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1)Purpose and meaning

2)A word of caution re the Grand Cross

3)The Maunder Minimum 

Purpose and Meaning

We all want to know what our life’s purpose is and what does it all mean anyway? One simple answer could be that if you’re alive and living your life well enough, then that’s probably your purpose. If you’re not, then you may need to speak to someone like me.

When I read a chart, I always ask myself what is trying to be expressed through this person’s Cosmic map – in other words, what is the Universal intention for him or her? The Meta level of a human life, if you like. And what needs to happen so that they can fulfil their Higher Purpose?

I always regard a chart as a map of a journey, like any other kind of map. The only difference being that the characters on a birth chart, i.e. the planets, are all rushing around in their orbits, while having a direct effect on your original map i.e. your life.

There are three levels on which our lives function. The first level is Context: our map or birth chart. The second level is Content: the dynamic, everyday life experiences, relationships, upbringing, etc – in other words, the planetary aspects that shape us and make us who we are in our personalities The third level is Intent: what does the Universe want from me? How can I express the very best of myself while I am undergoing strong planetary transits that seem to take me far away from my better self? This is shown to us by the transits of the planets in real time.

We must remember that no matter how hard we seem to find the energy of a powerful transiting planet like Pluto, for example, it does not intend us harm. The planets can never harm us, only people can do that – when we let them. This is an important fact – life on earth is a process of co-operation, or co-creation. Each time a relationship lets us down, we need to recognise that we co-operated with that person in order that we were let down, for example. Similarly when a person supports us rather than giving up on us. We welcomed both those people into our lives in order that we recognise that we are on the learning curve of living; that we are in co-relationship with the planets and thus with the Universe/God, etc.

This is the true meaning of freedom, of maturity, of consciousness, that we are offered everyday by the Sun as it shines on us, the Moon as she pulls our tides, and all the other planets as they orbit each of us. Some lessons are short and sweet, easy, like Venus, for example; and some are tough like Uranus, which acts like a tool breaking through the shell that we have erected around ourselves. Once the shell is cracked the light can get in and we can begin to live in a more honest way than previously.

And yes, we all have an inner voice that says “I just want someone to take care of me.” Once we can take care of ourselves with the love of a mother, then we can begin to embrace our true purpose and live it everyday. That’s what’s on offer right now for us all with these heavy planetary energies flying around us. Do we have the courage to live it? Well, isn’t that the big question?

A Word of Caution – re. the Grand Cross

I think that the mistake that we astrologers can so easily make, is that we can have a tendency to fix on a date when certain planets are within a degree of exact aspect to each other and say “Hey Presto!! This is the day! This is when it’s all going to happen!” And yet, when is this ever true? We live in a society that wants immediate results NOW! However, just as with everything else, we must allow the planets to move in their own time without us getting impatient about the results.

One of my great teachers said that “we cannot expect the egg to sing.” How right he was.

It is important to realise that two of the planets in question – namely Uranus and Pluto – have slow orbits and as such cannot be fixed on a particular day. Which day would anyone fix on during Pluto’s 250 year orbit, for example? Or Uranus’ 84 year orbit? It is in the longer term that results in social and political changes can be truly observed and seen to be reflected by these planetary transits. It has to be said, though, that during the time that the effects of the planetary inter-relationships build up their intensity, nations do seem to react by making wars on each other. Eventually, new borders and agreements are created which settle into a new world once the energy has calmed down and the planets have well and truly moved on.


The American War of Independence was being mooted and worked through during the decade leading up to its actually being fought. As was the French Revolution, which was slower in its unfolding and much more vicious in its outward actions towards the people of France.

At the time of these two major events there was a loose T-Square between UR in Aries and PL in Capricorn and through one of the years JU in Cancer – the Cardinal signs. As now. Also Saturn was in Scorpio as now.

The rise of the Third Reich started in 1933 when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, yet he had been working his way up to this position over the previous years. In 1930 the same planets as above came together in the same Cardinal signs with Saturn in Capricorn making the 4th leg of a Grand Cross.

The results are clear for all of us to see.

While the Cardinal Grand Cross is coming to the boil this April – which could be a tough time politically – I think that we cannot just think that in May, everything will settle down. After all, I have been writing about this aspect for the last three years – and look what has already happened: Rumblings, wars and societal changes far and wide; the breaking down of national boundaries and the desire of many people to make changes in their lives – while being prepared to die to achieve their desires.

And of course, we all want to know how it will all work out for us – with questions like: will I and my family be safe? Will we have enough money? and so on. My advice is to watch what is happening in the world around you, keep your head down and wait and see how it all pans out.

The Maunder Minimum – 1645-1710

The BBC website published an article a couple of days ago about the Maunder Minimum. You can see it at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25743806. (This will open in a new window).To be honest, it was new to me – but it is a fascinating piece of reporting. The MM is what we tend to refer to these days as our Mini Ice Age. It seems that this was caused by the Sun, quite literally, falling asleep. In other words, no Sun spot activity or Solar flares. The effect of this was that parts of our planet suffered extreme winters during the above 65 years.

During those years, severe winters were experienced in Northern Europe and the USA. Canada had uncharacteristically mild winters.

The scientists have no idea why it happens, but observe that the same thing is happening now – our Sun is once again falling asleep. During the earlier period temperatures in the UK plummeted to minus 12 degrees – however, over 2010/11/12, in the UK the winter temperatures were much lower than that. Could it be that the Maunder effect has already started?

Maybe we should move to Australia or New Zealand.


  1. Or move to Thailand! Last night the temperature in Bangkok dropped to 15.6°C, the coldest temperature recorded here for thirty years.

    I have lived in Bangkok for ten years now, and have never seen the cold season last so long. Usually it lasts 3-5 days, but it started at the beginning of December and is still going strong!

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    We are living in extraordinary times, aren’t we? And I thought it was tropical all the time in Thailand.Let’s see how it pans out over the next few weeks – keep us posted.