology and the Law of Attraction

It is clear to me that we astrologers are already one step ahead of the game as the birth chart actually shows what this internal map looks like; what we are attracting into our lives and how we can change it – either by stopping it or doing it more. Mostly, we’re doing it more – most people stay in whatever difficult situation they find themselves because they don’t know that they CAN change it. And these changes can be made in two ways – through changing our attitudes together and using our creative imaginations to attract new forms into our lives.

The astrological part of this study involves the second house, its ruler and Venus, THE planet most associated with attraction.

2nd House

Just a note here about house systems – the quadrant house systems (i.e. not Equal House) can o+en show the same sign on both the Ascendant and the 2nd house. I would suggest that this would indicate someone whose income needs to be in their own hands – selfemployed, for example. If not, they may be unhappy working for someone else.

The 2nd house is the “fixed earth” house that underpins the structure of the natal chart. We are taught that the 2nd house indicates personal earnings. In fact, it is the house of personal values. Values are simply those things which are important to us as individuals. They are particularly important in creating our internal and external experience of life because they determine how we spend our time, which in turn effects the results we get. Given that the birth chart describes a map of unconsciously held beliefs – in the 2nd house, those beliefs as values will stem largely from what we learned at our mother’s knee, particularly about ourselves. In other words, the family mythology around a newborn’s place in its family and its value to them as parents. I call this the Initial Value Setting (IVS).

Our personal values are learnt from our caregivers from the moment of birth and everything is laid down into our unconscious memory banks. Once independent life begins, we then use the original setting on the value scale and apply them to our interactions with the outside world through our attitudes towards self-worth, money, owning, earning, desire, wanting and having. We then only attract and focus our attention on circumstances, people and situations that resonate to the vibration of the sign on the 2nd cusp. Psychologists, by the way, refer to this action as Transference. Planets falling in the 2nd add extra substance.

It is worth noting that for many people that setting will be supportive and will enable them to function well in life. However, for many others, their life experiences may contradict those early beliefs and cause them to start asking hard questions about themselves.

The following examples should help clarify somewhat: Sagittarius on the 2nd will be expected to be enquiring and will be rewarded for being exploratory.

Cancer on the 2nd will be expected to perpetuate the values of the family, particularly those of mother, and may struggle to define their own values. Capricorn will be expected to put aside childish things and will be rewarded for acting “grown-up”. Virgo will be expected to be the family helper and healer, being rewarded for having a quiet studious demeanour. Two of my clients have Capricorn on their 2nd houses – and BOTH have SA exactly rising in Sagittarius. One has Sun right at the end of Capricorn in the 2nd and the other has Moon in mid-Aquarius there. The first client works in the conservation of ancient buildings, passionately continuing in his father’s footsteps; the second is a gi+ed homeopath who struggles to free himself of his parental restrictions through spiritual devotion. Both men value their status highly.

The sign on the cusp of the 2nd house offers us a clue to the meta-level of the individual value setting. The meta-level indicates Universal Intent behind an individual birth, to which a few people may resonate – most don’t. Planets therein may show the parental interference, or in the case of Neptune, the family mythologies. In chart 1, of Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, both the Ascendant and the 2nd house resonate to Gemini. Baby Tony was valued from the outset by his ability to communicate and reach out to others. Ruler Mercury is placed in Aries in the 12th house. Here is an aggressive thinker, fast talking and economical with the truth – opposite Neptune and exalted Saturn. It’s worth commenting here that many politicians have the 12th house significantly tenanted – service and self-sacrifice for a greater whole and all that. His Venus is also in Aries and also opposes SA/NE. He attracts competition – not cooperation.

On the other hand, present Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s chart (chart 2) shows a very different pattern. His 2nd house is placed right at the end of Taurus – good solid values, conservative, slow moving and slightly retro. An old baby, perhaps, with a wise head on young shoulders. Venus, 2nd ruler, is placed in the 12th (again!) exalted in Pisces conjunct Mars – again giving a competitive edge, and opposite exalted Saturn like TB above, but without NE interference. He comes out of a solid foundation of spiritual and ethical values inherited from his Father. He has learned through experience to attract cooperation with others and he values the ideal of service.

