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March 11, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Total Solar Eclipse – 20th March 2015 at 9h37 GMT

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The next Solar Eclipse falls on 29.5 degrees of Pisces and will impact those birthdays at the end of Pisces and very beginning of Aries around the date above. It will also have a strong effect on charts with Moon and Ascendant around the same degrees.
For new readers and those of you who have forgotten what creates an Eclipse – it is a function of the position of the Sun and the Moon and their latitudinal relationship on the Zodiac. The apparent path of the Sun around the earth is called the Ecliptic and is divided into 12 Zodiac signs – from Aries to Pisces. The Moon also has a path around the Earth as well and creates its own circle as it does. 
When these two cycles dissect each other any New Moon will be occupying the same degree, minute and second of the Zodiac and the Moon being closer to us will cover the face of the Sun and “eclipse” it, i.e. cutting its light from us. There will always be a corresponding Lunar Eclipse either two weeks prior to the Solar event or two weeks following it. These events occur every 5 months or so. The Eclipse of next week will fall on the final half degree of Pisces, then those following through from now until 2017 will occur through both Pisces and Virgo going backwards. The final Solar Eclipse will be at 8 degrees of Pisces in February 2017. Making it a  2 year event across Virgo/Pisces.
An Eclipse will create a shadow across part of the face of the Earth. This shadow will differ depending on the latitude of the Eclipse. This latest Eclipse will fall across the Arctic Circle and down through Ukraine and adjoining countries. Wherever the shadow falls will be highlighted during the year and also for a couple of months prior to the actual cosmic event. We may be concerned by this particular Eclipse shadow as it  touches on an area of the globe that is already under pressure. The effect of an Eclipse can last for a couple of years – so we’ll have to see, won’t we?

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March 4, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Children’s and babies’ charts -Little acorns into large oaks, grow, following their destiny.

Something a little different this week.

I am doing a lot of Natal Chart work with parents of young children at the moment – funny how things come around all of a bunch.

Children’s and babies’ chart are a special love of mine – my sole aim being to ensure that parents keep their hands off their Little Stars and let them be themselves, rather than attempting to mould them into something they were not born to be. It is so important that we allow our children to express their wonder, excitement and joy at being alive that liberates them to become magical human beings.

Each of us comes into this life to fulfil our own personal Destiny without being hampered by those around us to fulfil their Destinies for them. I think it was Astrologer Dennis Elwell who commented that if we ignore our Destiny then Fate is what will happen to us instead.

Plato said: “Being born, coming into this particular body, these particular parents, and in such a place, and what we call external circumstances … form a unity as if they were spun together.” Plato believed that each of our souls is guided by a personal Daiman, or companion, whose purpose is to keep us on track by reminding us of why we are here and what we came to do. Some of those reminders can come as hard nudges and even illnesses, so that we get the message. Continue Reading →

February 19, 2015
by Dawne Kovan
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Venus and Mars in Aries

First of all – a very Happy New Chinese Year of the Goat!!

This symbol seems to me to reflect the energies of Capricorn, so we can look forward to a year of slow and steady growth winning the race. However, it is important to realise that Pluto is placed in Capricorn, so this could influence the development of the period for China itself. Maybe the unrest that both Uranus and Pluto are creating for the rest of the world will destabilise China’s structures in an unexpected way. We will, as always, have to wait and see.

It is a strange phenomenon that we are experiencing with the New Moons right now, as they are occurring on the final minutes of the sign. Yesterday’s all important New Moon for China fell at 29AQ60, which means the final minutes of Aquarius, a bat squeak away from entering Pisces and causing  the Chinese a long wait for their New Year to start.  We have to ask ourselves if this New Moon casts its influence back into AQ or  forward into PI? The next New Moon is at 29PI, an Eclipse, on 20th March. The Moon’s motion then begins to speed up and meets earlier with the Sun on each subsequent New Moon, by a degree or two – moving from 28 degrees in April to 26 degrees in June.

Just to note that despite the ceasefire in Ukraine it seems to have broken down already. Here in the UK we have had a 2nd visit from two Russian warplanes off our South West coast. Hmmmm – one does wonder what is going on. All willreally hot up with the Eclipse on 20th March. See last week’s article expanding this idea.

