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Happy Solstice and Season’s Greetings from Skywatching Wisdom Pages

This message is going out much later than I had intended as I came down with a nasty bug and have been languishing in my bed for nearly a week – not being someone who gets sick often, it came as a great shock, I can tell you.

So, I will keep this short as we are all busy with various festive events and preparations – here’s hoping that the New Year 2014 brings you whatever your heart’s desire may be.

Below is my Christmas Present for you all to say a big “Thank You” for being loyal readers, clients, friends, family etc. It is based on another interest of mine – Numerology – and will enable you to see what other influences will form a backbeat for you in 2014.

I hope you enjoy it.


Here’s how to find your Personal Year:

2014 is a Number Seven year – 2+0+1+4 = 7. Then add the digits of your birth day and month together (ignore the year) i.e. 14th September – 1 and 4 together make 5; September is the 9th month; added together 5+9 = 14, which then break down to 5.
Add 5 to 7 (for 2014) = 12; 1+2 = 3.
So, 2014 will be a 3 year for that person.
Similarly, 6 January birthday will break down to 6+1 = 7. Add to 7 (for 2014) makes 14 which breaks down to 1+4 = a 5 Personal Year. And so on.
However , if the numbers add up to 11 or 22 don’t break them down any further as these are Magic Numbers.

Your Personal Year through all the numbers:

Personal Year One: This is the year of new beginnings, starting afresh, launching new enterprises and births of all kinds. Many people start their families during a One year. Projects begun during this year will develop through all the stages of the nine-year cycle.

Personal Year Two: A year of co-operation, marriage, moving in with a lover, taking on a business partner. It is a year of sharing and taking the needs of others into account. Many people find it an emotional period.

Personal Year Three: Life beckons. It is period of exploration, of ideas, philosophies, countries and creativity. The urge to communicate is strong. This is a good time to finish that novel in the bottom drawer of your desk. Start thinking of yourself again.

Personal Year Four: This can be the most difficult year for some people. A good period for putting structure in your life. You may be in a financial hole. You hone your skills, behave like a true professional, have a make-over, and get out into the market place.

Personal Year Five: Some find it a relief after the previous year. Life moves creatively on. This is a good year to take a long trip overseas or launch a new creative venture. A year of having babies, either of the mind or body. Freedom from routine is the keynote.

Personal Year Six – Personal concerns are lovingly put aside as others need you more. An elderly parent may need help or a grandchild may be born. Property changes such as a new home or building extensions are on the cards.

Personal Year Seven: This is a good year for getting your research project underway. Some people enter psychotherapy or analysis to explore their patterns. You are extra sensitive to music, colour and movies during this time. You may begin a spiritual search.

Personal Year Eight: This can be a good time to revamp your pension cover, reduce your mortgage or make your Will. For some it can be good for borrowing – also you may need to take care of any kind of debt. Good for corporate management.

Personal Year Nine: The end of the process that started Nine years ago. Relationships past their sell-by date, habitual ways of behaving, even old clothes that no longer fit can all go now. You may find a new idealism growing within that could propel you onto a larger stage than before. Realistic action for change is the keynote. Can be an uncomfortable unless you are willing to make the life changes you know you must make.

Eleven and Twenty Two Personal Years: This can be a time of great insight and expansion of consciousness about yourself, the world and your place in the whole scheme of things. The Master Numbers reduce to Two and Four – good practical numbers with their feet firmly on the ground. Much needed during these special Personal Years.

You can even use the Personal Years above in retrospect to see how they were for you over the last 9 years – from 2005 to 2014 – 0r 2004 to 2013 (this year).

Once again I wish you all a happy Season of Celebrations,



  1. Mine is a 7, Dawne – looks like I’ll get that Sumerian stuff in print at last. Hope you recover soon, and enjoy convalescing over the 12 days of.


  2. Mine’s a 7, Dawne – looks like I’ll get that Sumerian stuff in print at last. Hope you recover quickly, and enjoy convalescing over the 12 days!


    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    Thanks P – good luck with your 7 year. Have a great Christmas holiday

  3. Yipeee, an 11 year for me.

  4. A 5 year for me – whoosh!! Last year was definately a heave one for me but right on track with my shamanic course, working on my health, which went way downhill but am dtermined to start my healing room up and my workshops from home come April. Seeds are planted and ready to grow. Thank you my dear friend. Get well soon and have a nice festive season . xxx

  5. Dawne, what does 7 signify for next year, for the year itself? I have forgotten most of these numbers, though I remember that 11 can be a difficult year and 4 a peaceful one.