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More on Uranus and Pluto -it’s not over yet folks!

Such changes we have been going through over the last couple of months – and unexpected changes, too.  Whenever Astrologers hear the word “Unexpected” we automatically sniff the whiff of Uranus prowling the corridors of power in our governments.

Before I start writing the main thrust of this article, I have a confession to make and it’s this: I have been astonished over the past few months, like most people, how the results of various democratic processes have produced verdicts that no one in the know would have predicted. And this seems to me to be the Zeitgeist (wind of change) in this unsettled period. As an Astrologer I love mass movements of human energies as they shift and change, bringing new ideas and policies into birth – like fresh winds clearing away the stale air around us – that reflect the relationships between the slow moving planets that are evolving at a particular time. For example, the rare conjunction of Saturn, Uranus and Neptune of the early 1990s – which last formed in 1307 – and resulted in a massive worldwide social change through the medium of the Worldwide Web. Now we take it for granted but back then it was breathtaking – with all its attendant issues such as dating sites, pornography and Facebook friendships that are the aftermath of that time.

The massive combination the Uranus (UR) Pluto (PL) conjunction in the mid to late 60s changed societies worldwide and created a whole new way of relating to democracy, authority, rules, fashion, music etc. Since 2008 these two have been creating a long square aspect of 90 degrees giving us an opportunity to see how this challenging aspect between them is in the process of continuing for a while yet – and the world may never be the same again, which may not be doom and gloom at all.

I tend to think that if it’s happening, then we can only surrender to such a powerful shift, unless we are in a position to change things. Michael A. Singer suggests in his book “The Surrender Experiment” that we are not actually in control of life’s events. The Universe has been around for 13.8 billion years and the processes that determine the flow of life around us (such as planetary aspects) are out of our hands; yet we throw a strop if it rains when we had “planned” on going on a picnic. How dare it do that to me, we tend to shout? And yet, it still rains.

So it is with the latest seemingly scary events of the past 6 months or so, more or less worldwide. All we can do is live our lives and accept the greater wisdom of the Universal energies that flow and blow around us at this time  – telling us that change is already happening and we’d better get on with it..

Here in the UK we held a national referendum to discover if the population wanted to leave Europe or not. Brexit was the name of this movement. And all the wise commentators in the media said we would stay in Europe. Except an  Astrologer, that is. While my heart said we would remain part of Europe my Astrologer’s head said not. Looking at the chart for the closing of the polls on the evening of 22nd June I had to stiffen my resolve and keep quiet, as I knew that most of my social circle wouldn’t like what the planets told us. Best to let them find out for themselves the following day when the votes were counted.

When a national election is held here in the UK Astrologers always put up a chart for the moment the polls close – always at 10PM on whichever Thursday evening was the chosen day for voting.

The chart itself was dominated by Pluto rising in Capricorn for London – here in Scotland Pluto was further away from the Ascendant, due to Edinburgh’s higher latitude. Mercury was in the 5th House in his own sign of Gemini – signalling a need for creative thinking.  Capricorn is the sign for the UK and Pluto going through CAP from 2008 – 2024 heralds a long breakdown of all our institutions such as free health care, all education levels through to graduation, etc.  Our connection to Europe was a long held relationship, and although not perfect, it was what we had known since the 1969. We all held European passports and seemed happy enough with it all.

Until, that is, 2010 when our Prime Minister, David Cameron,  said while in office he would hold a referendum to test the “leave Europe” waters with the general public, while believing that it would strengthen our desire to remain. With his Libra Sun and Venus being hit by both Uranus and Pluto during that time, he seemed the perfect man for the task. Except, as with both these two working through his birth chart in such a challenging way, he missed reading the runes as to the public mood. As with the United States there has been an underground tide of discontent brewing without any kind of focus on anything in particular. The public just wanted “change” without really understanding what the implications could be for them if they got what they thought could be on offer.

Imagine the heartbreak as we awoke on the Friday morning 23rd June, to the news that we were indeed leaving Europe and isolating ourselves from its shores. However, while we may all live in the UK and have to go with the results as they stood, here in Scotland and Northern Ireland  we did NOT vote to leave Europe – we voted to stay. Thoughts of a new referendum here in Scotland for our freedom from England are now in the air. However it’s different (and sadder) for Northern Ireland as they have no borders on the landmass that contains both the Republic and themselves, and they’re not devolved from the UK. Tricky for them – easier and more clear cut for Scotland.

Oh and yes, true to Pluto fashion, Mr Cameron got his referendum and totally disappeared out of public sight! That’s so typical of a Pluto transit – now you see him, now you don’t!

This is the final, last gasp of the Uranus/Pluto hard square that has been in operation for the last 8 years – banks breaking down, financial industries being destroyed, housing markets crashing, job markets being destroyed etc – see previous posts from around that time for more.