Your Zodiac Signs  – Sun, Moon or Ascendant

NB – The readings below can either be read from your Sun Sign – ie your birthday – or your Ascendant sign, which is calculated form your time of birth. Try also reading it from your Moon Sign, as Hindu astrologers suggest. You may even read them all together for an even broader picture of your life.

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February 12, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Uranus/Pluto Square plus……see post

a) We are once again entering the next Uranus/Pluto square – this time on 17th March, 2015. This will be the 8th such meeting since 2011 – and it seems to be working out through the worldwide financial problems, the rise of IS and the events in Ukraine. These two planets each with their powerful life changing energies came together on the same degrees in Virgo, in the mid 60s.

Many of my readers will have been born during the mid-60s and will have these two heavyweights sitting side by side on their birth charts, carrying the seeds of change within them. This energy has waited until now to be enacted during  2011 -2017, creating leaders, healers, therapists and public commentators, to mention just a few options. For you there is something familiar about the UR/PL square – it’s almost as if you were born to awaken at this time and change their world. Continue Reading →

January 28, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Venus in Pisces with Mars, Neptune and Chiron

Venus will be in Pisces from today – 27th January – for three weeks. She joins, in order, Neptune, Mars and Chiron before she goes into Aries. A fast little planet whipping her way through gentle, idealistic Pisces. Traditionally this is her finest sign placement – she is said to be “Exalted” here. The myths tell us that she arose from the sea at our very beginnings, lost in the mists of time. She is placed 2nd from the Sun, between us and Mercury.

The event that marked her entrance in Pisces this time – because she does it annually – was the consecration of the first female Bishop in the Church of England the day before in York Minster, Yorkshire. It is for another article to explore the fact that I have noticed events closely preceding their planetary significators – as they have here. Continue Reading →

January 21, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Why planets change direction……….

1) Why planets change direction – direct and retrograde – and what it all means.  
Direction changes by the planets can mystify many students of astrology. Here  I am offering a short explanation for my newer readership. The planets go around the earth – we live in a subjective world here – objectively they all go around the Sun, as do we, of course. As they all have different orbits ranging from once a year for Mercury, Venus and Earth to 245 years for Pluto, with the others in between varying due to their distance from the Sun at the centre.
Imagine that we are all spinning around at varying speeds, the faster moving planets will overtake the orbits of the slower moving ones. This happens in a regular basis with the large heavier planets most of whom spend almost half the year going backwards. This is called Retrograde motion. The Sun and Moon never go backwards.
If you find it hard to get your head around then think slow trains and fast trains. If you’re on a slow train that is overtaken by a faster moving one, then you will have the weird sensation that your train is going backwards in relation to the faster one. And so it is with the orbiting planets – of course they don’t actually go backwards, it’s an optical illusion but from the standpoint of the earth, they really do. We power forwards while they stand still before appearing to move counter to our orbit.

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January 12, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Saturn in Sagittarius (Part 2)

Saturn (SA) entered Sagittarius (SAG) on 23rd December and will slowly cover the first 5 degrees of SAG through to mid-June, 2015. Then he will re-enter the last degrees of Scorpio until September and re-enter SAG and complete his 2 year stint there through to December 2017.
In this article I will look at SA in SAG through all the signs, for Sun, Moon and ASC. In my opinion they are all equally valid ways of predicting how this could work out for you – so why not do what some of my readers do and try all three and combine them as you see fit. For Scorpio you will need to refer to my article of 10th October, 2012. See here.

It is important to bear in mind that SA contracts and lends weight to whichever area on your chart he is moving through. The matters of this house will become more and more important throughout the next couple of  years or so. At the end of this process in 2017 you will have a strong sense of having gained something worthwhile. It may have taken hard work and concentration to get there, but it will have changed your attitudes in the area of your chart described below.
Your Zodiac Signs and Saturn in Sagittarius

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January 10, 2015
by Dawne Kovan

Saturn enters Sagittarius

This is my first article of 2015 – I stared writing it on Wednesday 7th January, but was overtaken by the events that were unfolding in Paris, France. I had lived in Paris for 3 years in the 80‘s and loved the city and its people a great deal. Consequently I folded down my laptop lid and waited for the dust to settle in my own mind as to how and what to write about where we are in our cultural growth in the face of these events.

