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Interesting Times – Again!

The Prime Minister of the UK is trying to edge us out of Europe, little by little – what madness is this? I ask. With this in mind, I am mystified why we are once again being edged by the powers that be to some pretty hairy stuff in North Africa. It seems to be UK and France (isn’t France in Europe?) going along together in Mali – although only in an advisory capacity, allegedly. So, on hearing this I reached for the charts of David Cameron and Francois Hollande, President of France. I also had a sneaky peek at Angela Merkel’s chart just to see where her attention was really being taken – not North Africa, certainly.

Both M. Hollande and Frau Merkel were born in 1954, within 3 weeks of each other in high summer. Due to Saturn’s 29 year cycle, they will be experiencing their Saturn Returns through 2013 – so not an easy time for either of them. Mr Cameron was born in October 1966, so 12 years later. Oddly enough both he and M. Hollande pick up the same energies in Mali – and I’ll explain how.

There is a technique that we use called Astrocartography. It stretches the earth out onto a 2 dimensional plane – as an atlas does. It also does the same with the heavens at the moment of birth and places that over the map of the earth. This shows where the planetary energies are active according to their inherent qualities for each individual in terms of country and even region. And it is useful to remember that I am looking at the natal chart here – so these are energies that are with us from the moment we are born and where on earth we happen to be born. So, this could be seen as Karmic.

Both Hollande and Cameron have their Saturn/Uranus lines going down through Mali. Saturn makes hard, slow and grindingly difficult work. Everything takes effort and seems to last forever; Uranus is revolutionary and mixed with Saturn (and Pluto in Cameron’s case) can produce an enemy that is fixed in radical philosophies, who is prepared, indeed willing, to die for the cause. “Mission Creep” is the danger here meaning that it could take years to extricate ourselves from the region. This is all fired off through the transit of Uranus and Pluto in Capricorn for David Cameron, and the Saturn Return of M Hollande.

M Hollande has Gemini rising with Jupiter stationary transiting over it right now – in fact, it has been sitting on his ASC since the end of November 2012. Jupiter rules his 7th House of open enemies, so trouble is in his face even as I write. Traditionally the 7th House represents marriage and open enemies – the ancients knew a thing or two when they ascribed these to this house! Jupiter actually went direct a few hours ago today (30/1/13) so I wonder if he will begin to regret his actions in a few weeks time when Jupiter is leaping ahead from his ASC.

Angela Merkel has her Saturn line going down through Greece – let’s wait and see how her Saturn Return works out. It is important to remember that the chart of a leader is the chart for their country as long as they remain in power. So she unites Germany and Greece with some kind of attrition going on there between them for the duration of the Saturn Return – about a year in this case – with summer 2013 being the key period of heightened intensity for both Frau Merkel and M Hollande.

As I have already said in a previous post – but it’s always worth reminding you that President Obama has his Mars line going through Iran, indicating war and strife, going through there at some point over the rest of this 2nd term of office. George W Bush has his Mars line going through Iraq; Margaret Thatcher has hers going through the Falkland Islands; and Harvey Milk had his going through San Francisco. I think you get my drift! However, they themselves will never need to go there in person, as leaders of great nations, they get others to do it for them. Except poor Harvey Milk, member of San Francisco ruling council, who was shot (Mars) by a colleague, who ultimately got a very light sentence for the murder.

I have noticed that we don’t necessarily have to go to a planetary line in person – family members can do it for us instead. For example, I have wonderful lines through Thailand – mainly my natal Sun and Venus lines. My eldest son was sent to Bangkok by Reuters and he elected to stay after the contract ended and married a Thai woman. So, he did it for me. Do I need to go there? Probably at some point, knowing that my planets are excellent for the country, gives me the confidence that I will love it. Another client has his Venus line going through Greece, a country that doesn’t interest him very much – so I suggested that he might work for a Greek company or marry a Greek lady. We’ll see.

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  1. The Australian Prime Minister – Julia Gillard – gave a very brave speech to the immigrants who refuse to conform to the rules of that country – I wondered as I was reading this what her chart might be! This is all interesting information – but feel there may be another influence going on around all these leaders besides the planets – what do they say – ‘fools rush in where wise men fear to tread’ and ‘marry in haste – repent at leisure’ may be applicable here.

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    Yes, it is my aim to look at the Australian questions in my blog for this week, as they have very interesting and powerful transits from Pluto, as has the UK – the two nations share a birthday, so we’ll have a first row seat on all the events that it brings up.

    Thanks for your comment

  2. As the eldest son in question, I am curious to see what’s going on for me astrocartographically with regards to Bangkok. After my contract came to an end while living here, I could have chosen to return to Old Blighty, but there wasn’t much to return for by that point. And I do enjoy life here a lot more than I did back ‘home’. Funny, the UK seems so cold and *damp* and just plain gloomy, when I think of it now. I’m even getting used to the quirky things that surprised me for the longest time, now (when you’re in a room, external windows are HOT, not cold. When you turn on the cold tap the water comes out cold then WARMS UP. When you walk past the gym and it’s been raining outside, the condensation on the windows is on the OUTSIDE because the gym always has the A/C on. Et cetera).

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    Your Jupiter line goes directly through Bangkok. At the time you left the UK, transit Uranus was transiting your Jupiter and Sun by trine, bringing sudden exciting and positive changes into your life. Not bad, eh?