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The present period of Eclipses, and finally…. Astrocartography

Almost two weeks ago, here in the UK ,we were able to witness the magical, and a bit eerie, event as the body of the Moon moved across the sky to obscure the face of the Sun, creating a Solar Eclipse. At the weekend, 4th April, the Earth will repay the compliment and cause darkness to fall on the face of the Full Moon. This is the same process as the Solar Eclipse, except it is our shadow that obscures the Moon which will turn red as it does. It is not visible from Europe as it falls at midday – however, those countries that are 6-12 hours ahead of us should be able to see it i.e. Thailand, Australia, etc.
A Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon as both the Sun and Moon are together in the same degree of the Zodiac; a Lunar Eclipse is always a Full Moon which means that both the Sun and the Moon are exactly opposite each other across the Zodiac. Usually there are 2 eclipses that occur at any given time – a Solar and a Lunar. A Lunar eclipse can occur either 15 days before the Solar eclipse or 15 days after, as this time. They occur 5 months apart and move backwards around the Zodiac, repeating their pattern every 19 years, in an identical sequence, for 57 and a half years. 
Most years there are just two sets of Solar Eclipses, each with their attendant Lunar Eclipse and sometimes we can have as many as 5 or 6 occurring during the same year.  These can comprise either 2 partial Solars with a total  Lunar, or 2 partial Lunars with a Total Solar. Exciting study, if you’re so minded.

They are like Super Moons and Super Suns because their lights are shut off for a brief moment in time – they shake us and frighten the animals. They bring night time even in the middle of the day. The birds are silent and the air is filled with strange energy. Some people are affected by the shift in the energy patterns and can feel quite ill for a few days around these events. I, myself, seem to suffer when the Eclipse is visible over the UK.
Eclipses create a relationship – both Lights interacting and obscuring with each other. We have no control over them – and they are awe inspiring to witness. The Lunar Eclipse involves us – it is our shadow,  bringing all of us on Earth into the process. So, they have an effect on each of us, which can last for about 18 months as they move through the opposite signs involved.
Anyway, now you know and are prepared for this event on Saturday, 4th April. So what does this mean on your chart? As with all Lunar Eclipses, the Sun is the one in control and you may find that your desires work out differently than you expected. the Earth’s shadow can get in the way  and create necessity: practicality and effort on your part.
Your Zodiac Signs  – Sun, Moon or Ascendant  

NB – The readings below can either be read from your Sun Sign – ie your birthday – or your Ascendant sign, which is calculated form your time of birth. Try also reading it from your Moon Sign, as Hindu astrologers suggest. You may even read them all together for an even broader picture of your life. 
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Aries : 21st March – 20th April:  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls across your 1st/7th Houses – all about you and others, particularly those you are close to. The accent is on teamwork, rivals and compromise – not something you are necessarily good at – but a useful lesson, nonetheless. Whatever you think or feel during the next few months will be challenged by someone else and you will have to make a special effort to remain in their good books.
Taurus20th April – 20th May:  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls across your 6th/12th Houses –  all about health and work routines. Your body hands you an invoice for all the stress you’ve been putting it through over the past few years. Time to look for the best way to gain equilibrium again both physically and mentally. Co-workers may surprise you and give you the support you need to take time out to study for something new.

Gemini21st May – 21st June: This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls across your 11th/5th Houses of social life, groups and children. You may have many demands made on you by friends that take you away from the creative things you want to pursue. Your finances may be stretched due to parental demands or those from your children on your resources. No matter what happens your personal freedom is going to be compromised.


Cancer21st June – 23rd July:  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls across your 10th/4th Houses could bring emotional issues up within your domestic situation. Try to take yourself away from all of this – even if you have to escape to the office to do it. Your personal ambitions may be compromised due to the demands of your home life or your parents’ needs. Time to seek a balance between your needs and those of others around you.
Leo23rd July – 23rd August:  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls across your 9th/3rd Houses could bring issues up around your in-laws, neighbours and immediate family – journeys, both long and short, are necessary to keep everyone happy.  Something may be revealed  that help you resolve any old issues with. Be careful what you say or write during this time – you know how you like to exaggerate and dramatise a situation. This time caution could be the lesson here.
Virgo23rd August – 23rd September:  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls across your 8th/2nd Houses bringing the need for care in all your spending. Your resources are not what you had thought due to an unexpected bill that needs paying now, that you may have forgotten. This is a good time to consolidate all your financial arrangements with your partner so that you are both clearer about what you have to share out.
Libra23rd September – 23rd October: This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls across your 7th/1st Houses bringing possible clashes of your ideas with those of your loved ones. Be careful with your words and use your Libran diplomacy to keep everyone happy. Cooperation is the keyword here, with all your relationships through this time. Your career and your home life may also be stressing you out – your real work may be to find a balance in all you do – a typical Libran activity.
Scorpio: 23rd October – 22nd November: This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls across your 6th/12th Houses bring a need to keep your cards close to your chest – something Scorpio is rather good at. If you don’t then someone else will steal your ideas. Your health comes up centre stage – get out the walking boots, take a yoga class, meditate – whatever turns you on. You must also take care of your work details otherwise you could lose prestige.
Sagittarius: 22nd November – 22nd December: This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls across your 5th/11th Houses – could be a good time to keep your opinions to yourself over the next few weeks as friends may challenge you to put your money where your mouth is. Security is important to you right now and you may be uncharacteristically resistant to change. You may not have the resources you need to fulfil your desires right now.  
Capricorn: 22nd December -20th January: This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls across your 4th/10th Houses bringing conflict between your family and your career demands. Be careful to not take it too personally as you could let yourself feel depressed about it all. Take time out for yourself – maybe with your partner and let the rest of the world, particularly your family, get on with their own lives.


Aquarius: 20th January – 19th February: This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls across your 3rd/9th Houses – this can bring disagreements with in-laws and friends from different backgrounds who don’t approve of your actions right now. A lesson in compassion and detachment needed here, which Aquarius is so good at. Time for a health check and maybe exercise and meditate more. 


Pisces: 19th February – 20th March:  This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse falls across your 2nd/8th Houses – which can bring issues up around what’s yours and what you share with others. time to get your personal security sorted out. This is not the time for large purchases as you may have overlooked the unexpected unpaid bill that could appear at just the wrong moment. Expect delays in repayments of material refunds.
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And now for something completely different – Astrocartography
What is it? I hear you ask. It is the art of relocating a birth chart to different parts of the world. It was developed by Jim Lewis over 40 years ago and is useful for clients who wish to change State or country for work, love or even health. 
While I am asked about this service by certain clients in the larger landmasses around the world, to be honest, living as I do in a tiny country, I have never developed an expertise in it.
Which brings me to my Astrofriend and colleague Australian Astrologer Edgar Winter. He  studied with Jim Lewis and is an expert in it. Here’s his advert: 

AstroCartoGraphy is for:-

  • Home or office relocation
  • Investment property purchase locations
  • Relationships and or becoming pregnant lines.
  • Health, some areas are very valuable in time spent there for renewal.
  • Which month or world location is the worst for health?
  • Travel-safe areas and high risk danger zones such as robbery or rape etc.
  • Business investment, which countries are your best to deal with.
  • Business partnerships or agreements
  • Business expansion or relocation
  • Business sale or purchase








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