And the dust has settled – and takes me back to November 10th 1995 when Pluto entered Sagittarius. I remember it well because I was lecturing at a conference in Italy about this particular astrological event. However I was overtaken by the news just coming through that Ken Saro-Wiwa had been hanged by the Nigerian government that day.

For those of you who may not know about ken Saro-Wiwa: he was a Nigerian writer, television producer, environmental activist, and winner of the Right Livelihood Award and the Goldman Environmental Prize. He spoke out about what he perceived to be wrongdoing in his country and for that he was executed.

I guess you can see where I’m heading with this?

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December 15, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

The Times Just Keep On A-Changing!

First of all, I would like to wish all my readers a very Happy Festive Season and New Year in 2015. Much of your celebrations are likely to be tempered by the continued relationship between Uranus and Pluto – more of which below.

To me, this is always the true value of Astrology – it gives us a map by which we can chart our progress within the major planetary movements that affect us all. We may not have signed up for all the changes that are going on around us, but my goodness are we feeling them!

We are now deep into the 5th (of 7) Uranus/Pluto squares. A Square is a quarter circle (90degree) relationship which is a challenging astrological aspect. And once again many government leaders are warning us that we can expect more cuts to our incomes. Let me be clear here – we won’t be out of the woods yet for some time to come as we will have yet two more squares to go folks followed by life under their separating shadow for a couple of years beyond. So who knows where we will all find ourselves. Continue Reading →

October 22, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

Astrology – the ‘Word of the Stars’

Astrology – translates literally as: the word of the stars. This would seem to indicate that the stars (planets) speak to us, yet how many of us have learned to hear what they are saying? Now it’s all about Astronomy – the naming of the stars. An entirely different animal altogether.

The ancients sought to listen to the planets as they circled around the heavens. They learned pretty early on to distinguish between stars, which are fixed at a particular part of the sky, and the planets which wander across the sky at regularly timed intervals. In fact, the word ‘planet’ means wandering in Greek. And they began to recognise that planetary events translated down among their tribes as human events. Then they were able to predict the planetary cycles and thus to predict events in the lives of their King or tribal leader. Continue Reading →

October 3, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

October 2014 – Mercury and Two Eclipses

“It’s not your life – it’s life.
Life is bigger than you.
It isn’t something that you possess,
it’s something that you take part in
and you witness.”

Louis C.K. American comedian, writer and actor.

I read this today and it reminded me of how the Sufis describe life as a caravanserai passing along its way through time and space. As with the poem, it diminishes our importance, our ego attachment to life. It suggests that we simply move through from who knows where, beyond to the visible horizon, when we then disappear from view.

These last 6 months have been somewhat of an enforced half-sabbatical for me and I have missed being in touch with my astrological community out there – that means you!! However, life around me now is changing for the better so I am ready to start writing again – maybe just monthly for a while – I’ll have to see how it goes. And thank you to those who contacted me to see how I was doing or even, where I was!

October 2014

The month ahead is a real mixed bag of planetary movement bringing changes in the atmosphere that surrounds us all. Continue Reading →

June 17, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

Mars from Pluto to Uranus thru’ to 27th June ’14. And your Zodiac Signs


If anyone wondered how the Mars/Pluto square would work out this last week – we have had a clear indication these last few days of how they impact on the collective psyches of those intent on mayhem and murder.

There are new players on the block in Iraq with the intriguing name of ISIS and they burst into our sights during the Mars/Pluto square of this last week. Now Mars is taking Pluto’s energy to Uranus and no doubt it will all escalate even further. The poor innocent people suffering at the hands of this powerful energy break our hearts. And yet what can be done?

All we can do is observe and remember – the importance of witnessing is vital in the recovery of those who are victims of violence. To verify their anguish when it’s all over will help them build their lives anew – and as always, some will be broken and some will be strengthened. One hopes that they will be ready to build new lives rather than sink even further into vengeance. Both these options are available to Pluto, that’s why it’s such a tricky planet to predict an outcome.