Looking at both these charts we can see men whose original value settings have supported their lives at the meta-level of leading their countries. On the other hand, Prince Charles’ chart (chart 3) reveals a more troubled soul. Both the Ascendant and 2nd cusp are placed in kingly Leo – from the outset he was valued as the future King of the United Kingdom. So far so good, however, Saturn’s presence there show early circumstances that were separative in nature – maybe it was just too much for people to treat the future King just like any other baby, even at a few days old! So, he has to wait until he is old enough to be King. The ruler, the Sun, on the Royal 5th house, ties up his individuality with producing further Kings. Not much freedom there, then. Venus on the royal chart tells a different story – strong in its own sign, in Libra, conjunct Neptune on the IC. The Prince yearns (Neptune) for the perfect relationship, and attracts confusion – a bit of a mess really, until he is old enough, says SA.

Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth, tells an interesting story – (chart 3) The young Elizabeth was born the elder of two daughters of one of the royal “spares”. A man who was never expected to amount to much, let alone become King George 6th a+er his brother’s abdication. Therefore, nothing was expected of his daughters, either. With Pisces on the 2nd cusp, the possibility of Elizabeth undervaluing herself is a strong one, however, the ruler Venus is exalted and Uranus is placed in the 2nd. The 2nd ruler is Jupiter in Aquarius placed in the 1st opposite Neptune and in mutual reception (by co-rulership) with Uranus. A complex pattern, that shows how much of the idea of “Queenship” is bound up with mysticism and infinite possibilities – JU/NE – and how much the meta-level will work to create a Queen by using the mutual reception. I interpret this as the deep value of giving herself up to do whatever is expected of her, whether it be as a Maid of
Honour – the usual career in court for a “spare” princess – or Queen. Venus ruler of the 2nd is in Pisces trine Pluto allowing a deeply spiritual and transformational life to unfold for this chart. The Queen’s Venus attracts respect from the common people as well as other world leaders.


Venus is widely held to be associated with beauty, love, desire and money. Thus the connection with the 2nd house is obvious. I would further suggest that Venus is also the planet most likely to be associated with Attraction. I notice that young people now refer to “pulling” when they go out in search of new relationships. So Venus is our “pulling power”.

When I teach the LOA, I always say that what you want, wants you. It’s like falling in love at first sight and all that lovely romantic stuff. So, in order to be attractive in the LOA sense, you have to pay as much attention to your attitudes as you would pay to your presentation, as if you were going out on the pull. Because, that’s what you’re doing.

You’re actually attracting all the time, every second of the day, in your old slopping around clothes/attitudes. If you want to attract a new and different life, then you have to think, speak and act in an attractive way.

On most charts, Venus is not far from the positions of the Sun and Mercury – however, it can sometimes be as far as 48 degrees beyond the Sun. If this is so, it alerts us to the fact that by progression Venus will soon turn retrograde and bring a massive turn around in the IVS. However, for most charts Venus is within 30 degrees of the Sun and works in tandem with Mercury to fulfill the Solar drive. Almost as if they say to the Sun “If that’s what you want, we’ll get it for you.”

Venus cooperates and revels in relating; she is sensuous and loves art and form. I would suggest that the Venus function at the Quantum level is to manifest into form whatever it is she imagines from the thoughts of Mercury.

In fact, Mercury and Venus may work together as a couple, as right and le+ brain functions. The sign Venus is placed in would then qualify her attitudes. For example, I have noticed that Venus in Virgo can bring an inordinate worrying about money – and remember “worrying is praying for what you DON’T want” – to the extent that the attraction level feeds into poverty. I have a client who is an extremely high earner – out in the stratosphere by comparison to the rest of us – and her main topic of conversation is about the cost of her mortgage and how people rip her off. Now it would seem from the meta-level of this placement, the key for this woman would be charity and service, however, it’s not happened yet!

A few more examples will further clarify here: Venus in Libra will attract opportunities for harmony and balance; Venus in Aquarius will attract innovation and excitement; Venus in Capricorn will attract a classical or conventional opportunities; Venus in Cancer will attract opportunities to extend themselves beyond the boundaries of family; and so on. Obviously, these often take the form of challenges – because they are largely unconscious – to which the individual may not rise. For further thoughts i.e. aspects to Venus, house positions, etc, on this entire subject, I invite you to either go to my website or wait for my next article which will follow soon.


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