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Uranus/Pluto Square plus……see post

a) We are once again entering the next Uranus/Pluto square – this time on 17th March, 2015. This will be the 8th such meeting since 2011 – and it seems to be working out through the worldwide financial problems, the rise of IS and the events in Ukraine. These two planets each with their powerful life changing energies came together on the same degrees in Virgo, in the mid 60s.

Many of my readers will have been born during the mid-60s and will have these two heavyweights sitting side by side on their birth charts, carrying the seeds of change within them. This energy has waited until now to be enacted during  2011 -2017, creating leaders, healers, therapists and public commentators, to mention just a few options. For you there is something familiar about the UR/PL square – it’s almost as if you were born to awaken at this time and change their world.

However, this square – i.e. 90 degrees, a stressful aspect – is also challenging to go through and impacts all of us for better or for worse. The last time we had UR square PL was in 1930, although they separated very quickly. They went on to join each other in the 60s – when instead of arguing and challenging each other, as earlier, they combined their energy to change society worldwide – from China’s Cultural Revolution, through to the Civil Rights movement in the US, the Viet Nam War, the rise of the Counter Culture and Flower Power, development of modern computing and the interest in astrology, alternative health and wellness.

Carrying these energies forward to the present, we can see how many of these things are with us as everyday mindsets. And certainly we can see how spirituality is opening the hearts of millions, hopefully counterbalancing the negative aspects on the other side of the equation. As a result of the financial tightening, many of us are learning how to eat less and better, knit and sew, grow our own vegetables and shop for fewer changes of clothes. All of this is already changing the face of our marketplace as we begin to take responsibility for our own lifestyles rather than listening to the lies of many advertising agencies about what is good for us.

So that’s the background, just as a reminder.

Then on 30th March, just 3 days after the exact day of the  UR square PL (which will still be happening as these guys don’t move that quickly!),  there will be a Total Solar Eclipse. The shadow of this will fall over Russia and Ukraine, flaming their troubles even further – or hopefully, ending them. I guess things have to be experienced before they slow down.

I mention this eclipse because I have noticed, as Dennis Elwell commented many years ago, that eclipses seem to pull events towards them; indicating that the major action will happen before the actual eclipse. It seems that the eclipse will act then as some kind of marker. This one falls on the last moments of 29 Pisces on the Fixed Star Scheat, which is associated with, among other things, death by drowning. As we have witnessed happening over the last few months.

I will write more on the Eclipse nearer the actual date and examine how it can affect the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

b) Then the truly good news is that Mercury went direct yesterday – 11th February 2015 – and thank heavens for it, I say! I have had endless problems with my internet, electrical things, emails and the like.

I also had problems with my printer – but magically it started working after I had given it some EFT Tapping. I find this is a foolproof method with machines but not etheric things like the internet – funny that.

Generic Planetary Cycles

c) These are aspects that all of us will experience at a preset point in their lives. The article I wrote a couple of years ago on the  Second Saturn Return (in Scorpio) brought so many emails of delight from my readers – which happens around age 58/9 – that I decided to write about the other major cycles.  Similarly, we also have a first Saturn Return at age 28/9 – and we all have to go through it. I will write about this at some point as well, when I examine fully the new transit of Saturn through Sagittarius. See my last article of 2 weeks ago for a wee hint.

At age 40 we begin to hit many serious planetary cycles to their natal places which lasts until we are around 45. Firstly we have transit (ie in real time) Uranus opposite its natal place, or 180 degrees beyond his position on your chart. You may read authors speak of this as the “Uranus Return” – well it is NOT! – it is the half cycle of Uranus. The UR Return is when we are 84 because that is the length of UR’s orbit. And there are a lot of 84 year olds out there who are having a high old time with their UR Return right now!

The UR Opposition is active for about 18 months between age 40 – 42. This can bring an  urge for freedom and the desire to express yourself as you really are, to opt for the lifestyle that makes your heart sing. These are all signs that UR is doing something to your energy field. For example, Paul Gauguin left his life and family in Paris and headed to Tahiti during his UR opposition.  He not only changed his lifestyle but also his entire way of painting. Henry VIII gained freedom from the Church of Rome and divorced his first wife Katherine of Aragon. This enabled him to marry Anne Boleyn, to pursue his need for a son who would inherit the throne.

I have seen stock-brokers leave London to don green wellies and start organic farms in Wales – and similarly the other way round, of course. I have also had clients who on reaching this phase of their lives, have gone back to University and taken another degree in order to change direction in their lives. Or they have gone to finish their PhD and made changes that way. Many people, much like Henry VIII, have left stultifying marriages, or dull towns, to start a new life elsewhere.

This period is followed rapidly by Neptune’s square to its natal position, which can have the quality of pursuing the Dream. It can in many ways, back up the original desire for freedom of the UR transit, giving the drive to work through any initial difficulties. This is a slower transit than the UR transit as it is around for 3 years. We can all go through major crises of faith and question our religion of birth or even whether God exists at all! It is a time that can open our hearts to the suffering of others and sow seeds of compassion within us. We may also fall in love at this time, believing that we have met THE one – only to find later that we were living under a cloud of rosy deception.  And maybe not – for some it can really be a dream coming true. But you won’t know that until Saturn opposes his natal position at age 45.

We can see how important this period is and how, once the dust has settled,  we can emerge at the end of it as very different and realistic people.

Back to Henry VIII – he married Jane Seymour during his Neptune transit, once again hoping for a son. It was when transit Saturn opposed its natal position that he finally gained a legal male heir, EdwardVI.  So his desire for freedom from his stultifying marriage to Katherine and his marriage to Anne Boleyn UR; followed by his dream marriage to pale, wan, Neptunian Jane Seymour, NE; was made real during his SA transit. He had an heir!

You can follow this through your own lives to check out the validity of the above. If you’re not already there yet – why not have a reading from me? Check on the website for this.

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  1. Dearest Dawne,
    Thank you for another great article, putting everything through your astrological insights into a much clearer perspective!
    I wish you well with your astrology school, which is a most wonderful idea! I am sure it will be a great course under your guiding light which will teach many this deep wisdom of the ages.
    With love and blessings to you,

  2. The wood Sheep year is actually, in western Astology, is supposed to be in Cancer not Capricorn. That is all I have to say.