In client work it’s possible to say that the road with Pluto as your companion – either natally or by transit as now in the skies – can be hard and stony along the way. However, it will take us through the dark times with the hope that we will emerge into some kind of inner resolution and Soul connection. Eventually, that is, as the transit can have a 5 year effect. Always along the way, we get glimpses of the possibilities on offer, then head down into struggles again, until we know that it is well and truly over. Continue Reading →

June 12, 2014
by Dawne Kovan
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Uranus and Pluto meddling again! Your Zodiac Signs and Neptune

I was speaking to my dear friend and colleague Prudence Jones, this morning and she mentioned that when Uranus went over the 4th House (IC) of the UK chart, the bottom fell out of the housing market.

In natal astrology the IC is associated with the family we spring from; the place where we belong and feel familiar. In political astrology it shows the land, housing developments, farming and mining. Here in the UK the aim of every young couple is to get on the “Housing Ladder” in order to move up the ladder by buying bigger and better homes over the years for themselves and their family. This comes from the idea that owning one’s own home is the most important goal of any sane human being. “An Englishman’s home is his castle” goes the mantra. This means that most people in the UK see living in rented accommodation as some kind of failure, even if the greatest portion of their earnings goes on their mortgage payments, leaving little to have fun with. No wonder they’re stressed out!

When Uranus crossed the IC in 1990/91 the bottom fell out of the UK housing market – many bargains were to be made as many people had bought their properties in the 1980s with mortgages that created negative equity for them; thus rendering them effectively bankrupt as they couldn’t sell their properties and realise a profit from them.

Transit Uranus is now making a challenging square to that position and at present our news is full of “housing issues” i.e. too expensive, not enough houses, homelessness, etc. This will run and run as Transit Pluto is now in on the act. Continue Reading →

June 10, 2014
by Dawne Kovan
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God’s Knitting Part Three


I believe that the web of God’s Knitting connects to us through our energy centres or Chakras and is a dynamic of vibrating colours and sparkles. My friend Sir Jens Jerndal commented last week on my first article that mystics have reported seeing this netting all around them, as have some people on hallucinogenic drugs.

I believe that the planets find their homes in our bodies through our energy centres, because we and the planets are all made of the same star stuff. Therefore Saturn will settle in the 1st Chakra, Jupiter the 2nd and so on through the planets to the Sun at the crown chakra. For further information on the planets and chakras, please see last week’s audio recording where I discuss this in some depth. You will find it at the bottom of the page of God’s Knitting Part Two.

We are each a unique reflection of this energy net, so much so that even a child born at the same time and place as you will tend to favour certain planetary energies differently to you, because of you will each have your own reasons for being here on Earth. We each find the family, the value systems and education that will give us just the upbringing that we need for our spiritual development this time around. There are no accidents in the Universe. Continue Reading →

June 5, 2014
by Dawne Kovan

Mercury retrograde again and some World News

Mercury retrograde again from 7th June to 1st July 2014

Many people have commented that it seems as if Mercury were retrograde already. This is because of the “shadow” effect of Mercury crossing 24 degrees of Gemini on 21st May, which is the point where he will station before finally going direct on 1st July. The “shadow” period seems  to resonate to the change energy of Mercury’s motion even as he is still  actually going ahead to 3 degrees of Cancer before he changes direction on Saturday.

This causes a lot of changeable activity. I always groan when I hear deals being stuck during the intense time of the actual retrograde period, as I know that things will not go according to plan, minds will be changed and things will seem to revert to the way they were before. Especially in the health and telecoms businesses, plus upheaval in the world of finances, business agreements, reneging of deals etc.

Builders in your house, especially in the work and communication areas, will tend to forget to come or have 3 jobs on at the same time, which may already be par for the course with them anyway. However it goes, expect disruption and the necessity for them to return a few times to tweak their work to your satisfaction. Phone messages can go astray, diary dates overlooked or confused – and things as simple as being in two minds about what you want to achieve during this time. Continue Reading →