As I pointed out in my last blog post, this stuff was being stirred up further  in 2015/16 by a square (hard aspect of 90 degrees) between Saturn (walls and boundaries) and Neptune (refugees, dispossessed people, floods and inundation) which always appears when we either build walls or tear them down. The messages in the media were from politicians stirring up public fear of being overwhelmed by “undesirables” flooding into their countries and measures being needed to stop them. Pure Saturn/Neptune energy. The Berlin Wall was built on a Saturn/Neptune and was then destroyed on another.

So now to the United States – same messages, same fear of inundation by poor people and also a strong desire for some kind of change.

Politicians are very good at picking up on the zeitgeist of their times – this is how they manage to be one step ahead before the rest of us catch up.

And who honestly thought that the new President Elect would be Donald Trump? With very late Leo rising, Sun in Gemini and Full Moon in Sagittarius – he was actually born within an hour of a Lunar Eclipse – someone who from childhood has an independent mentality with all the fluidity that goes with Gemini/Sagittarius. He will change his mind many times over and outfox everyone around him. The transit of Saturn will be going over his Full Moon Eclipse throughout 2017 and bring him many challenges, blockage and resistance from others.

This period has also been marked by the ongoing Saturn transit over the chart of the US – both Saturn and Pluto were going over the ASC/DESC at 12 degrees of Sagittarius/Gemini during early September 2001 and resulted in the World Trade Centre attack on the 11th September. However, it was Pluto who gave the greater strength to the US by sitting on the Ascendant, while Saturn opposite signified open enemies to be conquered. But as we all know, the aftermath of that opposition is still resonating through the Middle East to this day. Saturn on the Ascendant for a nation and an individual heralds endings and new beginnings and has a 29 year cycle – if you want to see how it worked for the US in the past then look at 1987, 1958 and so on.

And now Saturn is sitting where Pluto sat in 2001 – how will it all pan out, we have to ask?

Translation of Light

While Uranus – planet of shocks and changes – and Pluto planet of  birth, death and rebirth (and you have to go through one to get to the other) are separating, they still are influencing each other strongly due to an ancient technique called Translation of Light. With Jupiter in Libra going along to 15 degrees (now) and challenging Pluto by square aspect this week, he will then go along to oppose Uranus. This will continue as a triple square/opposition through to September 2017. Jupiter is a planet of abundance (Trump has it in his 2nd House of money) exaggeration and enthusiasm – a big leap before you look kind of energy.

Jupiter’s square to Pluto can bring create the desire to lead the masses and an appreciation of the need for social or religious regeneration, and a brilliant gift for organisation and spiritual and intellectual leadership; OR a pursuit of fanatical aims and a desire to exploit the masses* (see below). It also brings a desire for power and change. The same square to Uranus can bring an urge for independence, a tendency to magnify and exaggerate thins OR conflicts in religion and philosophy, one-sided attitudes, and change which may not be easily borne.* We can only wait and see how it all unfolds.

While it could be argued that with Uranus separating from the square to Pluto their combined influences are weakening. So now comes the Translation of Light working to bring them back together. With Uranus being the faster planet, and moving quickly from Pluto’s aura, then ordinarily this would suggest things quietening down. But, thanks to Jupiter picking up Pluto’s power and heading on to meet up with Uranus by opposition, he is translating the energy of Pluto and dumping it back onto Uranus – thus recreating the original aspect that was at its most intense around 2010 – 2014. And bringing an exaggeration of their combined energies – wow! Are we in for a tricky time?

Or imagine it another way – UR and PL standing in the street chatting, UR runs off ahead and PL is left alone. Then along comes JU and takes the bag of shopping PL’s holding and says “I’ll take it over to UR for you”; JU gets to UR and hands the bag (energy) to him 3 times through the 12 month period up to mid-September, 2017.

All we can do is watch it unfolding in its own particular way – but ask yourself this: which US Presidential candidate embodies the energies described above? It all become clear doesn’t it? So Mr Trump is the man of the moment reflecting the planetary movements as only he can.


And also:

Sorry for my NZ readers – I hope you are all safe and well?

The Sun/Moon/Ascendant Signs will follow later on maybe next week. Please feel free to comment on any of the above – I enjoy hearing from you…..


* Reference – Combination of Stellar Influences (COSI) by Rheinhold Ebertin Published by AFA



  1. In India Modi is having a great clean up – it’s a sensationally brave step – courage & fear free he’s tackling it full on – this should make India far more prosperous – he will make this country a better place for the up coming generations – it’s certainly time for radicals and quantum leaps!

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    Hello Heather – thanks for your update. I have noticed that while one hemisphere is going through difficulties the opposite side seems to expand. And maybe it is the turn of India and China to blossom into the next superpowers, while the “West” loses its powers. Amazing cycles we are watching unfold. Hope you’re well and flourishing.

  2. As an Aries (moon in Aquarius) I must be honest, I find all this “lateral voting” rather exciting. Maybe the Age of Aquarius is beginning to happen? Sussex UK

    Dawne Kovan Reply:

    Thanks for your comment Rosemary – and I hope all is well for you in Australia? I think the comment I just made to the person below will probably appy to your part of the world, too.